20 Norman Spencer Dr
Auckland 2104, NZ

Our Leaders

Senior Pastor: Rev Dr Daniel Xi An Poon

Rev Daniel is a visionary, an apostle, and a man of faith. He is passionate about bringing people together to know Jesus Christ, empowering people to find their destinies, and building a community of multi-cultural believers to go out, to serve and to positively impact their families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and communities. Rev Daniel enjoys and believes in that we should let the blessings from God flow through us and flow into the lives of others.

Rev Daniel and Ps Kathy are happily married with five beautiful children and they believe in the importance of having a healthy marriage and family relationship. They serve together as a family since 2014 when they first established Bread of Life Christian Church in South Auckland.

主任牧師: 潘錫安牧師

錫安牧師是一位有遠見的人,他不僅是使徒,也是一位信心英雄。他熱衷於讓人們聚集在一起認識耶穌基督,使人們能夠找到自己的命定,建立一個多文化的信徒團體,幫助他們正面影響他們的家庭,社區,工作場所,學校和社會。錫安牧師相信我們應該讓上帝的祝福經由我們的生命,流入他人的生命。錫安牧師和 Kathy師母有五個漂亮的孩子,他們相信擁有健康的婚姻和家庭關係的重要性。自2014年起建立並一起服事在南奧克蘭靈糧堂。