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Romans 1 – The Great Awakening 罗马书 1 – 大觉醒  

Romans 1 – The Great Awakening 

Tuesday, 30th May 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-7 The Life of a Servant, Uplift Christ

In the Book of Romans, we learn how Paul released the important message of being made righteous by faith. Our faith can be easily shaken by people, by the environment, and by ourselves. Therefore we must stay awake, to be awaken, and to be alert. In our path of following God, how can we stay awake in spirit? 

Paul was highly respected, he had authority and he had the high position, yet he called himself a servant of Christ. Do we know who we are? It’s not about our positions in this world, but to stay humble and call ourselves the servant of Christ. Paul knew Jesus was alive, it took great faith for Paul to see the eternal Jesus Christ. Do we also know that Jesus lives within us? Paul also knew that he was called to be the apostle. He honoured this position, he didn’t brag about it, but humbly accepted it.

When we go to a new place, we want people to respect us and listen to us, and we may try to show ourselves, to show others how capable we are, and try to earn respect from others. But Paul was doing the opposite, he was humble in front of people, he uplift Jesus Christ in everything he did, and he glorified God in everything. This is the life of a servant, this is different to what the world teaches us. Are we willing to stay low? Are we willing to let go of ourselves? Because if we don’t then one day we will burn out and we will want to give up.

We need to be like a mirror, a clean mirror, a holy life that allows God to reflect His light on us to shine on others. We can do a lot of things, we can have a lot of ministries, but how is our life? When we don’t prepare ourselves like a bride waiting for her groom, then everything we do will soon fade away. How do we prosper ourselves? Simply follow God.

Section Two V8-17 Let Go of Oneself, Firmly Believe to the End

The Book of Romans was written during Paul’s third mission trip, he wanted to go to the church, and pass on the spiritual gifts to them. But he couldn’t go, God also didn’t allow him to go. Paul was willing to give up and let go of himself, he wanted to do many things and to comfort many people. But he let go of his ways and let God’s Will be done. Paul put God first, people second, then the earth. What is our attitude? We have so many opinions, we want to do so many things, but often we cannot put down of what we think and what we want. 

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, but we are blinded by this world, which will definitely be destroyed. Our wants and needs will never be fulfilled, there will always be an empty spot if we don’t seek the Will of God.

Section Three V18-23 Know but Not Admit, Pointless and Foolish

God has already revealed His truth to us, everyone of us knows, but many of us chose not to admit God is God. Instead, a lot of us make ourselves idols. God is so great but when we make Him into an idol, we limit Him. What is our relationship with God? Is He only a God, who answers our prayers and majors everything smooth for us?

Do we know we are the servants of God or do we make God our servants? We only give thanks to God for the good things happen, and we don’t seek God when things don’t turn out as we expected? David praised God in season and out of season. Can we also praise God the same way? Do we admit God’s power in our lives?

Section Four V24-32 Rejecting God Only Leads to Death

The Book of Romans was written for the people of church, those who followed God and those who were well known for their belief. Rome was a wealthy city, and churches in Rome were also well know. God makes us well known for a reason, He wants to lift us up and to bless the world through us. But do we believe in God’s promises? When we look around we may see disappointment, but what God says will never fail.

Do we see God as God? Or do we reject God and only see ourselves? When we chose to walk away from God, He will then allow us to follow our lustful desires. We make our choice to turn away from God, He will then let us go our ways, which lead to death.

Why can’t we have mercy on others? Because we don’t know God, we don’t put God first, we want to get things done, and we focus on our own to do list. At the end of day, it will only lead to death, when we don’t put God first, when we don’t treasure our relationship with God and with others. We have so much self-righteousness within us, we think that people don’t understand us, we think that people don’t care about us, but we don’t see ourselves being selfish.

When Jesus was on this earth, He was humble, He was obedient, He glorified God; so are we living the life of Jesus? The things we pray do they glorify God and glorify ourselves? We must be awaken, to stop blindness, and to start from ourselves.

罗马书 1 – 大觉醒                                                         

2023年5月30日 星期二



一、v.1-7 仆人生命 高举基督


在这个世上我们想拥有很多东西,然而保罗说自己这个使徒的身份是“奉召”而来。在那些不认识我们的人面前,为了让别人听我们的,我们通常会刻意表明自己有多厉害。然而,保罗反在并非自己所建立的罗马教会面前并没有炫耀自己的能力,仅仅说自己的身份只是来自耶稣的选召。在如今的世代,我们是否愿意有仆人的生命、高举基督,还是一路在表现自己,只靠着自己的方法和能力来代表神,结果却累了、想逃避信仰?其实我们只是一面“镜子”,最重要的不是“事工”,而是“干净” – 就是有圣洁的生命,才能反照出神的荣光。“圣洁”就是让神来做事,而我们就是跟着神走,这也是保罗的生命。

二、v.8-17 放下自己 坚信到底

V8-12 保罗虽然很想去罗马,但神没有给他开路。保罗选择先神后人再大地,愿意放下自己觉得对的想法,停留在哥林多给罗马的教会写信。我们心里是否有很多我们觉得对的东西?在这个末世里,我们总尝试去抓、去拿,想从情欲中得满足。其实没有人知道明天如何,为什么还要去抓住这个会灭亡的世界呢?我们的欲望也永无法被满足,所以神要我们放下自己,坚信神到底!

三、v.18-23 知而不认 虚妄愚拙


四、v.24-32 无神抗神 死路一条


V24-26 我们不要以为自己现在有“自由”可以为所欲为就是好的,谁知那是神“任凭”我们放纵情欲。

V28-32 我们看自己都是好的,但神说我们“不怜悯人”。我们不懂得“先关系后事工”,不想花时间与人建立关系,只想看到彼此就直接讨论事工。原来,“行这样事的人是当死的”。我们还同情做这样的事情的人,觉得这样做情有可原,谁知到最后也是死路一条。