20 Norman Spencer Dr
Auckland 2104, NZ

Our Vision

As a church, we are a family that journeys through life together. We long for everyone entering our church to feel the love and acceptance from our Heavenly Father and from the fellowship with the Body of Christ. Through this love, we will be able to live out the beautiful and unique image our Heavenly Father has created for each individual!

Our Church’s Ministry Directions 教會的事工方向:
(1) Restore Sonship 恢復兒女的身分
(2) Restore Marriage 修復夫妻的關係
(3) Pastoral Caring 教牧關懷
(4) Equipping Saints 聖徒培訓
(5) Multi-cultural Ministry 跨族群事工
(6) International Ministry 國度性事工

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