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Align and Cross Over (Part 1) 对齐与跨越 (一)

Sunday, 3rd January 2021

Rev. Dr Daniel Xi An Poon

After Joshua’s death, God raised up different judges. God’s way is different from the ways of man. When we listen to God’s words, He will raise up humble people for His glory and shame others. God does not change, only man can change. Over time, just like the Israelites, we were attracted to the culture and people of Canaan, we started to go astray and changed our first love for God. After some time, Joshua and all the elders who had seen God’s great works passed away, then no one had seen the Lord perform miracles among them. Why didn’t God show them miracles? Just like us, we may be the second, third, fourth or fifth generations of Christians. We know that we are Christians when we are born, but we have not experienced God.

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. They had heard of the Lord but they thought God was just one of the gods in Egypt. Even though the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered the land of Canaan, they accepted the gods of Canaan as their family and personal god, and the Lord was their national God. This is why the Israelites fell. God let them taste the bad fruits they bore and when they cried out to God, God raised judges.

In 2021 we are also in the age of Judges. There are many Christians in the world but do we really trust God? Do we pray only when we seek directions or for our own desires?

For the Covid-19 Pandemic, many national leaders and even leader of Israel claimed that they are able to solve the problem, but as a matter of fact, the pandemic is still quite challenging for everyone. God allows us to humble ourselves in difficult times so we will seek Him, read the Bible and prepare ourselves to search for the truth.

Isaiah 55: 1-5, “If you are all thirsty, come near to the water; you can come if you have no money. You all came and bought to eat; you came to buy wine and milk without money or value. Why do you spend money (the original text is plain silver) for those that are not enough for food? What do you get from your hard work to buy what is not satisfying? You have to pay attention and listen to me so that you can eat that beautiful thing, and enjoy fatness and joy in your heart. Come near to me; listen carefully, and you will live. I will make an eternal covenant with you, which is the reliable grace promised to David. I have made him a witness to all peoples, king and commander of all peoples. You will also summon the people you never knew; and the people who never knew you will run to you, because of Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, your God, because he has glorified you.”

1. V1-2

Through the scriptures, God is calling out to His children. In the Book of Revelation, it talks about the living water, Jesus and the church are the living water, and we should be thirsty every time we come to church! We don’t just come to church to look for a girlfriend or for people’s recognition, we are here for God’s love and when we find love, there is nothing impossible!

All who are thirsty, come to God and you will receive love from Him. What you get is not money, not your desires, but God’s love. When you have his love, you will be full. We get married because we need love. Many people put their hopes on work, investment, entertainment, and some even put their hopes on marriage. Every one of us needs love very much. Even little babies would cry for love and attention. This is what Jesus said, we must turn back like children before we can enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” Jesus is not giving children lollipop or ice cream; Jesus gives them love.

A lot of missionaries entered China and gave up their qualifications, career, and family. They just followed God. Why can they do this? Because they received love from God, they knew God’s heart and how He sent Jesus Christ to die and pay the price for us. The missionaries were aligned with God and Jesus is also aligned with God, the Father. When we are aligned with Jesus, we have the same love and heart as Jesus, and we can hear the heartbeat of the Father. Alignment is so important because when we are aligned with Jesus, aligned with God, aligned with authority, we are not alone, not one lamp, but seven lamps, aligned with love.

Amos 8:11, “people are hungry not because there is no bread, and thirst is not because there is no water, but because they do not listen to the word of the Lord.”

We would often feel that the love and support of people around us is not enough. Or feel that the money we have is not enough. But these are not true, because the world can never satisfy us, no one can satisfy us. Only God can satisfy us and take you through all the hardships. We are like the Israelites in Canaan. While they worship God, they still have family and personal gods. The Lord says that he is a jealous god, and all false gods will take us into hell.

2. V3-5

God said, come near me because we are too far away from God. God wants us to be aligned with Him, and we must know God’s Word. Only by His Words can we know His mind and what He wants us to do.

Verse 3 tells us that when we listen carefully, then we will live. Remember, the human spirit will not die, the body and soul will die, but the spirit will either go to heaven or hell. The soul allows us to live in this world. Many Christians forget the soul, and many teachings also forget the soul. But the soul allows us to do many things in the world, and the soul is very important. All things created by God are very important to us. God knows that our soul is suffering, so the third verse says, “when you come near me”. Many people say that we Christians only look at eternal life. In fact, this is not the case. We must also pay attention to how we live in this life. The Bible teaches that our soul lives on earth, just as Jesus had taught, that God’s Will is done on earth as in heaven.

In Verse 5, when our lives can witness the love of Jesus Christ, people will begin to trust us. With love and trust, we can align with each other. God will bring people to us and shine together like Jesus Christ. Anything that prevents us from being aligned with God, anything that prevents you from loving God, loving the church, loving your authority, anything that prevents you from trusting your leader, your church, I believe that God will help us to overcome this year.

Just like a yellow digger, God will use it to dig out all the dirty things that prevented us from approaching God. It might be our past experience, unforgivable things, so that we can run to Him and align with Him.

Response: Align with God again and give everything in life to God, and let His love and power work in us.

对齐与跨越 (一)

2021年1月3日 主日







你 素 不 认 识 的 国 民 , 你 也 必 召 来 ; 素 不 认 识 你 的 国 民 也 必 向 你 奔 跑 , 都 因 耶 和 华 ─ 你 的 神 以 色 列 的 圣 者 , 因 为 他 已 经 荣 耀 你 。








神说,“就近我来”,我们与神太远了。神希望我们能够与他对齐,我们必须要知道神的话语。唯有借由他的话语,我们才知道他的心意,他希望我们做什么。以前,在美国人们都讲“虎妈”,她的的书 很流行,即便是基督徒妈妈也在探讨如何学虎妈。但是我们忘记了,圣经已经跟我们说了,该如何教养我们的孩子,但是我们觉得不够。当我有机会与基督徒丈夫们分享,在安息日的时候,用箴言第31章为他们的妻子祷告,祝福她们。为什么我们要参加婚姻关系课程?圣经已经跟我们说了。我们忘记了用神的话语让事情发生,我们习惯用自己的眼睛让事情发生,世界教导我们,看到就知道了,我们忘记了圣经足够祝福我们了。这也是教会的领袖面临的问题。我们只是想要传讲人们想要听的道,流行的话题,让人们开心所以他们就会来教会,人数增加。我们忘记了要传讲神要我们说的话语。我们不是在传讲一节两节经文,我们需要传讲整章经文故事的来龙去脉,不是只取一两句来支持我们的观点。不是讲我们讲的,而是神要我们讲的。神的话语是大有能力的。