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Align and Cross Over (Part 2) 对齐与跨越(二)

Sunday, 10th January 2021

Rev. Dr Daniel Xi An Poon

Introduction: In the New Year, it’s important for us to know where God wants us to be and the word “Align” has a new meaning for our church this year. Covid-19 has brought us into a new generation. People are used to online shopping, online ordering, and Zoom meetings. We need to know what is happening in the world now and why God allows this to happen. Christians have been praying for the Pandemic to stop or find a solution, but we are still facing the Covid-19 today. The Pandemic is coming so fast that mankind has no way to solve it. God is the answer to all problems. When we are aligned with God, we will know God’s will.

Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.

Before crossing over to the Promised Land, aligning with God is very important. If we are not aligned with God, everything we do is doing it by ourselves. The only thing to do is to align with God, and before crossing over, we have to prepare ourselves.

In Exodus 3:4, Moses did not know what God’s Name was. God sent Moses back to the Israelites. Moses asked God, “If they asked me Your name, how would I answer?” In fact, when Moses asked this question, he was very sad. The Israelites stayed in Egypt for 430 years, and they forgot the Name of Jehovah. In verse 14, God said, “I am who I am”. Why did God answer Moses this way? Because God is the God of creation and His blessings and love for Israelite never fail. Starting from Abraham, God had chosen the Israelites and He has not changed since.

God is always the same, but we changed. Time, education, culture, environment, experience, etc. can all change us. Therefore the prophet Isaiah said, ” Seek the Lord while He may be found.” God is everywhere, but why did Isaiah said, “when He may be found?” That is because the Israelites lost God for 430 years. When Joseph was in power for thirty years, they could still find God. But thirty years is short. It is easy for us to forget God in our busyness. We want to do things on our own instead of seeking God, and we can easily lose our connection with God.

This verse reminds us to look around and see how we are blessed by God. This is why we often encourage brothers and sisters to share testimonies. We see that God’s blessings have always been with us in the testimonies. Sometimes we are blessed by God, but we do not see it. We rarely count God’s grace and miracles, and many things we think are done by ourselves. If I did not do it, how could this happen? We did not put God in. This kind of thinking makes us farther and farther away from God.

How can we seek God? We must be humble and pray. Praying is not just reading out a list for God to help us fulfil it but to ask God and communicate with Him. First, we must have a relationship with Him in order to hear what He wants to say to us! In the Old Testament, God asked people to always offer different sacrifices to him. The purpose was to train people to see, give, and be grateful.

It is difficult to preach that out Heavenly Father loves us. Because we are so easy to relate the Fatherly image with our earthly father, and when we don’t feel the love from our earthly father, then we won’t be able to easily feel the love of the Heavenly Father.

Many teachings talk about how our missing parts can be filled by God’s love, and quote from the scripture, “open your month wide and I will fill it.” But an important part of the message is missing, that God wants to interact with us. He is our Creator and of course He would know what we want, but He wants us to stop what we are doing and start listening to Him. When we really listen, we will be restored to the way He created us. But if we put many things first, between us and God, then it will be difficult for us to see God.

Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Paul did not say that if you pray, God will solve all our problems. What the scriptures tell us is that we should not worry. The Hebrew word for “seeking” has two meanings. First is to “look for” and second is “being found”, which means when we seek Him, He will find us. In the Garden of Eden, God spoke with Adam every day, but when Adam and Eve sinned, they hid because they felt ashamed. Similarly, how can you be found by God? We must keep our life holy because only holiness enables us to approach the righteous God. Only when Jesus Christ died on the cross for us can we be made whole and God will draw near to us.

Paul said, “the peace of God will keep your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus.” It doesn’t mean that God will keep you happy and make all your wishes come true, but it means that God will bring back your joy because you have a relationship with Him.

In 2021, we need to restore our relationship with the Father, to hold onto His hand and then we will feel safe. Many of us are too tired to live on our own way. When others affirm and praise our abilities, they give us a lot of burdens and make it difficult for us to move forward. We also give ourselves too much pressures to save money, to work hard, to prepare a quality for our family…

The enemy wants us to stay like this so we lose our focus, and we can never seek God. There is no freedom and joy. God wants to release us to freedom and give us peace and joy.

Jesus said that nobody will know when He will return so we must turn to God now, repent, return, and humble ourselves. This is the only way to be free from outside this world. Only when we know God’s way can we turn to God, hear God’s heartbeat, and let God forgive us. Do not rely on everything we do. All we have to do is to get close to God and ask for forgiveness. God will come to love us, raise us up, and let us shine like Jesus Christ. God will forgive, so don’t avoid it. With confidence, return to God the Father.

At the beginning of the year, we still had many unanswered prayers, but this does not mean that God is not with us. On the other hand, by God’s grace, we can still be here. Our relationship with God is not based on how many prayers He answered us, but how strong our trust for Him is and how much peace and joy we receive.

Do not worry about your savings, investment, and health. They are in God’s hands. God’s love for us never changes.

Response: Do not hide in your own cave, but to come out to find God. Let us be found by God, repent and turn back. God is love. Pray for the Lord to release our brothers and sisters to break through the world’s values and be free. Bound all lies in life, cut off the soul ties and release us to freedom in the Name of Jesus, heal us and help us because of God’s grace, love and power.




以赛亚书 55:6-7





做事情之前,最重要的是寻找他 (第6节)。出埃及记第三章第四节,摩西遇见神的时候,他问神的名字是什么。摩西不认识神,所以才问神。这很可悲,以色列人在埃及400年已经忘记神,忘记了耶和华的名字。在第14节,神说,“我是自有永有的。”为什么神如此回答摩西呢?因为神是创造的神,神祝福以色列人,从亚伯拉罕开始神拣选了以色列人。从拣选亚伯拉罕的那一天,到如今,神没有改变,他仍然是那一位神,没有过去时,一直都是现在时。当神救你的那一刻,他一直都是那一位神,他没有改变。只是我们改变了,时间、教育、文化促使我们改变。神无处不在,但为什么先知以赛亚说我们要“寻找他”?这是我们的问题,就好像以色列400多年忘了神。我们很喜欢做很多事情而不寻求神,结果失去与神的连结。





4:6-7    。神 怀


Seek,希伯来文“寻求” 有两个意思。第一,寻找。第二,被找到,不是你做什么去找到他,而是你被找到(参见历代志上26:31)。神没有改变,他是信实公义的。在伊甸园神每天都与亚当说话,但是当亚当和夏娃犯罪他们觉得羞愧,他们躲起来,因为觉得羞愧。同样地,你要如何被神找到?我们必须要圣洁,唯有圣洁才能靠近神,因为他是公义的。耶稣基督为我们死在十字架上,我们才能与神靠近。 当我们里面有圣洁,神会知道我们所有的需要,当我们祷告、敬拜,神看到我们从里到外一切缺乏的地方,他就会给我们话语来满足我们的需要。保罗说的, 怀 他不是说让你开心、让你的愿望实现,而是把你的喜乐带回来,因为我们与父神有关系,我们不是孤单的。要开始有你自己的祭坛去听、敬拜,神我们的主就会与你同在。