20 Norman Spencer Dr
Auckland 2104, NZ

Blessed Relationship

Sunday, 3rd September 2017

Rev. Daniel Xi An Poon

John 15:7 “If you remain in meĀ and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

1. COMMIT – Rev Daniel shared about his marriage relationship with his wife and reminded us that it’s important to be committed in the important relationships we have in our lives, such as family, friends, church body, etc. Even through there may be ups and downs, but when we are committed to each other in love, eventually we can go through the challenges together and truly enjoy the relationships we have!

2. DESIRE – Rev Daniel shared that every time when he attended a wedding, it reminded him of his own marriage, and the vows him and his wife said in their wedding. And every time when he thought of it, it made him love his wife even more. The more we desire for any of our relationships to be blessed, the more we can invest in it, pray for it, work on it, and the more God will bless it.

3. TRUST – building relationships can be difficult because it’s not done by one person but all parties in the relationship. Rev Daniel shared that having a trust is important in a relationship, because of we don’t trust then we cannot open ourselves up to others, gradually we will be further and further away from them. At the end we will no longer have a relationship. However sometimes it’s difficult to trust because nobody wants to be hurt. Rev Daniel provided us a way out, to trust in God first, then He can lead us, guide us, protect us, and so we can trust in relationship with people.

In conclusion, Jesus taught us to remain in Him, which is to have an opened relationship with Him, and He will remain in us, and bless us with every good things. So commit in Him, desire Him, and trust in Him today!