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Complete Healing

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rev Daniel Poon

Everyone wants blessing, and especially when we feel sick and tired. Today Rev Daniel shared with us in John 5:1-18, and showed us the way to receive complete healing, which we cannot find in this world, but only through God.

  1. Do you want to get well? In verse 5-9, Jesus came to the man and asked if he wants to get well. He takes the first step to search for the sick and poor, even when we don’t realise that we need Him.
    1. Have Mercy and Grace (v5-7) – Jesus knows we are struggling so He took the first step to ask us “do you want to get well?”
    2. Have Authority and Ability (v8-9)‘Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.’ Jesus has this power to heal; He doesn’t just ask but He heals!
  2. You were cured. In verse 10-15, Jesus reminded the man not to sin again and that he was healed, after being sick for 38 years.
    1. Bound by Mind Set (v10-12) – don’t blind our eyes by the old mind set, but believe from the deep of our heart that we are healed.
    2. Fill the Needs (v10-12) – God knows what we need and how we created our own problems, and He takes every opportunity to fill our needs.
  3. Jesus is the Healer. In verse 15-18, Jesus told the people that He heals no matter what. So do we see God’s healing upon us? Or are we still complaining about our pain, our sorrow, or our problems?
    1. Misunderstand of God’s Intention (v16) – We need to understand that God is the boss, not us; we often don’t see the real purpose behind God’s action and complain about our current situation.
    2. Grace Never Cease (v17-18) –We make mistake every day, but we should not live in it but walk out from it as God’s mercy and grace never cease.

God doesn’t only want to heal our physical problems, but also our spiritual and emotional beings. He wants us to be healed completely in every way. Rev Daniel reminded us today that Jesus is that Healer. His hands are waiting for us to come to Him, receive Him