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Don’t Apologise For Preaching God’s Word

Sunday, 12th June 2016

Rev. Robert Morris


This morning Rev. Robert Morris (Senior Pastor from Gateway Church) shared with us a thought-provoking message about preaching God’s word. Some Christians may feel embarrassed when talking to others about God’s word, especially on topics such as giving. However, there is no need to be sorry about that at all. Rev. Robert Morris discussed with us the following three points:

1. Don’t apologise for preaching God’s word about GIVING

Many people would think about money when talking about this topic. However, giving is much broader than money. It can be giving time, energy, help, love, etc. Rev. Robert summarised the whole Bible in one sentence, which is, “God gave His Son”. Therefore, as followers of Jesus Christ, our life is all about giving, too. He also quoted Matthew 7:1-2 and Luke 6:37-38 to elaborate the true meaning of the widely use verse: “Give, and it will be given to you.” The context here was about “judging”, which deals with the attitude of our heart, so it can be concluded that “God doesn’t bless giving, He blesses giving with the right heart” – a heart that is not expecting anything in return.

2. Don’t apologise for preaching God’s word about MONEY

In the well-known passage Luke 16:13 we learned that we cannot serve both God and mammon (money). Rev. Robert told us that mammon means the “god of riches”, who is looking for servants for himself and trying to replace the one true God. He promises us things that only God can do, and tells us the biggest lie, “If you have more money, you can help more people”. The truth is, however, Jesus is what people need, not money.

3. Don’t apologise for preaching God’s word about TITHING

Just because tithing was a commandment in the Old Testament laws it does not mean that we do not follow it. The principle of tithing is to give your first to God. According to Exodus 13:12-13, all the first-borns belong to God. Every first born unclean animal needed to be redeemed by sacrificing a clean first born. As we were all born “unclean”, and Jesus was born sinless (clean), He was sacrificed in order to redeem us. Therefore, Jesus is God’s tithe. It takes faith to give our first 10% to God, but in doing so, the rest (90%) is redeemed (blessed).