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Enter into Victory 进入得胜

Sunday, 25th October 2020

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Joshua 1: 1-9

Introduction: In December last year, God told our church to arise and shine as we received Isaiah chapter 60. God wants us to enter into victory. However, since January this year, Covid-19 pandemic has prevented Christians from gatherings. But through the morning prayers on Zoom, we read the Bible chapter by chapter, and last week we finished the last chapter of the Book of Numbers.  I still felt dissatisfied, because all the Israelites were waiting on the other side of the Jordan River, so God asked us to look at the first chapter of Joshua today.

The phrase “Enter into”, whose original meaning of the Bible is to put your whole body, mind and heart into something, not just physical presence. How can we achieve victory? It is to truly “enter” into the victory that we believe in faith. As Sister Emma shared in her testimony, seeing the Pastor’s family moving to South Auckland, she also moved and then entered her destiny.

The background of the Book of Joshua is that the leader of the Israelites, Moses, had died, and the 80-year-old successor Joshua was facing about 3 million people. At that time, all the old generation died in the wilderness, and the promised land seemed like a dream to them, because they only saw the reality but not the truth. Joshua needed to lead the young generation across the Jordan River. He did not have Moses’ rod in his hand. How would he lead these people into the Promised Land?

Verse one mentions the phrase “Speak to”, which means God said that very seriously. You must do it! It is a very strong phrase. Verse 2, God told Joshua that you must cross the Jordan River. “Go over”, that is to say you must pass, implying there is no shortcut, and no other choices. In your life, are there anything like the giants preventing you from entering the place of victory God has given you? Sister Emma wants to move to South Auckland, but her husband wanted to move to North Shore.

We must remember the Bible says, the heart that God carries for us is not a curse, but a blessing. When I drove to the church for morning prayers a few years ago, I had a serious accident and the truck hit my car. I should have been protected by God in the morning prayer, but my neck was hurt. The specialist said that surgery must be done and as a result of operation, my speech would be affected, and I might even lose my voice. I prayed to God and then I was completely healed without going through the operation.

Do not let the noise of people affect you. What are you going to do? Follow what God wants to tell you. If you want to enter into victory, you must know where God wants you to be. This year God gave us Isaiah chapter 60, to arise and shine. The prophecy given to our church by Pastor Deborah is not for the me and my wife, but for each of us. Everyone in the Bible school shared their thoughts on the prophecy given by God about which part was for us personally. Please read the prophecies on our website (in the “Our Vision” section), pray, and receive which part is specifically for you.

1. The Goal of victory V1-2

The goal of victory is not to become more successful and richer, but to enter the promised land of God. If we fulfil the vision God has given us, the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire will lead us. We do not need to worry about anything. God will bless your marriage relationship, children, workplace, finance, and health. However, if we do not value God and the vision that God has given us, we will become slaves, i.e., slaves of children, slaves of work, slaves of health. If God’s promise follows us, there will be no problems in life. Although there was a car accident and my body was in pain, I never gave up. Victory belongs to us, and we must firmly grasp the goal of victory.

2. The Promise of Victory V3-5

God’s first promise of victory to Joshua is to give them “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon” (verse 3). Do you have a promise from God, or do you just do what you want to do? I changed the registration plate to ISA 60 just to remind myself of God’s promise. The second promise is in verse 5 – No one shall be able to stand before you. When God wants to help you, who can be against you? What is God’s promise to you? Do you want to be rich, healthy, and have a sweet marriage? Is it for yourself or for God?

“As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” As long as we firmly hold on to God’s promises to us, God will be with us always. We do not need to be as good as someone else. God has his own unique ways to bless you.

3. The Strength of Victory V6-9

Verse 6 – Be strong, because you must have a promise from God. Verse 7 – Follow what our spiritual leader wants us to do. For this is from God, and this is to give us strength. What I want you to do is to be strong, follow God, participate in morning prayers, and receive daily Rhema from God.

Verse 8 – Meditate in the word of God day and night. The Bible is very important to us, and that’s why the students in the Bible school have to read the Bible twice a year.

Jesus came to save the sick, and God wants us to enter a place of victory. Do you just sit beside and watch others’ victory? God wants each of us to enter into victory. Do you believe in the wonderful and great God?

Prayer Response:

Brothers and sisters, are you willing to enter the place of victory? Invite the Holy Spirit to look at your life, don’t give up, be hungry and motivated, and enter the place of victory God has given you! Hand all your problems to God. Don’t be a loser; don’t stay at the lowest point anymore. God wants to bless you, raise you up, heal you, and bless you. Do everything with God, stop relying on yourself, trust God, let God set you free, and do everything with God by faith!

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Enter into, “进入” ,圣经原文的意思是,把你自己放进去,全人全心都要在里面。如何能够支取得胜呢? 就是凭着信心真实地” 进入” 到所相信的得胜里面,正如Emma姐妹在见证中分享的,看到牧师师母搬家,她也要进入到命定里。


V1圣经原文提到“Speak to晓谕”,神很严肃地说,你必须做!一定要,是很强烈的词。V2神就跟约书亚说,你必须过约旦河。 “go over”一定要过去,没有捷径,没有选择。在你生活中,有多少事情就像是巨人,阻止你进入神给你的得胜之地。Emma想要搬到南区,她丈夫说要搬到北岸。你生命中是否也有同样的事情?神给我们所怀的意念,不是咒诅,而是祝福。我几年前开车来教会晨祷的时候,发生了车祸,卡车撞了我的车。去晨祷的我应该被神保护,但是我的脖子受了伤。专家说必须要做手术,手术后声带会有问题,说话会受影响甚至可能失声。我跟神祷告,然后不用手术就被完全医治了。


  • 得胜的目标   V1-2

得胜的目标不是更成功更有钱,而是教会进入神给的应许之地。如果我们成就神给我们的启示,云柱火柱会带领我们,我们不需要担心什么, 神会祝福你的夫妻关系、孩子、职场、财务、健康。然而,如果不把神和神给我们的异象看得更重要,我们就会成为奴隶——孩子的奴隶、工作的奴隶、健康的奴隶。神的应许跟随我们,生活就没有问题。虽然发生车祸,身体很痛,但是我从来放弃。得胜属于我们,我们要紧紧抓住得胜的目标。

  • 得胜的应许 V3-5

神跟约书亚讲的第一个得胜的应许,就是凡你脚掌所踏之地就赐给你(第3节)。你是否有神来的应许,还是做自己想做的事情?我把车牌改成以赛亚书60,就是为了提醒自己,一定要记住神的应许。第二个应许在第五节,无一人能在你面前站立地住。神要帮助你,谁能抵挡你?神给你的应许是什么? 你想有钱、健康、婚姻甜蜜?是为了自己,还是为了神 的应许?

“就如同我与摩西同在,也必与你同在,我必不撇弃你。” 只要我们紧紧抓住神的应许,神就与我们同在,不是我们像谁一样好,我才很好,神有他的方法来祝福你。

  • 得胜的力量 V6-9

V6, 一定要壮胆,因为你一定要有从神来的应许。V7, 跟随属灵领袖要我们做的事情,这是从神来的,这是要给我们力量的。牧师要你做的是刚强,跟随神,参加晨祷,就会领受神每天赐给的灵粮。V8,要日夜思想神的话语。圣经对我们很重要,这也是为什么学房的学生一年要读完两遍圣经。