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Auckland 2104, NZ

Faith By Action

Sunday, 22nd November, 2015

Pastor Kathy Poon

What is faith? Faith is with God all things are possible. Faith is like a tunnel that connects God to Human. This morning, Pastor Kathy shared with us about TRUE FAITH that’s makes all things possible based on the following two vital points

  • Faith by Action.


We need to know that Faith can activate the power of God through our circumstances. Faith is like a coin with two sides. Pray, believing and hoping is only one side of faith as it says in James 2:14-17. On the other side, faith is Action. Faith and Action work together. In the same way, faith by itself and it is not accompanied by action means Dead Faith or Fake Faith.

Faith is a decision not a feeling and faith is what you can see from your eyes. Pastor Kathy elaborated more on this by using the story about the paralysed man whom was taken down through the roof to get healing from Jesus (Mark 2:3-5).

God doesn’t move by our need but He moves by our faith. In Matthew 8:13, it says that “According to your faith, let it be done to you” So for God to bless our family, our marriages, our work and everything we have, He wants to see first our faith by Action.

  • Faith is Acting before Seeing.


In Joshua 3:14, it clearly talks about the act of faith by the priest who were bearing the ark of the covenant. We don’t need to wait until the promise of God comes and then we act. We need to take a leap of faith and GO! (Luke 17:11-14). We must put aside our fear and intimidation and act before we see it.

We need to have faith in making our decisions and act according to it.  Faith to Change – God will help us to quit all the bad habits if we are willing to take faith to change. Pastor Kathy also talked about how we get to enjoy life and have many happy days. We need to have self-management, keep our tongue from speaking evil and our lips from telling lies (1 Peter 3:10).