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From Marah to Elim

Sunday, 6th March 2016
Rev. Daniel Poon
How do we go from the bitter land (Marah) into the land of spring (Elim)? Rev Daniel shared with us the story in Exodus 15:12-27, which talks about how we get from Marah to Elim.
Firstly: Never give up
The Israelites experienced the blessing when all the Egyptians drown in the Red Sea. God had delivered them from their enemies and when they reach Marah, they started to complain because of the bitter water.
Secondly: Continue the Journey
Rev Daniel shared with us that we can experience Marah to Elim or Elim to Marah at many times. We can overcome all the challenging moments by trusting that our God is with us and with him, all things are possible.  
Thirdly: Praise God.
We need to give God the glory and praise Him whenever we face difficulties and problems. We never know what tomorrow will bring but we should know that we are serving a living God.
Rev Daniel concluded by saying, When things never go as we expected, we started to struggle and give up. We started to doubt and feel hopeless. We started to complain and cry out in pain, but we must know that our God is a living God and with him we are able to conquer all the difficulties in this life. Take a step of faith and continue to walk with God, even when we experience Marah to Elim or Elim to Marah