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From Restrained To Opened 從迷糊到明亮

Sunday, 15th August 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Luke 24:13-32 talks about the disciples of Jesus, the people who followed Jesus wherever He went. They learnt everything from Jesus and knew Jesus very well. But interestingly, after Jesus died on the cross, when He finished the task He was assigned to do on the earth, these disciples all disappeared! They knew very well that they were supposed to carry on doing what Jesus was doing on the earth, but how did they respond?

The two disciples were walking away from Jerusalem, the place Jesus wanted them to go. So Jesus showed up in front of them and started talking to them. When Jesus was talking to them about the Word of God, their hearts burnt. The disciples knew what was going to happen, but knowing did not help their lives. When they heard Jesus died and His body disappeared, they felt so sad that they did not even recognize Jesus when He was talking to them. They knew Jesus was a prophet and performed mighty power. They thought Jesus would save them from the hands of Roman Empire. They heard Jesus’ teaching, but they used their own interpretation to understand Jesus’ messages. The women also knew about Jesus’ teaching, and when they saw the messenger of God, they chose to believe. On the other hand, the disciples’ eyes were restrained.

1. Jesus Drew Near And Went With Them ( v.13-24 )

A lot of times our eyes are also restrained, because we only want to see what we want to see, we make our will higher than God’s Will, and we interpret God’s teaching the ways we want to understand. Jesus should have been angry and disappointed with His disciples, but He did not punish them or show them His anger, instead He drew near and went with the disciples. As parents, we would punish our children when we want them to understand our teaching and correct their ways. But a lot of times, the punishment is actually paying back to the people, for how they have made us feel in a negative way. Punishment can also be the way we react when we try to be the judge for what others have done wrong in our eyes.

But God never want to punish us, because we can never pay back what He has done for us. God wants us to move forward, not looking at our past mistakes. Jesus chose to walk side by side with His disciples, and shared with them the Word of God. Jesus cared about His disciples, He was willing to spend time with them.

2. Jesus Taught Them ( v.13-24 )

Jesus knows the situation we are facing, He cares and He is with us. When Jesus is with us, He will teach us, because He has the passion to discipleship us. He was not angry at His disciples for being foolish, instead He taught them. Even though the disciples’ eyes were restrained, but when Jesus started teaching them, their hearts were heated. When we hear the Word of God, we will also feel this excitement and heat, the Word of God will change our lives without us knowing it. The disciples knew something was different so they invited Jesus to their house.

3. Jesus Healed Them ( v.13-24 )

When we invite Jesus to our lives, He will heal us. Before Jesus went on the cross, He already explained to the disciples what was going to happen, but when Jesus really went on the cross, all the disciples forgot about Jesus’ teaching. Their eyes were restrained, and they were distracted by the things of this world. As followers of Jesus, we should follow His Will instead of our own will. The fear inside of us stops us to follow God’s Will, we follow the world’s way and our own strength to live.

God wants us to live a simple lifestyle, not to struggle in the world. Jesus already passed us the mission, to carry our His Great Commission. When we take the first step, God will show us the Way He is going to lead us!