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God is my Satisfaction

Sunday, 5th May 2019

Ps Kit Ho

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.” (Psalm 23:1-2)

Would we not want anything when we are with God? In what situation, we would have this kind of feelings, that we want nothing? Actually, all of us are constantly in a state of dissatisfaction, this is not about how much we have, but about how there seems to always be an empty space in our heart that cannot be filled.

For the sheep in the pasture, they are satisfied by having enough grass to eat, simple as that! Yet it seems simple, the truth is that they are satisfied, because of their shepherd. The sheep know that they are safe because the shepherd is protecting them, and as long as they follow the shepherd they will always have grass to eat and water to drink. This is a relationship with the shepherd and the sheep, and the satisfaction of the sheep comes from the trust for the shepherd.

“The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” (John 10:3)

From a spiritual point of view, God is our Father in Heaven and we are His children. For Jesus, He is the Son sent by God, not only to redeem us, save us, but also give us the identity of the children of God!


Ps Kit shared some of the different groups of people.

a. Orphan, with an Orphan Mentality

Being an orphan doesn’t necessary means growing up without parents, but having an orphan’s mindset. This mindset is full of competition, trying to prove one’s ability and value of existence. Orphans don’t know who they are, they only know that they want to survive.

Jesus saves us out from this orphan mindset so that we can become the real children of God.

b. Hired Workers, Work to Live

A hired worker’s mindset is about clock-in and clock-out. Work for the sake of working, as long as they get paid. They don’t want to work to hard, not to have too much responsibility. They will not feel a sense of belonging or accomplishment at their work, they just want to earn money and enjoy it.

c. Slaves, More Miserable than Hired Workers

Slaves work because they are forced to work. The society nowadays will force people to do work they don’t want to do. Slaves work for money, for survival, and at the end they sacrificed their family, their spouse or their children. They might receive money and fame, but lost the eternal treasure.

No matter if you are an orphan, a hired worker or a slave, at the end you will receive nothing. When we die, our tombstone will not say how much money we earned, what fancy car we drove, or how many houses we owned..

d. Children, Children are Heirs of God

Who are the children of God? They inherit from the Father, no matter if they earn it or not. Therefore as children of God, their intention to work is not to please people, but to use the talents they have from God to gain experiences and do good work.

Children of God will have a sense of belonging in their job, because they know whatever belongs to the Father, belongs to them. They don’t work purely for money but to contribute to the society. A true leader is not to judge others but to help others to also become leaders.

The children of God are able to embrace the world, because they know the world belongs to their Father in Heaven, they do all things with the covering of the Father, and they receive favors, not merely because of how hard they work, but also because they have faith in the Father, who turns their defeat into victory.


In I Chronicles 27:25-31, it talks about the way King David delegated jobs to different people to manage the kingdom; when he put the right people in the right positions, they all reign together for the better of the kingdom! Jesus also wants us to reign together with Him! We are not only the children of God but we are the heirs of God.

We are created in the beginning to rule the earth, but because Adam sinned, the land is under the curse. Jesus came and gave us new identity, so we can claim back our authority to rule this earth!