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Hebrews 10 – Understand the Will of God, Enter by Faith 希伯来书 10 – 明白神的心意 用信心进入

Wednesday, 24th February 2021 

Rev Daniel Poon

Section One: V1-18 The Sacrifice God Desires

V 1-4 Doing is Not Offering

When we try to do something repetitively without thinking, this becomes our ‘doing’. We need to always examine our heart, always why we do certain things the certain ways. Everything we do should come from our heart, God does not want our ‘doing’, He wants us to offer with our heart. ‘Doing’ focuses on the end results, we want to get this done then move to the next. But if we do from our heart, no matter what the result is, we will receive a reward.

V5-7 Offering with Total Obedience

When we do, we should have a pure heart, offer to God without complaints, at church, at home, at work… don’t ‘do’ for the sake of ‘doing’, but face every day with out heart. God wants our offering to be fully obedience, because only when we do, we will honour God wholeheartedly. We don’t do because God wants us to do, but because we obey Him from our heart. The is a heart with love and reverence for God.

V8-10 there are still a lot of things we have to do, but it’s not because God is contradicting Himself, Moses set up the law because people’s hearts have gone cold, these laws ad regulations are to help us to continue pursuing God. All the sacrifices and offerings cannot totally wash away our sins, only through Jesus. But it doesn’t mean we don’t do offerings anymore.

There are sufferings on this world, God allows trials, troubles, pain and sicknesses on this world because the devil controls the world, but God wants to train our spiritual discernment. God did not cause any troubles to happen to us but He allowed it so we can recognise the gap in our lives, so our lives will be lifted.

V11-14 If we use a ‘doing’ mode to offer to God, then everything we do in the Kingdom of God is pointless. Jesus sacrificed once for all, He has won the battle. Only the pure and blameless can be the enteral sacrifice. We need to ask ourselves, when we believe in Christ, did we really know that Jesus die for us and became our surety? If our lives are up and down like the roller coaster, then we need to really examine into our lives. Jesus has perfected forever those who are being sanctified, do we really believe in it?

V15 let our heart be opened to God and have the covenant written on it. Everything we do is for us to come closer to God, to have a true relationship with Him and to be convicted by sin, by righteousness, and by judgement.

Section Two: V19-31 Come Before God

God wants us to enter the Holiest to sacrifice, through the new and living way of Jesus. This is not the path of death but full of life. In the past we have been in the ‘doing’ mode, we don’t welcome and seek Jesus anymore, we cannot love in our prayers. How can we get rid of the things binding us? We must go through the veil, which is anything that stops us connecting with God.

We need to stop for a while, examine our lives to see if we are in the ‘doing’ mode or not; or when we heard our authority telling us that we need to stop ‘doing’. Let our hearts of stone be healed, let our prayer to God be full of love, and let our interactions with others be truthful. Come before God by faith, this is the ultimate purpose of our lives! Be fully devoted to God and hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering.

We need to know God’s heart, our ‘doing’ should be from the Will of God. Our gathering is not just partying or having a meal together, but to encourage one another. Through our gathering and fellowship together, to see the greatness of the Kingdom of God, and to see the love of God among us. God is merciful and righteous. Jesus has sacrificed so much for us but if we don’t treasure it and treat it seriously, then we can never receive this eternal salvation.

Section Three: V32-39 Endure to the End

Only when we endure to the end then we can enter by faith. Remember our first love for God, how did God touch our hearts? The peace and joy within us, why did we decide to be baptised? Baptism is not just a ceremony, when we recall the state of our heart during that time, we will be reminded of our love for God. It’s just like saying the wedding vows, they are showing the commitment of how we can let go ourselves to fulfil the other person. Wedding is a covenant, to see the other person as the important part of our lives.

V33 when we are willing to endure, it shows that we know the eternal reward in Heaven. Do we calculate what we have? Do we care our earthly lives more than the Heavenly life? To be bold is not doing bungy jump or sky dive, but to offer wholeheartedly for God, without complaint.

God gathered us together in Bread of Life South Auckland, so we can encourage one another, and walk in this path together!

Pursuit & Respond 

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for living within us, we seek You in our thirst and wilderness. By faith and love for You, we want to enter more into Your presence, to understand what we do what we do. We do not want to be in the ‘doing’ mode anymore. We want to enter Your Will with love and faith. Where is our first love? Where is our thirst for God? Let us stop ‘doing’ and examine into our hearts.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your sacrifice once for all. We want to put Your Word in our hearts, to understand Your Will, as we serve and pray, we seek the source of love from You, to testify for You, and to glorify You. Turn us back from all the lies that bind us, enable us to see Your good Will and live in Your presence. Amen!

2021年2月24日 星期三


希伯来书 10

明白神的心意 用信心进入




当我们在神国度里做事情只是一个习惯、毫无感觉的重复时,这就变成一个机械化的doing(做事), 我们就要察验我们的心,是否陷在一个doing的模式?因为这只是在凭自己的力量做事。在第9章第2节讲的“礼拜”的人,就是服事神的人,若良心被洁净了,就不会有罪。神要的不是我们的doing – doing注重的只是完成一件事的果效,但神要的是我们从心发出的摆上,不管果效如何,有愿意(清洁)的心去做,没有抱怨,就得奖赏。神要我们珍惜在每一个岗位上的服事,用对的态度来面对。


“为要照你的旨意行”- 除了我们的心,我们也要顺服从神而来的事。神要的是打从心底完全顺服的献祭,因为如此我们才是完全的摆上。神要我们带着真实的感觉来做事,就是有一颗爱和敬畏的心来顺服他。


V11-12 ,“天天”、“屡次”,说明如果我们的做事是在一个doing的模式里,就没有意义,神不需要这样的摆上。但耶稣基督“一次”的献祭就胜过我们千千万万次的献祭。

V14* ,这一节所说的能够“永远完全”的人是已经“成圣的人”- 就是那些已经为神摆上、圣洁无瑕疵的人。当我们说我们自己得到耶稣救恩的时候,要思想,我们当初信主的时候,是否全部的罪都清洁掉了?我们是否真的认识耶稣、承认自己是罪人、知道耶稣是我们的中保?耶稣的献祭既然是能让我们“永远完全”,若我们的生命还是像过山车一样高高低低,我们就要察验自己。


二、来到神的面前 (v.19-31)

V19-20,神要我们进入至圣所是要去献祭,是借着那“给我们开了一条又新又活的路”的主耶稣的身体。这条路是是充满生命的。我们是否因为在doing模式里就对耶稣的渴慕冷淡下来,只看见他给我们枷锁?若是这样,我们一定要跨越所有阻挡我们与神连结的东西,我们要去察验我们自己生命中一切让我们的心不能与神相交的东西,让这幔子如门一般被打开 – “幔子”就是耶稣的身体,所以唯有耶稣能除去我们心里所有doing的东西,唯有我们愿意安息在耶稣基督里面,才能有全然的自由。






V32,我们要常常回想我们起初的爱、平安和喜乐 – 当初为什么愿意决志信主、愿意受洗?受洗不是一个仪式,而是一个有能力的见证,因此要追念,就好像在婚礼上一定要讲誓言,当日后面对生活的高山低谷,就可以回想当初的誓言、约定,放下自己,祝福对方,因为婚姻是一个委身、盟约。同理,我们看重对神的委身时,所有的患难枷锁都不再重要了。


V35,勇敢 – 是愿意为神摆上,不是被迫doing,而是喜乐的去做,毫无怨言。

V38,“他若退后,我心里就不喜欢他”- 这条十字架的道路不简单,但感谢神将我们放在南奥克兰灵粮堂,让我们能彼此激励,使我们不退后不丧胆。



感谢主一次的献祭叫那些成圣的人得以永远完全。感谢神让我们能够将你的律法刻在我们心里,明白你的心意。我们不再是在doing 模式,而是从我们的生命中活而出。我们要与你有美好的关系,寻回起初的爱,对人有见证。帮助我们脱离世界的捆绑、论断,不看重自己的事工,求神帮助我们从这一切的谎言、捆绑当中夺回来,进入你的里面,看到你所赐给我们的是在天上更美长存的美业。让我们完全活在主你里面,让我们的心完全属于你。