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Hebrews 12 – How to Run the Race of Faith?

Friday, 26th February 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One: V1-11 To Have Relationship

V1 There have been many witnesses in the Bible, they all had something in common, which is to lay aside every weight and the sin that ensnares them. Sins are like the vines, at the beginning they seem small, but slowly if we don’t get rid of them, they will become stronger, climbing on the tree, tangling the tree, taking its nutrition and one day kill it. When we don’t deal with sins, they will influence us and slowly take us away from the path of faith.

We need to learn to endure, don’t let negative emotions or words come out from our mouth. Instead, come before God, through speaking in tongues and the Holy Spirit, give our negativity to God. We need to step out and run before seeing the guidance from God. We need to restore and repair our relationship with God, to lay down our burdens and the voices of the old self, endure with all our hearts. Then we can start to have a relationship with God.

V2 When we start to have a relationship with God, we can start to experience the goodness of God. Jesus also went through the same, when He no longer focuses on Himself, but on the relationship with the Father, He was able to endure all the hardship of this world. Can we also despise the desires of this world? We are easy to act by our emotions, but we can never be ready, when God asks us to go, then we must go, no matter if we feel ready or not.

V3-11 Having the relationship with God is to help us, because God is our loving Father as well as our Coach, who wants us to bear fruits, and only by having the best training can we bear good fruits. We are easy to see God’s teaching from the negative way, we are easy to think our authority does not love us when we receive correction.

Only true sons – not the illegitimate ones – will receive disciplines. When disciplines come to us, at the time we may feel upset, but we did not see the love behind this –

when our authority is willing to spend time with us to teach us, they want us to be better and bear “the peaceable fruit of righteousness”. We need to treasure this relationship then the teaching will be able to help us to step out by faith and run the race.

Section Two: V12-17 To Have Good Health

V12-13 The relationship is important but good health is also important. When we run, if we are easily hurt or not having a healthy attitude, then we will easily give up. When we try to run the race of faith, there will be times we want to give up. When we are not healthy, we will lose faith and become rebellious. We need to strengthen our hands and feeble knees. This is our responsibility; we cannot make it God’s responsibility. When we see this way of God as the treasure, we will be able to hang on, leave all the things that stop us to go forward.

We must prepare ourselves; this race of faith is not just our own business. Just like a mother, being pregnant for about 10 months, she needs to think about the health of her baby, and be determined to stay away from junk food, to eat healthy and live healthy.

V14-15 Running the race is not just about ourselves being healthy, but to seek purity in the relationship with our brothers and sisters, set our lives apart from this world and not to be influenced by the people worshipping idols. Choose purity, choose holiness, and turn away from our sins. We all sinned, and Jesus came for the sinners. With our pride, bitterness will grow in us to confuse us and others.

When our brothers and sisters’ lives are having problems, we need to speak the truth and help them. It’s easy to help others hide their problems, but when we do this, we cannot help them. Only the love of God is real.

Section Three: V18-29 To Hold onto God

We need to hold onto God. We follow God often by feelings, but our feelings can also stop us follow God and follow our authority. Do not follow by feelings but by faith we know God loves us and has abundance for us. Our authorities want us to be better and our lives to prosper.

Just have a simple faith and believe, but when we don’t believe we will close up our ears to God. We must be very careful because God’s voice is to lead us to the way we should go, when we can’t hear the voice of God then we will run astray.

Every morning the first thought to come to our mind should be to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us. We will be judged before the throne of God and we cannot run away from this. So come close to God everyday and run this race of faith with Him. Have an attentive ear and believe God is for us, not against us. By thanksgiving, humble ourselves to serve God. It’s not easy to run this race because when we use the values of this world, we will see it as mission impossible; but we humble and use a simple heart to run this race of faith, be willing to come closer to God, then this race of faith will be full of blessings, grace, signs and wonders.

Let us treasure our relationship with God, give thanks to all the goodness of walking with God. Let us come together, not just by ourselves, but with our brothers and sisters in Bread of Life South Auckland, to live a healthy life, to live for God, and to run the race of faith!

Pursuit & Respond

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You teach us through Your Word and our authority, to guide us to run this race of faith. You taught us to get rid of the sins of this world and focus on You. Jesus Christ has set a good example for us, You have look lightly the suffering of the world and focus on the goodness of Heaven. You have prepared for us to run this race of faith.

Let us run this race of faith, have relationship with You, rid of our sins, restore our good health, we belong to You. In the Name of Jesus, we bind all the lies and evil desires of this world, today we want to listen to You, to be attentive to Your teaching, and believe You are for us not against us! We want to receive Your holiness, to be humble and obedience to listen to Your teaching. Amen!