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Hebrews 10 – Fulfil God’s Will and Receive the Better Inheritance 希伯來書10 –  成就神旨意得更美家業

Hebrews 10 – Fulfil God’s Will and Receive the Better Inheritance 希伯來書10 –  成就神旨意得更美家業

Wednesday, 12th April 2023

Sister Sonia

Section One V1-18 By Jesus’ Living Sacrifice and be Complete 靠耶穌活祭得完全

Our offering cannot be completed and that’s why before Jesus comes, people had to offer sacrifice every year. Jesus came and told us the true offering, not about how much we’ve offered or how much we’ve done, but about how we one close to God and meditate on the Word of God.

Jesus came to fulfil and complete the Will of God, He represents the Tree of Life, to simple live to fulfil the Will of God. What is the Will of God in our lives? Do we strive to seek God’s purpose in our lives? Or do we continue to walk in our own ways? What Jesus has done for all of us cannot be replaced by anything else in this world.

Jesus has overcome death, when He died on the cross, our enemies also become our footstool, when we come before Jesus, all our sins were forgiven. Yet we’re weak and we still sin, therefore we must always come before God and seek His forgiveness. The covenant Jesus has made with us is a New Covenant, to be carved in our hearts because it’s made by the love of Jesus. When we love Jesus we are also showing our side of the New Covenant.

Section Two V19-31 By the Blood of Jesus Not be Shaken 靠耶穌寶血不動搖

By the blood of Jesus, we can come to the Holy of the Holies. By sin we cannot come before God, but by the blood of Jesus, our sins are forgiven, and we can be reconnected with God, to enter the Holy of the Holies and have this intimate relationship with God. Jesus is our Way, Truth and Life, and by walking on this way, we come to Father God and restore our identity as His children.

Jesus is our High Priest, our sins are forgiven through Him, He has done great things for us, and we can always come before God for His mercy and grace. We must hold fast to this hope, God is faithful, when we are not shaken, He will continue to reveal Himself in our lives. In our life, we must continue to love one another, to have this love, to watch out for one another, we are not along, but fight the battles of the world together.

We are sanctified and made righteous, but it doesn’t mean we can continue to sin. God’s laws are within us, we know the Truth and we have the Holy Spirit, therefore we know what we should do and what we should not do. When we sin on purpose, then it’s like putting Jesus on the cross again. It’s not always about seeking grace but we also must seeking the righteous, be convicted by the Holy Spirit for sins, for righteousness, and for judgement.

Don’t take Jesus’ salvation for granted, we’re so blessed to be able to live in the Grace of New Covenant, and let us continue to hold fast in seeking God’s Will, following the prompt of the Holy Spirit, we don’t know when is Jesus’ second coming,  but by having this hope to judge together with Jesus, not to be judged, then we can hold fast and be alert in our everyday lives.

Section Three V32-39 Persevere and Receive Salvation 信心忍耐得拯救

It seems that the path of salvation is not always smooth. There are times of trouble and times of struggle. We thought that by believing in God, we can always be blessed, but this is not by our values of being blessed in this world. Through hardship and difficulties, as believers, we will not feel that we’re suffering but will see the hands of God coming to us day by day.

What we have experienced and what we have seen are the precious inheritance for us form God. And God will use our past experiences to help others and to bring the Good News to others. What we have is the better and the enduring possession in Heaven. Do we have this assurance? Let us look at our treasures in Heaven instead of the things of the world that will eventually fade away.