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Hebrews 9 – Only Lord Jesus

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

Rev Daniel Poon

Section One: V1-10 Earthly Preparation

V1-5 shows God’s message through Moses was to prepare a physical place on the earth to worship Him. There is an ordinance in worshipping God, we cannot worship in whatever ways we please. The earthly sanctuary is a place God gives to us to set apart ourselves and worship Him. This is a place, where God has fellowship with people. The golden lampstand was the only thing that brightens up the sanctuary, so only by the light of God can we be led to get close to Him. The table and the showbread are for people to have fellowship with God. It is never about how many things we can offer to Him, but He only wants our humble hearts. When we let go of this world, not bringing our old self into God’s Kingdom, then we can see the salvation of God.

The second veil separated the Holiest of All from the sanctuary so that it belongs to God. There is also the golden censer, the ark of the covenant, the golden pot, Aaron’s rod, and the tablets of the covenant. This represents the presence of God, whatever we do, without the presence of God then we have done it in vain. The most important thing for us to know is to have the presence of God. We can place anything in the sanctuary, the table, the lampstand, the showbread… but without the Holies of All, without the presence of God, everything we put in there was just a display to make us feel peace in our own mind.

When God wanted to destroy the City of Nineveh, the whole city humbled themselves to pray – they no longer focused on the outward appearance, but to repent their sins in their fasting. Therefore, when we fast and pray, we should not go to parties or celebrations, instead we should humble ourselves, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the sins hidden within us, pray and seek God’s presence as we fast.

V6 the earthly preparation is an order from God, to see what the sanctuary in the Heaven looks like. Moses brought this vision to the people to build an earthly sanctuary, which was just an image of the Heavenly sanctuary. During this preparation, people need

to be involved. During our fasting and praying, if we don’t have a connection with God, then no matter how much we pray or how much we worship, then there is no point.

Do we have this motivation behind our fasting and praying to connect with God? If our relationship with God is unstable, then our emotions and our lives will be unstable. As the royal priesthood, we should always stay connected with God, and anything, which stops us to connect with God, we should say no to.

The first part of the sanctuary is for all of us to enter in consecration. The second part of the sanctuary is for the High Priest to enter once the year, to stand in the gap, offer on behalf of the people and ask God’s salvation to come.

V10, All these things mentioned in the Old Testament were to be prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Section Two: V11-22 Heavenly Preparation

The Heavenly preparation does not belong to this world and people cannot make it happen, only God can. God prepared for this long time ago. When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, God gave them a gift, which was the tunics of skin to cloth them. God loved us from the very beginning, He gave us chance to turn back, He was willing to sacrifice His own creations to save us. God created everything on this world for His beloved people, but when Adam and Eve sinned, God’s creations became sacrifices.

The Heavenly preparation is for cleansing our hearts, and only when our hearts are clean can our “dead works” be cleansed. When we see some bad actions in our life, instead of focusing not to do these things, we should examine our heart behind all these actions, for all problems come from our heart. When our hearts turn back, and when our sins are washed away then we can serve our living God.

The blood of the animals will need to be shed every year, but only Jesus Christ’s blood can be shed once for all to cover our sin. It’s not about what we do or what we don’t do, but about our hearts, whether our hearts turn to our Lord or not. We often say, God first, people next, then the earth. What is our priority? If there is anything that comes before God in our lives, then we need to take it away.

Section Three: V23-28 Salvation to the End

V26 tells us that only the offering of Christ lasts forever. He died on the cross once, shed His blood once, and our sins were forgiven forever. Only Jesus is able to save us to the end, not because how much good deeds we have done.

We all need to experience the judgement, and this is not avoidable. Jesus came not to judge us but to give us a way out. He loves us and is willing to share with us His glory and power. But the earthly sins separate us from God, and that’s why the judgement must come. God loves us, He prepared for us on this earth and in the Heaven. With a thankful heart, let us understand how much God loves us that He gave His only Son to die for us, and become the lamb as an offering once for all.

Pursuit & Respond

Dear Lord, You are the Almighty and Powerful God. Thank You for coming to our lives and having fellowship with us in the sanctuary. Thank You for Your preparations on the earth and in the Heaven. You are here to help us not to harm us, You long for us to stay in Your blessings and salvation. We come before You today, to dig out the longing for Your presence to be with us always.

Thank You Lord, for saving us, You led us out of the darkness and enter the light. We come before You and fully rely on You, we want to serve You wholeheartedly and serve You only.

Lord, You say that only the blood of the Lamb can cleanse our hearts. May the hearts of our brothers and sisters be cleansed. In our 21 days of fasting, let our actions be cleansed from all confusion, and we will follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to the path of sanctification and blessing. Bless our brothers and sisters to live out the blessing of Jesus Christ and the fragrance of the tree of life from morning to night and receive the grace of being fruitful! Thank You, Jesus, Your grace is sufficient for us! In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!