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I Hear The Lord Passing By

Sunday, 6th December 2015

Rev. Daniel Poon

Today Pastor Daniel used the miracle about the healing of blind Bartimaeus to elaborate more about how we look at ourselves being a dysfunction person who needs help and how we break through it.

Pastor talked about Bartimaeus as the son of Timaeus who was a very important and a rich man. His father must have done everything to help his son get his sight back but unfortunately his father cannot help him. In spite of Bartimaeus being the son of the rich man (Timaeus), he accepted his dysfunction and was living with the other blind people outside the city of Jericho.

Bartimaeus have ears to listen and he shouted out to Jesus “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” He recognises that he’s the son of Timaeus and shouldn’t be living like the blind people outside the city of Jericho. “Do we recognise our identity as children of God?”

How many times we wanted to break through different circumstances and people around us keep putting us down. We even tend to believe that we have no use. Bartimaeus continued to shout regardless of what the people say.  We have a choice “Do we listen to the voices or continue to climb?”

How many times we call out to Jesus but we keep failing? It is because we haven’t shown our faith in God. If we truly believe our calling, people will also see that we are different. Blind Bartimaues throw away his cloak, showing the world that he need healing. The question is “Are we willing to be like Bartimaeus?”

Bartimaeus received healing because of his faith and he followed Jesus. He’s attitude is different from other people and he let God know that he needed healing.

Pastor Daniel concluded by saying that we all have a dysfunction part in our life but are we going to live according to it or trust God. No one can help us to break through any situation but only God.