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I Kings 20 – The God, who gives us Opportunity 列王纪上 20 – 给我们机会的耶和华

Friday, 24th September 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-12 The Weakness and Inability of Ahab

When we don’t walk in God’s Way, how would God respond? Men’s sins and decisions determine how God responds to us. Ahab was worshipping Baal, therefore God raised Ben-Hadad the king of Syria to fight against Israel. Not only Ben-Hadad came, but also thirty-two kings with him. He said to Ahab, “Your silver and your gold are mine; your loveliest wives and children are mine.” Out of his surprise, Ahab said, “My lord, O king, just as you say, I and all that I have are yours.” Ahab had the power and authority, but he easily gave in to his enemy. Ahab did not see all the blessings God gave him; he only saw how his enemy was greater than him. When Ben-Hadad saw Ahab was weak, he went even further, and threatened to take even more from Ahab. When we give in to this world, we will not receive peace, instead we will lose our identity.

When Jesus Christ faced the temptation of Satan and the accusation of the Pharisees, He did not use His flesh desires to respond, instead He used the Word of God with humility to speak. We must be a good testimony for God and in front of men. But when Ben-Hadad and the thirty-two kings threatened to come against Israel, Ahab was provoked and came up to fight.

Section Two V13-21 The Visit of God

God said to Ahab through a prophet, “Have you seen all this great multitude? Behold, I will deliver it into your hand today, and you shall know that I am the Lord.” God let Ahab know that everything that made him afraid would be given to him. Why did God give Ahab this victory? Ahab killed God’s prophets, worshipped idols, and didn’t seek God. Because God is a faithful God, He remembered His covenant with the Israelites. But Ahab still didn’t believe in what God said to him.

God raised up the weak and humble, He told Ahab that the young leaders of the provinces will win the battle. Despite of the Word from God, Ahab still used his own way of doing things, he still called out seven thousand Israelite soldiers to fight, even when God already told him to take the two hundred and thirty-two young leaders of the provinces. God appeared before Ahab so clearly, but Ahab was only in a ‘doing mode’, he only wanted to know how to do and what to do, he did not want to know God, and he did not see God’s mercy towards him.

We must see God behind all the things we do, it’s such a big challenge for us to let go, we only want to do our own things and we don’t let God do the miracle through us. Ahab only saw his seven thousand soldiers and did not see God’s chosen ones, the two hundred and thirty-two young leaders. Furthermore, when God asked Ahab to lead the young leaders, he did not humble himself and he did not listen to God. God was waiting for Ahab to turn back and to change the history of Israel, but Ahab lost this opportunity.

The young leaders came up first to fight Ben-Hadad and the thirty-two kings, whereas Ahab, who was supposed to lead, came after. Even though the enemy was defeated, God told Ahab, “Go, strengthen yourself; take note, and see what you should do, for in the spring of the year the king of Syria will come up against you.” God visits us because He wants us to believe in Him, we must humble ourselves and know that all victory is from God, not because of our own effort or strength.

Section Three V22-30 The Victory given by God

God reminded Ahab through the prophet to get ready for battle. God visited Ahab again and again, to wake him up and see God is the One, who allowed him victory. On the other hand, when Ben-Hadad was defeated, instead of standing firm in his position as the king, he asked the people following him for opinions. We must take up our authority and responsibility in our position, the devil will accuse us of being useless, but do we believe in God’s choosing? Be willing to wait upon God’s timing and let Him fight for us!

Now the children of Israel encamped before them like two little flocks of goats, while the Syrians filled the countryside. It seemed very unfair while the Syrians seemed much greater than the Israelites. But it was not by the strength of the men, but by the power of God, the children of Israel killed one hundred thousand foot soldiers of the Syrians in one day. God wanted the whole Israelites to experience this miracle so they would know God. God is the One, who fights for us, He has overcome the world, and there is nothing impossible through him! God wants us to know ourselves and to know Him more!

Section Four V31-43 The Failure of Ahab

How did Ahab fail? God gave him opportunity to repent, but from the beginning to the end, he only focused on himself. When Ben-Hadad the king of Syria finally surrendered to Israel, Ahab took it for granted. God told Ahab to deal with the enemy, but Ahab let Ben-Hadad go, made covenant with him and called him brother. When God gave us instructions, do we follow and set ourselves apart? Or do we use our own hands to sort things out ourselves?

Ahab had to pay for the consequences, the prophet of God came and said, “Because you have let slip out of your hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction; therefore, your life shall go for his life, and your people for his people.” Do we carry out the things God entrusted to us, according to His instructions? God is testing our faith, we can never repay God, but He wants us to know our mistake, to know our pride and to repent. God wants us to receive blessings, but if we don’t know how to repent and return to Him, then we can never enter His blessings. God loves us, again and again He gives us opportunity to do the right thing. Let us receive the victory of God and live in the blessed promise of God!

Worship: How can I not Live for God 我怎能不為主活

Prayer & Pursuit

Thank You Lord, You are the God, who gives us opportunity, please help us to humble ourselves and simply follow You. We admit there is too much ‘us’ and so often we fail to follow You wholeheartedly. There are so many worldly voices and fears, which disable us to see Your great work. Lord reveal to us, show us the truth about ourselves, the problems in our lives, and take us out from the old patterns. Lord, we lift up all our stubbornness, and disbelief to You, we want to follow Your wholeheartedly.

2021年9月24日 星期五



一、亚哈的软弱无能 v.1-12

V1-4 在亚哈执政的同期,神祝福敬畏他的犹大王,但是在以色列国的亚哈王拜偶像,耶和华就兴起领国亚兰成为以色列国的威胁。亚兰王便哈达带领一群人来攻击以色列的撒马利亚,又对亚哈王说他要拿走亚哈王的财宝和妻儿中最美好的一群。作为带领以色列十个支派的王,亚哈竟然未出兵先投降,称呼亚兰王为“我主我王”,又说要把亚兰想要的都给他。亚哈是拥有十个支派的以色列王,却只看到敌人的强大而没有看重神所给他的那一份。

V5-6 亚哈想苟安一隅,想在他的敌人面前退一步,但他的敌人不会放过他。当我们对世界妥协的时候,这个世界不会对我们放手,只会越逼越紧。面对亚哈的息事宁人, 亚兰王得寸进尺,又派人来跟亚哈王说他要亲自派人来以色列这边搜查,要将亚哈王“眼中一切所喜爱的都拿了去”。当我们向这世界投降的时候,我们不会有真平安,只会失去自己本有的身份。

V7-9 亚哈王问他下面的人该如何处理,他们就跟亚哈说不用去理会亚兰王。

V11 亚哈并没有带出平安和睦,他用话刺激亚兰王,表明自己不怕亚兰王过来攻打。当主耶稣面对撒旦的试探、面对文士和法利赛人的责问时,并没有用血气来回答,而是用神的话。我们不要用自己的血气、本能来回应仇敌的攻击,反要学习谦卑,因我们不是靠血气赢得世界,而是要做好的见证。

V12 亚哈的回应正中亚兰王便哈达下怀,于是他率领一群流寇预备摆队攻击以色列。

二、神造访亚哈 v.13-21

V13-15 虽然亚哈软弱无能,没有好好看顾以色列的十个支派,但这十个支派也是耶和华所拣选的,他仍给他们机会。神派一个先知来对以色列王亚哈说话。神知道亚哈因为看见“一大群人”就心里害怕,就应许说当日他必将这群人交在亚哈手里。亚哈的妻子是拜巴力、杀耶和华先知的耶洗别,亚哈自己不敬畏神,遇到困难也不求告神。虽然他如此不堪,但神既然拣选以色列人,他纪念他们,就亲自来造访亚哈。亚哈听了神借先知表明自己是“耶和华”-昔在今在永在的独一真神,就问先知说这件事要如何去做。神没有说要用十个支派里的士兵,而是用他们看不起的小跟班。神拣选的是卑微的人,而不是高傲的人。亚哈于是数点232个少年人,但是之后又加派“以色列的众兵,共有七千名”。他不相信也不看重神给他的这232个年轻人,要加上自己觉得有用的另一大群士兵去打仗。亚哈处在一个doing(做事)的模式,并没有寻求神的心意。亚哈听了神表明自己的身份后并没有认罪悔改,只想知道接下来要怎么具体办事,没有看到神是给我们机会、爱我们的阿爸天父。一个人若只想着做事(doing),他就很容易烦躁,因为他心里只想着怎样行事,若不知道下一步会发生什么就没有安全感,却没有看到事情背后掌管一切的神。我们听了神的话之后是否也是这样一心只想按照自己的计划去做事,却无视神的指示和背后的心意?

V17-21 神本来已经借着先知告诉亚哈这232个少年人能带以色列得胜,亚哈若能顺服、回转,以色列的历史就会不一样。可惜亚哈没有听从神的话去带领那些籍籍无名的年轻人,他让那些少年人先出去,自己则等到“亚兰人逃跑”之后才“出城攻打”。其实神一直都与以色列人同在。我们是否相信神没有离开我们,还是一直都靠自己来处理问题?我们的生命中,神在哪里?神的造访是让人相信他是耶和华。

三、使人得胜的神 v.22-30

V22 神不仅让亚哈知道如何面对眼前的问题,也预备将来的事。神借着同一个先知告诉亚哈王要健康起来,要看清楚如何防备敌人。他警告亚哈不要再留在doing的模式中,要醒过来倚靠耶和华。可惜亚哈太相信自己的妻子所拜的巴力、相信自己所拣选的七千众兵,没有看重和明白神对他的造访的心意,不相信唯有神使人得胜。

V23-25 亚兰王跟亚哈做决定的方式类似,都是问手下的人,听他们说的话,而没有看到自己才是王,没有将王该有的异象、理念传达下去给那些他有权柄带领的人。Doing模式的人看重的是果效,有用的才要,看上去没用的人就不要了。但在神的国度里却不一样,魔鬼说我们没有用的,神却拣选我们,让我们每一个人都有自己独特的那一份,我们只需耐心等候神的时间。求神帮助我们知道神是怎样的神。

V27-30 以色列人出去安营时“好像两小群山羊羔”,他们的人数跟“满了地面”的亚兰军队比起来少得可怜。但既然神借着神人事先告知他们他已经将亚兰人交在以色列王手中,事情就成就了 – 以色列仅用7232人就“杀了亚兰人步兵十万”。然而亚兰人还不止这十万人,另有两万七千人是被城墙压死的。神使这件神迹奇事发生,是让以色列人看到他是使人得胜的耶和华,争战在乎耶和华,他是不会让我们输的。主耶稣曾说,“我已经胜了这世界”,如此,还有什么会难倒神的子民?我们生命中还有什么是拦阻我们来跟从神,让我们不能谦卑顺服跟从他?我们是否心中还有很多惧怕?我们是否怕死、怕被感染、怕打疫苗有副作用,听信媒体传言却不相信神掌权?我们能否听道而行道,还是听了之后拖拖拉拉?

四、亚哈的一败涂地 v.31-43

V31-34 被打败的亚兰王的臣仆听说以色列王很仁慈,就把自己打扮成快死的样子,出去跟亚哈王投降求情。结果亚哈王竟说亚兰王便哈达是他的“兄弟”!古代的人握手代表结盟,表明双方是一体的。以色列人是神所拣选分别为圣的,神特别吩咐亚哈要好好处理这些敌人,但亚哈看敌人跟他是一起结盟的兄弟, 又请亚兰王来上他的车。我们是否听了神和我们权柄的吩咐,心里却有自己的想法,不愿顺服神的指示?亚哈对亚兰王做了表面有爱的行为,还跟他立约,就放他回去了。

V35-43 跟亚哈说话的先知就是之前的先知,所以亚哈认出了他。结果先知跟亚哈说:“耶和华如此说:‘因你将我定要灭绝的人放去,你的命就必代替他的命,你的民也必代替他的民。’”亚哈没有在生命树的气息下面对神,只是一直在用自己的方式来做事。亚哈表面上与人和睦,但他没有完全听从神的吩咐,最后一败涂地。我们是否也是像他这样,听到了神给我们清楚的指示,我们却用另一套方式来回应,还以为自己的方式比神的方式更好?我们以为赔得起损失,但神要的不是赔偿,他要的是我们懊悔死行。神不要我们暴露在危险中,而是要保护我们,让我们蒙福。