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I Kings 5 – Enter into Destiny 列王纪上 5- 进入命定

Tuesday, 31st August 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

After all the drama, Solomon was finally ordained as the king of Israel. He was also observing how God supported him to be the king. He appointed his own officials and he was going to enter into the destiny God promised to David. What was the destiny Solomon was entering? What did God promise to David?

II Samuel 7:5-13 talks about how God promises David that his descends would build the Temple of God on behalf of him. Because David had to go to war, so God chose his son to build the Temple. Even though David could not build the dwelling place for God, God promised David that He would be with him wherever he went. God was already with David, He also planted and prepared a place for David’s children and descendants so they would not have to move anymore. Why did people move? Because they were attacked by the enemies, therefore here it also meant God will protect the Israelites so the enemies would not chase them around anymore. God didn’t allow David to build the Temple but his son, who inherited the kingdom of Israel, was able to build the Temple and establish the kingdom. Solomon was also entering into his being, God prepared him to be the king of Israel, it was the most important destiny of Solomon. Today is also the last day of winter, as we are entering into spring time, God is showing us the way to enter into His destiny for us.

Section One V1-5 To Be Humble and Exalt God

King of Tyre heard that Solomon inherited the kingdom of Israel as king after David. Tyre was very far but because the king of Tyre loved David very much, he was willing to approach Solomon to support him. Even though David could not build the Temple himself, he was able to prepare for Solomon. Not only David was a fighter, he was also willing to build good relationships with people. In the Cave of Adullam, people from all over the places came to support him. He was able to lead all these people of different backgrounds to fight and work together. David had the ability to gather and to lead people, and he valued these relationships.

David prepared for Solomon by building up a very good relationship with Hiram, the king of Tyre. It really helped his son, and because of this, Solomon was blessed. As followers of God we should also value relationships with others. Not just to have random connections with people, but those in the same flow of God.

Solomon was humble, he was facing a Hiram, who was not from Israel, but knew the God of his father. Solomon didn’t exalt himself in front of Hiram, the king of Tyre. It’s easy for us to have low self-esteem for ourselves, but in front God, before we enter into God’s destiny and blessings for us, we need to humble ourselves. Not to put our status down, not being a hypocrite, but to see that by ourselves we cannot do it, we must learn to lower ourselves and to lift up God. Solomon also exalted his authority, his father, David.

It was not because of how capable Solomon was but how humble he was to follow God. Solomon had the wisdom, ability, wealth, abundance, and he had no enemy, but he didn’t chose to stay in his comfort zone. He was determined to enter the destiny God had given to him. Building the Temple of God was a covenant God made to David and Solomon was willing to carry it out. Building the Temple of God is far beyond the ability Solomon had so everything he experienced would be through God.

I Chronicles 29:1-9 talks about how David prepared everything Solomon needed to build the Temple of God. But Solomon also worked hard himself, not only relied on what David prepared. He knew he had to walk out and experience God. Solomon didn’t use war to get the resources he needed, but continued the good relationship with the king of Tyre. Not only Solomon exalted God but also was willing to be humble and not forcing people to work with him. When we are entering our destiny, we need to be humble in front of God and people.

Section Two V7-12 To Influence Life with Wisdom

It was a wish from Solomon to build the Temple of God. It was not just a to do list but something he wanted to do from his heart. A lot of times when we chose the follow God, to be equipped and to serve God, what is our attitude? Can people see our passions in what we do?

God already told us in the Bible, everything that’s revealed belongs to us and everything that’s yet to be revealed is from God. How much we know is based on God’s grace. If we are willing to humble, just do what we know, then our lives can influence other people’s lives! We rely on the wisdom from above and this wisdom will give us the understanding and knowledge we need to carry out the Work of God.

Solomon gave a lot of food to Hiram king of Tyre, for providing the resources to build the Temple of God. Then Solomon and Hiram made peace treaty with each other. As Christians we should not draw a clear boundary with the non-Christians, because we are all sinners and we all make mistakes. We must seek the wisdom from God to allow Gentiles to help us fulfilling the destiny God has given to us. Solomon utilized the ability and resources of the people of Tyre and he gave them wages for their work done. When we pay the price for the things people provide for us then we don’t need to fear that these things will affect us. God is with us, if He has given the ability for the people then we should be willing to use their ability to fulfil God’s plan.

Be humble and ask God for wisdom, to know how to use the resources from this world. Don’t put ourselves in isolations in a Christian circle, but to look around and see God’s Good Will for us in everything we do!

Section Three V13-18 The Foundations to Build the Temple

Where is the Temple of God for us? It’s inside of us, our body is the Temple of God. What is the foundation for our Temple? God wants to dwell within us, among us, in our church, in our community, in the people God he has chosen. When we are papering the Temple of God, what do we need to do? Solomon didn’t build the Temple himself, he also didn’t let others do all the work. Solomon used his being and let others use their being, to build God’s Temple together.

Solomon’s being was to govern, to plan and to make strategies. He also let those in the labour force to use their being to build the Temple. He didn’t let the people feel they had no use. He also appointed people to be in charge of the labours. When we enter into our destiny, don’t listen to the devil saying we have no use. Or just stand on the sideline to look at other people doing all the work.

Everyone got up to move and worked together. When Solomon commanded then people made stones to lay the foundations for the Temple. The stones in the mountains have no use but when we are humble to quarry the stones, even though it’s not an easy job, these stones will be made into largely and costly foundations for the Temple of God.

Let us be humble and become the valuable stones for God, the glorious foundation of the Temple of God. The foundations for the many generations to come! Today God is raising us in Bread of Life Christian Church in South Auckland, we’ve inherited from our Mother Church and can build the foundations for God. God will use us and will be with us, then what excuses do we have not to live for God?

Worship: How Can I Not Live for God

Prayer & Pursuit

Dear Lord, we thank You, through I Kings 5, we know we don’t have to exalt ourselves. We know your destiny is glorious, but there are so many worries in our lives. Help us to take away these worries, to stay humble and to come before You. Lord, we need Your help, and the help of others. Lord, we want to work together with others to become the foundations of Your Temple, which You will establish among us. Amen.

2021年8月31日 星期二


在经过一系列的事件后,所罗门成为了以色列国的王。他留心观察到神是如何帮助他的,他也设立了自己的官员,进入到神应许给他父亲大卫的命定。撒母耳记下7:5-13记载了相关的背景,就是神对大卫的应许说他的后裔要代替他为神建圣殿,因为大卫常年打仗,所以神拣选了他的儿子来建圣殿,也就是神的居所。大卫虽然不能为神建殿,神却应许他说“你无论往哪里去,我常与你同在”(撒下7:9)。神不仅与大卫同在,也会栽培他的子民,为他的子孙后代预备住的地方,“不再迁移”(撒下7:10)。神应许大卫他会保护以色列子民不受外敌的侵略所以他们就不用东奔西逃了。神也应许让接续大卫王位的儿子来建圣殿,并坚立他的国位。因此所罗门进入到他的being – 也就是神预备他成为以色列的王,这是他生命中最重要的命定。今天是我们新西兰这边冬天的最后一天,在进入春季的时刻,神借着列王纪上第5章让我们看到如何进入他给我们的命定。

一、谦卑高举神 5:1-6

V1 推罗王希兰听到了所罗门继承他父亲大卫的王位成为以色列的王。推罗是一个离以色列很远的地方,但因为推罗王很喜爱大卫,他愿意来帮助所罗门。大卫虽然不能自己建圣殿,但他为所罗门预备。大卫不仅是一个能打仗的战士,他也是愿意与人建立良好关系的人。在亚杜兰洞的时候,大卫就懂得如何带领那些有不同背景、从不同地方来投靠他的人,使他们与他同工,最后成长为勇士。大卫是一个重视关系的人。他和推罗王希兰建立了很好的关系,为所罗门作了预备,这样的帮助使所罗门蒙福。作为神的跟随者,我们也应该重视与他人的关系 – 不是随便去与人联系,而是和那些能跟我们在神的同一个氛围下同工的人建立关系。

V2-3 所罗门很谦卑,他面对的希兰不是以色列人,但认识他父亲的神。所罗门没有在推罗王希兰面前自高自大。我们很容易自卑,但是在神面前,在我们进入神给我们的命定和祝福之前,我们需要谦卑自己。我们不是虚伪地贬低自己,而是要看到我们自己的不行,我们要学会降低自己,高举神。所罗门也高举他的权柄,就是他的父亲大卫。

V4-6 所罗门王现在有这样的祝福,不是因为所罗门有能力,而是因为他谦卑地跟随神。所罗门有智慧,有能力,有财富,四围没有敌人,但他没有选择呆在自己的舒适区。他定义进入神给他的命定。建造神的殿是神与大卫所立的约,所罗门愿意去完成。建造神的殿其实远远超出了所罗门的能力,所以他所要做的一切都会经历神。

历代志上29:1-9 讲到大卫如何为所罗门建造圣殿预备一切所需。但所罗门自己也努力行动,不是只懂得依靠父亲大卫留下的资源。他知道他要踏出他的那一步才能经历神。所罗门没有通过打仗来获得他需要的物资,而是继续与推罗王保持良好的关系。所罗门愿意跟推罗王说“求你吩咐你的仆人”(V6),所以他不仅高举神,在人面前也态度谦卑,不强迫别人为他做事。当我们进入我们的命定时,我们需要在神和人面前谦卑。

二、凭智慧影响生命 5:7-12

V7-8 推罗王听到所罗门的话就很开心,他从所罗门讲话的态度可以看出所罗门为神建造圣殿是他的“心愿”,是他发自内心想做的事情,而不是一件他不得不完成的任务。很多时候,当我们选择跟随神、被装备来事奉神的时候,我们的态度是甘心乐意的吗?人们能从我们所做的事情中看到我们的热情吗?

       神已经在圣经里告诉我们,“隐秘的事是属耶和华我们神的,唯有明显的事是永远属我们和我们子孙的”(申命记29:29)。我们能知道多少都是来自神的恩典。如果我们愿意谦卑,知道多少就做多少,那么我们的生命就能影响别人的生命! 我们倚靠从上而来的智慧,这个智慧就会给我们所需的聪明和知识来完成神给我们的工作。

V9-12 所罗门将许多粮食给推罗王希兰,使他帮助建造神的殿。于是所罗门与希兰彼此和好、立约。作为基督徒,我们不应该带着有色眼镜与非基督徒划清界限,因为我们都是罪人,我们都会犯错误。我们必须从神那里寻求智慧,让不信神的外邦人帮助我们完成神给我们的使命。所罗门利用推罗人的能力和智慧,按着他们所作的工给他们工价。当我们为别人提供的东西付出他们应得的代价时,我们就不需要担心这些东西会影响我们。神与我们同在,如果神给了人能力,那么我们应该愿意用他们的能力来完成神的计划。所以我们要谦卑地向神寻求智慧,知道如何使用这个世界的资源。不要把自己孤立在一个基督徒的小圈子里,而是要看到神在我们周围一切和我们所做的事上的美好的旨意!

三、预备圣殿的基石 5:13-18  

V13-16 神的圣殿在哪里? 就在我们里面,我们的身体是神的殿。我们圣殿的根基是什么? 神要住在我们里面,住在我们中间,住在我们的教会里,住在我们的社区里,住在神所拣选的人群里面。当我们预备神的圣殿时,我们需要做什么? 所罗门不是自己建造圣殿,他也不是让别人做所有的事情。所罗门使用他的being,也让其他人使用他们的being,让大家发挥属于自己的那一份美好特质来共同建造神的圣殿。


V17-18 当所罗门“下令”后,“人就凿出又大又宝贵的石头来,用以立殿的根基”。石头在山上就毫无用处,雕凿石头的过程非常艰难,甚至可能过程中我们会流汗流血流泪,但是当我们愿意谦卑来做这扛抬和凿石头的工,这些原本无用的石头将会成为神的圣殿“又大又宝贵”的基石。

愿我们谦卑,成为神所宝贵的石头,就是神荣耀圣殿的根基。这根基是传到世世代代代的,我们的子孙后代可以在这个根基上领受神更大的祝福! 今天,神在南奥克兰灵粮堂中兴起我们,我们从赵世光牧师在上海建立的第一所灵粮堂那里继承了一切宝贵的属灵产业,成为神的殿的根基。神会使用我们,与我们同在,那么我们还有什么借口不为神而活呢?

敬拜: 我怎能不为主活