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I Kings 6 – Build a Temple of God 列王纪上 6 – 建造神的殿

Wednesday, 1st September 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Sections One V1-10 No sound was heard in the Holy Temple when it was being built

It was recorded very clearly in the Bible, when God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, for 436 years the Israelites were meeting God in the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was built according to God’s instructions. The Israelites left Egypt and entered the Promised Land, they knew God and they heard from God, but they’ve never thought about building the Temple of God for Him.

David was king for 40 years and Solomon was king for four years until he started building the Temple. It’s an important wake up call for us. We believed in God and we joined the church, but we only wanted to enjoy our Christian life. How many of us are willing to pay the price and build the Temple for God? When the Temple was built, everyone knew it was Solomon, who built it, but how many knew it was David’s idea to propose to God and it was David who prepared for the Temple to be built. God has also been waiting for us for a long time until we are committed to build the Temple belong to God completely.

The Temple of God was built according to the instructions. Solomon cannot make decision of how the Temple was built, because God already gave instructions and dimensions for everything. The windows were made to be closed completely. The noise was shut from outside. When we build the house we need to know how big the house is going to be. But not only the sizes and specifications of the Temple were revealed by God, the windows were also instructed to be shut completely. God wants us to shut the noise from outside and focus completely on Him.

When the stones were delivered to the Temple, there were no sound heard. And the temple, when it was being built, it was built with the stones finished at the quarry, so that no hammer or chisel or any iron tool was heard in the temple while it was being built. When we chose to follow God, the noises from outside should be shut, because the noises might influence us not letting us entering the Temple of God. We need to know this is a critical moment, we must value all the instructions for building Temple of God only and do not let outside voices enter our heart.

Section Two V11-13 The Word of God came upon

When we build the Temple of God, not only we should shut the outside voice, but also we should let the Word of God come upon us. God spoke to Solomon directly, not with an attitude of a loving Father, but with a serious and formal tone. Concerning the Temple, Solomon was reminded by God to keep the commandments. Solomon was in a doing mode, every detail of the Temple was recorded carefully, he only knew that he had to make everything perfect. But what God valued more was his life. The things God told Solomon was not connected to the actual building of the Temple, but to his life. When we build a Temple of God, how is our lives?

God told Solomon to walk, to execute and to keep the commandments. A lot of times we think we are doing something great for God but we forgot about our lives. What did God say to Solomon? If Solomon keep God’s commandments then He will dwell among the Israelites and will not forsake them. When God is with us, we will receive peace, and this is what every king desires.

God looks at people not like how people look at people. God looks into our hearts. I Kings 11:9-10 talks about Solomon’s desires in women. God already knew Solomon’s lustful desires, and He was warning Solomon when he was building the Temple. I Kings 3:10 God already told Solomon how he will be blessed. But when Solomon was focusing on building the Temple, everyone’s focus is on Him, but his heart and his life was not right. God knew and wanted to bless Solomon. God wants to bless us and our children. When our life is healthy then everything will be right.

Section Three V14-38 To Finish Well

When we are building a Temple of God, no sound should be heard, the Word of God will come, then we need to finish well and finish completely. Why does it mean to finish well? To finish it with glory. The foundations and the stones will be covered and buried underground. We do a lot of things but God does not want to let these things to glorify ourselves. God wants us to humble and see that all the abilities we have are from Him. Let humility cover everything we do for God. The world can see our humility, it’s not something for us to boast, but something can be seen in our lives.

In the Temple of God, all the displays, decorations and ornaments were covered by gold. The Temple of God should shine with gold and silver, the best should be given to God, not the second hand things. Do we really value the Temple of God? It took Solomon seven years to gather all the resources and build the Temple of God. He spent a lot of time, money, manpower, resources, etc. on this project. The whole world was watching him and God was also watching him.

Solomon completed the mission of building the Temple, but was his life ready? Let God help us to see our heart and our life for building the Temple of God. God values our lives, which will receive God’s blessings and promises. Do not be like Solomon, to look at ourselves more than we should. At the beginning, Solomon was humble, but later when he saw the things he wanted, he allowed his flesh desires to take over. He didn’t take the lesson from his dad. The Temple of God finished well but did the life of Solomon finish well?

As we enter into this new beginning in spring, we must build up this firm faith towards God, never be shaken, and don’t be affected by the world and our own desires. Let us follow God with our whole life!

Worship: 10,000 Reasons

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, today You are speaking to our lives. Our body is Your Holy Temple and we belong to You completely. Even though Solomon built a glorious Temple for You, but his life did not finish well. Lord help us to value Your promise and blessings for us, and for our future generations! Help us to be willing to walk Your Way. Help us to remember Your Word for us. Amen.

2021年9月1日 星期三


一、圣殿建造的时候响声都没有听见 6:1-10


大卫作以色列王40年,所罗门作王4年后才开始建殿。这对我们是一个很大的提醒。 我们是否只是相信神,加入教会,然后享受当基督徒的日子?我们当中有多少人愿意付上代价来建造神的殿呢?当圣殿建好的时候,大家看到的都是所罗门的功劳,有多少人知道这一开始是大卫向神提的心愿,是他在背后默默的为建殿做预备?神其实一直在等待我们,直到我们愿意委身献上去建造一个完全属神的圣殿。

圣殿的建造是所罗门王根据神的指示进行的,不是他自己随便想的,因为神已经把建殿的规格、标准告诉他了。在第4节讲到殿里有“严紧的窗棂”- 说明圣殿里的窗户是紧紧关闭的,外面的杂音进不来。当神的殿被建造的时候,不仅是它的大小和规格很重要,窗户能够关得严紧也是很重要的。我们的身体就是神的殿,神也是这样要我们将一切从外而来的杂音排除,单单专注在神身上。


二、有神的话临到 6:11-13

当我们在建造神的殿的时候,不仅要将嘈杂的声音阻挡在外,我们也要有神的话语临到。当神在这里对所罗门直接说话的时候,他不是以一个慈父的口吻,而是以一个严肃郑重的态度指示。论到这所圣殿,神提醒所罗门要遵行神的一切诫命。所罗门在忙着建造圣殿时,他处在一种doing 模式,满脑子都是他做的事情。然而神更看重的是他的生命。神跟所罗门说的话其实跟圣殿没有直接联系,反而更是关于所罗门个人的生命。当我们在建神的圣殿时,我们的生命到底是如何呢?



三、要完全地完成 6:14-38

当我们在建神的殿时,我们不要听外面的杂音,神的话语会临到我们,我们也要有始有终、完全地去完成(”finish well”)神给我们的使命。”Finish well完全地完成”就是要去完成得有荣耀。建殿的石头要么被木板遮蔽,要么被埋在地下,就好像我们做很多事情但神不要我们因此而荣耀自己。神要我们谦卑看到我们的能力来自于他。让谦卑遮盖我们为神所做的一切,让世界看到我们的谦卑,我们不需要为自己夸口,因为谦卑是可以从我们生命中被看到的。





主,谢谢你今天对我们说话。我们的身体就是你的殿,我们完全属于你。所罗门虽然能建造荣耀的圣殿,但他的生命没有finish well. 求主帮助我们看重你对我们和我们后代的应许和祝福!帮助我们愿意紧紧跟随你的脚步,遵行你的一切教训!阿门!