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I Samuel 16 – Walk in the Way of God 撒母耳记上 16 – 走在神的道

Friday, 2 April 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

In the Book of Samuel, we see the life of Saul and the life of Samuel. It’s like in James 1:22, hear the Word and then act out. We must get rid of all the uncleanliness and the evil things that are in our lives (James 1:21), because all these things will stop us following God’s teaching. We should keep a gentle heart and don’t let our emotions easily explode.

When we know we are in the emotions, be willing to open up to God, because only God can. Exchange our emotions with God and He will give us a gentle heart to receive the teaching. When we let go of our emotions, the Word of God will be able to come in to our lives, because this Word saves soul.

Section One: V1-3 Hear the Word

God told Samuel He rejected Saul, so Samuel needed to let go, and to look at things from God’s point of view. We need to let go of the things that had happened in the past, the things that hurt God or hurt people, and walk forward with God.

God will use His mighty wings to take us and fly over all the problems in our lives. Here God reminded Samuel to move forward, it might seem that the Israelites had no hope, but God never forgot the promise He made with the Israelites. God’s Words never fail.

Samuel was sent to Bethlehem, to this small place and meet with Jesse. This time, God sent Samuel to look for David, unlike how he was waiting for Saul to come. God wants to work with us and partner with us, God wants to prepare a king.

David was not king yet, but through the environment around him, God prepared him to be the king. We are God’s chosen priests, do we know God is preparing us? God uses the challenges and trials to prepare us. Do we believe God is a loving God?

Samuel was natural before God, he opened up himself to God and let his being come to God, he did not wear a religious mask, but let his emotions be exposed to God. He did not complain or blame God. And God comforted him.

We need to recognise the feelings God gives to us, tell God we are afraid, angry, helpless,  jealous, etc. we can tell God these feelings just like Samuel did. He knew God would not condemn him.

God has His own way, we just need to follow. God asked Samuel to bring a heifer and tell people he would offer a sacrifice to God. It’s easy for us to judge our God and our authority, tell them the things they do are not right. Why did God ask Samuel to tell people he was making an offering instead of he was going to anoint the king? God didn’t ask Samuel to lie, there are things God ask us not to tell then we don’t need to tell. Just follow God’s instructions.

We like to explain and speak to others more than we should. God will change His plan and relent, we might understand why God change the plan but people following us might not fully understand. So do not speak more words than we should to the people following us, because they might not be ready to receive yet.

Section Two: V4-13 Act Out the Word

How did Samuel act? He followed God’s instructions to go to Bethlehem, and the elders were trembling when they met him. Samuel reassured them that he came in peace and taught them to cleanse themselves. To make offering we need to humble ourselves and sanctify ourselves. Samuel received the Word to make an offering, but he was not in the doing mode, he knew he had to sanctify himself first, to examine himself if he wronged God or not.

He also led others to sanctify themselves and make offering to God. Samuel was not in a doing mode but in his being, He knew God’s heart.

When Samuel saw Jesse’s sons, at the beginning he used his experience and judgement from the past to decide who to anoint as king. But God reminded him not to use his way but God’s way. Be willing to let go of our experience, to follow and walk with God. God did not look at the appearance but look at the heart and the life.

When Jesse called out his sons one by one. His first son was tall and strong, his second son was born with expectations, but God did not choose them. At the end, Samuel asked if there are more sons then Jesse called back David. At the time he was only a child, therefore Jesse didn’t think Samuel would be interested in him.

Sometimes people around us, even ourselves would think we are nobody, why would God choose us? We must stay humble because God wants to use us. Samuel anointed David. From then on God’s spirit touched David. He allowed David to grow slowly. Even Jesus Christ waited 30 years. David was waiting for his timing as God was preparing him.

Section Three: V14-23 Leave the Word

When we don’t walk in God’s way, His Spirit will leave us and reject us. Saul was still the king and he still led the Israelites, but he was facing the world with his own strength. All along God was protecting Saul, but when the Spirit of God left, there was no protection and the evil spirit came to Saul.

Saul was being attacked by the evil spirit because he left the Word of God, he no longer went to ask God but sought help from the world. People around us might speak different revelations they received, they might sound spiritual, but are they really from God? Saul listened to people’s recommendations and invited David.

David had the favours of God and of men. He became Saul’s armour bearer, this must be the most trustworthy person for Saul, Saul spent time and effort to strengthen himself but not to seek God. May God help us to use His eyesight to look at ourselves. To overcome our difficulties, God can, not us, may God help us to see this!

Prayer & Pursuit

Yes Lord we come before Your throne and admit we hear but not act out. We admit we have sinned against You and sinned against people. Forgive us for bringing our emotions and acting wilfully. We come before Your throne to ask for mercy and grace. Lord we want to walk in Your Way and Your Word. Help us to walk out of our emotions, our past, the accusations from others.

Lord You love us, save Your beloved children, we cry out to You for Your healing and peace come into our lives, in the Name of Jesus we bind and rebuke the lies of Satan, may the healing come to us, may Your peace come. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

2021年4月2日 星期五


撒母耳记上 16


在撒母耳记上15章我们看到撒母耳的软弱,也看到他神性的一面。我们也同时看到扫罗的生命。雅各书1:22节说:”只是你们要行道 ,不要单单听道,自己欺哄自己。” 但是我们在能够听道就行道之前,要如雅各书1:21节说的,先“脱去一切的污秽和盈馀的邪恶”,因为这些东西都会阻挡我们领受神的道、不能行出来;“要存温柔的心”- 就是我们不要让我们自己的情绪发泄出来,当我们在受不了的时候,要躲在神的翅膀底下,不让里面的情绪完全爆发在人前;“栽种的道”-就是我们平日一点一滴领受的神的话语、灵粮。这样的道才可以救我们的灵魂。


V1 耶和华在这里告诉撒母耳,你要用神的眼光来看事情。神是昔在今在永在的神,他不仅是过去、现在的神,也是我们明日、未来的神。在我们不能放下过去那些负面的事的时候,要相信神是带我们向前走未来的神,能帮助我们展开翅膀,飞跃一切不可能。神提醒撒母耳不要悲伤,让他去看神将要行的大事,因为撒母耳眼中看到的事情让他走不下去、没有盼望了。神说,看啊,我是守约施慈爱的神。神所拣选的,他不会丢弃。神借着差遣撒母耳去伯利恒 – 一个不起眼的地方 – 在那里,神要撒母耳亲自去找那个神所膏立的王。神要与撒母耳同工、同行, 因为神看重与人同行、同工的关系。“预定”- 原文意思是”prepare(预备)”,那个人还不是王,但神说他要预备那个人,预备时间、环境。我们都是神所拣选君尊的祭司,我们是否知道神在预备我们,还是被我们的环境、周围的人打倒我们?神给我们的艰难的环境是要让我们能更成熟,得以承受他给我们的位分。我们是否愿意相信神的话,相信他是守约施行爱的神?

V2 撒母耳跟神的关系不是一个做事的心态,他真实敞开自己,将内心的害怕呈现在神面前,但他没有埋怨神。我们不是来骂神或我们的权柄,但是我们可以自由将自己的感觉带到神面前,无论是恐惧、难过、不安、被背叛、还是软弱、妒忌。撒母耳这样一个神所拣选的大祭司、以色列的士师都如此真实,当我们也愿意这样勇敢来到神面前的时候,神是守约施慈爱的。他没有责备撒母耳,而是给他提供一个可行的解决方案。我们听到神的这个方法时,可能第一反应就会去论断神说得不对,而不是凭信心跟随。其实神对撒母耳讲的都是真话,因为要膏立君王本来就是要献祭,只是他不用将神告诉他的所有话都跟下面的人全部说出来。因为神不是在跟下面的人说全部的话,他是在跟我们在这个位分上的人讲话。我们不需要说多过神要我们跟下面的人所说的话。神会改变他的计划,我们可能可以领受,但是我们下面的人可能会软弱,误解神的意思。神若不需要他们知道事情的全部,我们就不需要去说。


V4 撒母耳听了神的话,就照着去行。在伯利恒的长老看到以色列的士师(也是审判官)自己过来,很自然会颤惊害怕。有这样为罪为义为审判的心是好的。

V5 撒母耳让长老们去“自洁”,神之前并没说这一句话,但撒母耳知道在献祭前人人都需要自洁,他没有将神的话照本宣科,而是知道神的心意。撒母耳非常忠于自己的职分,知道很多神没有跟他讲的事,因为他不是在doing(做事)的模式,而是一个being的人。他所讲的事就是平时他亲近神时会做的事,所以自然而然就知道要如何吩咐下面那些长老去行。

V6 撒母耳第一次膏立君王的时候,人所拥立的扫罗高大威猛,所以他用过去的经验来判断,以为这一次神也会如此拣选。但是,正如神在第3节说的,神会亲自来挑选君王。当神要我们听他的话时,我们愿意放下自己的偏见和经验吗?

V7 “耶和华不像人看人:人是看外貌,耶和华是看内心”。我们常会看到人在服事的时候常会表现得很属灵,但神看的是人的生命,他看的是人的内心。

V8-10 不是这些孩子的父亲愿意奉献,神就一定拣选。

V11 这个孩子(大卫)的父亲并不看好他,但撒母耳让人打发他来。

V12 “面色光红”- 说明大卫当时只是一个孩子,父亲自然不觉得撒母耳会有兴趣来看这个孩子。然而,神就是拣选这个人。有时我们周围的声音会论断我们,说我们不配,但神要的只是我们一颗单纯的心。

V13 撒母耳在大卫众弟兄面前用油膏了大卫。当我们被神拣选后,神的灵就会大大感动我们,让我们能听道而行道。神让大卫慢慢成长,等待他的时间到来。


V14 “耶和华的灵离开扫罗”- 虽然扫罗之前战胜非利士人,但当他不走在神的心意里,神的灵就离开他。他虽然还是当以色列的王,仍然有权柄,但他要面对这个世界,面对之前那些他所攻打的国家、民族。之前神一直在保护扫罗,但当他离开神的时候,神的保护被撤走了,扫罗就披露在那些仇敌的攻击下。

V15-17 当一个人离弃神的道的时候,他就不会寻问神,而是寻求人的帮助。有时候我们周围的人可能跟我们讲了一些话让我们觉得“很灵”,然而我们不要跟着人走而不是跟从神和神所赐给我们的权柄。

V18 耶西看不上自己的小儿子大卫,但当神的灵与他同在,大卫就不再一样。愿人看到我们因有神在我们生命中而变得不一样。

V21 能够拿扫罗的兵器,就是扫罗最信任的人。

V22 扫罗花时间巩固自己,却没有花时间在神的面前。求主帮助我们愿意花时间来到他面前,愿意用神所喜悦的眼光来看自己。不是我们自己能够,是神能够!