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I Samuel 31 – A Kingdom without the Presence of God 撒母耳记上 31 – 没有神同在的国

Thursday, 29th April 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-6 Live in Fear

The beginning of this chapter is a scene of “battle”, but “the Israelites flee in front of the Philistines” (V1). When we encounter things that oppose us, we run away because of fear. When we are afraid, we have no sense of security, we want to control, and we want to run away and give up. The Israelites chose to flee in front of the Philistines, but some were “killed and thrown down.” God uses this to remind us that when we are afraid, we should not use our own methods. The Israelites rely on themselves because God has left them. They did not cherish how God led them out of Egypt to Canaan for their inheritance. We sometimes feel hurt in relationships or while serving because we often forget who we are and what God has given us. Whether we are in the family or in the workplace, God will give us a leader. What we have to do is to support and cooperate with him so that we can play our part and let God play His part in our lives and bless the entire team.

The Israelis made two mistakes (V1). First, they did not find that God had left them. Second, they chose to use their own methods. The result of this is a crisis for the entire team-Saul’s three sons are all dead (V2). How brave Jonathan once killed the enemy, now he is killed by the Philistines. He looked spiritual on the surface, but compared to David’s complete entrustment to God, Jonathan took the right to judge in his own hands-the right to judge himself, his father, King Saul, and he acted arbitrarily. Let us not get overwhelmed by a momentary victory, because God exalts humble people.

V3-4 The battle that Saul faced was very serious. Although he was wounded, he would not die. However, Saul was afraid of the Philistines and chose to stop himself. Many times we make decisions out of fear, perhaps even because God has left us.

V5-6 Fear that the final outcome is “to die together”. Saul chose a life of self-control, with a sad ending. When we choose fear and have fear in a team, we run away because of the fear, thinking that we are safe, and the result is a complete failure. When we don’t know that God is not with us, there is only perish before us.

Section Two V7-13 Live in Negativity

V7 The people live by the river saw the Israelite army fleeing, and chose to flee. They didn’t see their companions in need of help. As a result, their city was occupied by the enemy. When we choose to escape in fear and fear, we will forget the identity of our sovereign.

V8-10 When Saul and the Israelites were approaching the city, they did not choose to confess their sins and repent and ask for forgiveness. When enemies live among us, they not only humiliate us, but also humiliate our God. In fact, each of us is doing a scene in front of the world, and the evil consequences that we bring due to fear will be used by the enemy to humiliate the name of God.

V11-13 The people from Jabesh Gilead fasted because they needed to confess their sins because they did not come out to fight with Saul at that time. They thought they could live in a corner by themselves, but the country was ruined. If we forget that God come first, then man and then the earth, and don’t value God’s house, the end result will be that we don’t even have our own house.

2021年4月29日 星期四


撒母耳记上 31




以色列人犯了两个错误(V1),第一,他们没有发现神离开他们了,第二,他们选择用自己的方法。这样的结果是整个团队出现危机 – 扫罗的三个儿子都死了(V2)。约拿单曾经何等勇猛杀敌,如今反被非利士人所杀。他表面看上去很属灵,但对比大卫对神的完全交托,约拿单将审判权拿在自己手里 – 审判自己的权柄、父亲扫罗王,任意妄为。我们不要因为一时的胜利就得意忘形,因为神高举谦卑的人。

V3-4 扫罗所面对的战况是非常惨重的,虽然受伤,却不至于死。然而,扫罗惧怕非利士人,就选择自我了断。很多时候我们做决定也是因着惧怕,甚至可能因为神已经离开我们。

V5-6 惧怕最后的结局就是“一同死亡”。扫罗选择的是自我掌控的生活,结局可悲可叹。当我们在一个团队中选择惧怕、恐惧的时候,我们因为惧怕而掌控、逃跑,以为安全,结果就是一败涂地。当我们不知道原来神没有与我们同在的时候,我们前面只有灭亡。


V7 河西的人看见以色列军兵逃跑,自己也选择逃跑,没有看见他们同伴需要帮助,结果自己的城被仇敌占领。当我们在惧怕恐惧中选择逃跑的时候,我们会忘记自己君尊的身份。

V8-10 扫罗和以色列人在兵临城下的时候,没有选择向神认罪悔改求饶恕,而是选择逃跑,结果被敌军杀败占领。当敌人住在我们当中的时候,他们不仅羞辱我们,也羞辱我们的神。我们其实每一个都在世人面前做着一场戏,我们因惧怕而带来的恶果会被仇敌用来羞辱神的名.

V11-13 基列雅比人禁食,是他们需要认罪,因为当时他们这些勇士没有出来与扫罗一同争战。他们以为可以自己安居一隅,结果国破家亡。我们若忘了先神后人再大地,不看重神的家,最后的结果是连自己的家都没有了。