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I Samuel 9

Tuesday, 18th July 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Saul was born in the tribe of Benjamin, the smallest tribe of Israel. It’s just like how Jesus was born in the house of a carpenter. The way God works is different from the way the world works. Saul’s father was Kish, which means ‘twisted’. When Saul and his servants went to look for the donkeys, they couldn’t find them, and Saul wanted to go back because he didn’t want his father to worry. But his servant suggested to visit the man of God and seek the way of God. Saul went pass the land of treasure but didn’t know the man of God lives there.

Saul didn’t know about this because his father didn’t teach him about this. Saul’s father was twisted as his name suggested. In the Book of I Samuel, it continues to recall that all of Israel knew Samuel was the prophet. But how come Saul and his father didn’t know this? Because they focused on being strong and handsome. They only worried about their own things, and even when they were at the land of Zuph, he didn’t think of seeking the man of God. Not until his servant reminded him. Saul’s family was twisted.

When they decided to visit Samuel, Saul was thinking about what to give to Samuel. He still uses the way of the world to look at the Kingdom. The servant already told Saul that Samuel was ‘man of God’ but Saul still referred to him as ‘the man’. What is our attitude towards the servant of God? How do we look at the servant of God? Saul did not have the wisdom from God, he listened to his servant instead of leading his servant. When the servant is higher than the master, this is a foolish act. When God put us in a certain position, we must ask God to give us the strength to be who we are appointed to be.

How do we see the land of Zuph? Do we really know this is the land of the man of God? Do we really see our church as the church of God? We must examine into our lives and see our true self. When God brought us to our church, what are we seeking? 

In chapter 9, Saul learnt from his servant that they must first wait for Samuel to give the offering before anything else. Saul learnt this but he didn’t apply it later on in his life. Because we come to know that he failed at the end as he didn’t wait for Samuel. Saul was living in the world not in the way of God. His eyes were always looking at the things of this world. On the other hand, Samuel was the chosen Prophet, the Judge, and he was willing to listen to God and to make Saul the king of Israel.

Samuel didn’t live for himself, he was willing to listen to God. This is the time we must align with God, let our life, our spirit, our soul to align with God. Do not be afraid and know that God is with us. Samuel made mistake and let his sons become leaders when they were not ready, but when God spoke, Samuel listened. He only move when God told him to move. We should learn from Samuel, to only move when God moves, and to act quickly when God speaks. 

How did Samuel listen? He didn’t worry at all, he was not worried that his authority would be taken away, he was not afraid that Saul would replace him, because he knew everything was from God. Are we afraid of losing everything? When we say we are following God, can we really understand the Word of God? Can we receive nutrition from the Word of God?

How do we follow God? He is willing to lead us, just let go and let Him.