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II Kings 7 – God’s Salvation 列王纪下 7 – 神的拯救 

Thursday, 14th October 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-2 The Word of God

In II Kings 6:31, the king of Samaria said, “God do so to me and more also, if the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat remains on him today!” and in 6:33, “Surely this calamity is from the Lord; why should I wait for the Lord any longer?” The king blamed God for the famine in front of the whole Israel, and therefore Elisha spoke up. V1 “Hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord: ‘Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.’”

God loved the people of Israel, He always wanted to save them. Elisha spoke the Word of God in front of the king of Samira and the people of Israel, to show how even though they lived in sin, God still wanted to save them. We are afraid of losing life on this earth, the devil knows it and therefore, it spreads lies around us, on the internet, social media, news, rumours, gossips, etc. we hear all the negative things and believe in them, instead of believing in the Word of our One True God!

In II Kings 7, God was still delaying the disaster coming to the people to Israel, He still wanted to save them, therefore He spoke the prophecy through Elisha. But an officer on whose hand the king leaned did not believe in it and said, “Look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?” Because of his disbelief, Elisha answered, “In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it.”

Section Two V3-10 The Hand of God

V3 “Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, ‘Why are we sitting here until we die?’” People with leprosy were being hated and despised by others during the time, therefore they were sitting at the entrance of the gate and were unable to enter the city even in the time of disaster. There was famine in the city and enemy outside of the city, either way they would die, therefore they decided to go out and take their chance. And they rose at twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians; and when they had come to the outskirts of the Syrian camp, to their surprise no one was there.

V8-9 “And when these lepers came to the outskirts of the camp, they went into one tent and ate and drank, and carried from it silver and gold and clothing, and went and hid them; then they came back and entered another tent, and carried some from there also, and went and hid it. Then they said to one another, ‘We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent. If we wait until morning light, some punishment will come upon us. Now therefore, come, let us go and tell the king’s household.’” The lepers were despised by the Israelites, they could have lived on with all the plunders, but because they knew it was not right to leave the others, therefore they went back to inform the king about what they found outside of the city.

The lepers did not know why the army of Syria left their camp, it was God, who caused the army of the Syrians to hear the noise of chariots and the noise of horses—the noise of a great army; so, they said to one another, “Look, the king of Israel has hired against us the kings of the Hittites and the kings of the Egyptians to attack us!” Therefore, they arose and fled at twilight, and left the camp intact—their tents, their horses, and their donkeys—and they fled for their lives.

God did not tell the lepers to go back to the king of Syria and report the good news, but it was the lepers, by choice, they decided to share this good news to the people, who despised them. We are like the people of Israel, we tend to stay in our own small world, blaming God for all the bad things happen in our lives, but did not realise God has already prepared abundance outside the city for us. Instead, we should learn from the Lepers, to stop seeing our own problems, to start seeing God’s providence, and to share the good news to others, even if they come against us. God has prepared for us all that we need, and His Hands are at work, we only need to believe!

Section Three V11-20 According to the Word of God

V11 “And the gatekeepers called out, and they told it to the king’s household inside.” The gatekeepers must have known the four Lepers, because they had been sitting outside the gate, so why would they believe in them and pass on their message to the king? The gatekeepers must had seen how the Lepers were different, with their changed clothes and excited emotions. However, even after the gatekeepers reported the good news, the king still did not believe it.

V12 “So the king arose in the night and said to his servants, ‘Let me now tell you what the Syrians have done to us. They know that we are hungry; therefore, they have gone out of the camp to hide themselves in the field, saying, when they come out of the city, we shall catch them alive, and get into the city.’” The king did not see the blessing and the favour of God, instead he still thought the enemy was tricking him, he did not believe good things will happen like this. We like to blame on others and stay in our own misery; we don’t see how God can help us through difficult situations.

V17-20 “Now the king had appointed the officer on whose hand he leaned to have charge of the gate. But the people trampled him in the gate, and he died, just as the man of God had said, who spoke when the king came down to him. So it happened just as the man of God had spoken to the king, saying, ‘Two seahs of barley for a shekel, and a seah of fine flour for a shekel, shall be sold tomorrow about this time in the gate of Samaria.’ Then that officer had answered the man of God, and said, ‘Now look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could such a thing be?’ And he had said, ‘In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it.’ And so it happened to him, for the people trampled him in the gate, and he died.”

The officer did not believe in the Word of God and therefore, he did not live to enjoy the abundance. What is in our hearts? Do we really believe in the Word of God and see the Hands of God? Or do we still have doubt in our hearts and try to do things in our own ways? Let us get rid of our unbelief and receive God’s abundant blessings ahead of us!

Prayer & Pursuit

Yes, Lord, You are One and Only; You see our wickedness, and You want us to receive Your Good News. There are so many things in our lives stopping us to receive Your Good News and to share with others. We are afraid of poverty, sickness, loneliness, being despised, making the wrong decisions… we are afraid of stepping out. But Lord, You are among us, and help us to get rid of all the rubbish and negative mindset in our lives, so we can walk in Your Way of blessings. Amen.

列王纪下 7 – 神的拯救     

2021年10月14日 星期四


一、神的话 6:24-7:2


V1 以利沙所发的预言呼应撒马利亚城当时所面对的物价问题(“一个驴头值银八十舍客勒,二升鸽子粪值银五舍客勒”- 6:25)。我们要敏感于世界上一些不合理事情的发生,不要再幻想能从这个终将毁坏的世界得到那短暂的好处,而要警醒祷告寻求神。人面临灾难的时候,总会因为想保命而害怕,比如最近热议的新冠病毒疫苗,有些人拒绝,是因为害怕网络上讲的负面消息会成真,却不相信神给我们在地上的执政掌权者。传道人愿意率先去打疫苗,不是因为要保命,而是让那些被关怀和探访的人安心,因为我们在这末世不要只为自己,而要把精力集中在传福音上,让自己的生命影响周围的人。

V2 当时以利沙所预言的新物价是很便宜的, 但这个军长不听也不信神的拯救,所以以利沙说:“你必亲眼看见,却不得吃。”神的话是大有能力的,人若不听,只会被排除在神的拯救之外。

二、神出手了 7:3-10

V3 当时长大麻风的人是被人视为不洁净的,被世界弃绝,所以只能呆在城门口。我们基督徒其实也是被世界所厌弃的,我们所追求的“谦卑顺服”等价值观是人不能接受的。

V4 当我们说要分别为圣,但若遇事不顺,心里就很容易产生小剧场,决定不要再跟从真理的教导,正如这四个长大麻风的人此刻的心态。这四个人以为投降亚兰人可以活命,其实亚兰人也会厌恶长大麻风的人。然而,神没有放弃他们。

V5,7-8 原本围困以色列的亚兰军居然不见了,留下一切好处,让这四个人不仅可以吃喝,且在不同的帐篷都有财物可以拿来收藏。

V9-10 他们四个人经历了神的恩惠,意识到自己“所做的不好。今日是有好信息的日子。。。来吧,我们与王家报信去”我们经历了能够读学房的恩惠,是否只是把自己得到的好处收起来?那四个长大麻风的人是被以色列人厌弃和拒绝的,他们要进城里是会被检验被为难的,然而他们还是决定回去,没有撇下以色列的十个支派,只为要报告这个好消息。

V6 那四个长大麻风的人是不会知道亚兰人逃跑的真实原因的,但当神出手的时候,他就使用那四个被拒绝的人来祝福以色列。他们四个人本来不用回撒马利亚城报信,但他们愿意谦卑顺服。没有人告诉这四个人要回去,他们愿意这样做是因为神放在他们里面的良心。当我们愿意回应神放在我们心里的声音,神就使用我们了。神让我们知道我们是蒙召、被拣选的,我们是新造的人,是否还用旧有的思维来面对新的生命?

三、正如神所说的 7:11-20

V11 这个“守城门的”一定认识原本一直坐在城门外的四个长大麻风的人,他的责任是拒绝这些不洁净的人进来。然而,当这四个长大麻风的人跟他报信后,他就“叫了众守门的人来,他们就进去与王家报信”。那四个人的话在当时的境况下其实很不合理,难以置信,然而守城门的人愿意听信,必定是因为看到这四个人吃饱喝足、穿着新衣服的样子,他们跟以前不一样了。我们常说神很伟大,但我们的生命是否有让人看到我们不一样?我们所表现出来的是否是荣耀的样式,还是愁眉苦脸的样子?我们是否让人觉得跟从神是开心的事情,还是抱怨连连?我们听到神的话,是否像那四个长大麻风的人发现宝藏一样,不惧人言去传讲好消息?

V12 以色列王在国家陷入困境的时候没有禁食祷告,只是继续享受着王的生活,并且在没有看到真相的情况下胡乱揣测亚兰人的计划。这个昏君不肯听人报给他的好消息,反而觉得别人要陷害他,正如现在有些人不愿相信神借着人在疫情中给我们传递的好消息,反而轻易相信“阴谋论”。

V16 众人出去抢了亚兰人营盘里的东西,以致多到面粉和大麦都卖得很便宜。

V17 那个军长不愿相信神的话,人们很厌恶他,觉得他拦着大家抢恩典,就在城门口“将他践踏,他就死了,正如神人在王下来见他的时候所说的”。



V9 “那时他们彼此说:’我们所做的不好。今日是有好信息的日子,我们竟不作声。”