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II Samuel 18 – the Life of David in the Promise of God 撒母耳记下18 – 活在神应许的大卫

Wednesday, 16th June 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One: V1-5 David’s Gifts

Facing the enemy’s attack, David was still able to call his army to fight. Even though at the time, David and his followers seemed to be on the defeated side, but actually there were many followers of David that were mighty warriors. David put them into three troops, led by his three mighty warriors. In his heart, David knew he had the gift and he had the ability, because he even told his three captains to spare his son Absalom as he knew how capable they were.

But despite of the gifts David had from God, he still chose to run away as he did not want to face the issues of his own family. David did not want to admit his mistakes and failures in his family.

Section Two: V6-15 David’s Favors

David only had three troops, whereas the enemy had the whole Israelites fighting against them, but the environment favors David. More enemies of David died in the woods than in the battlefield. Furthermore, the leader of the Israelites, Absalom, was riding a donkey to the battlefield, who would ride a donkey in the battle? Absalom must have thought that he would surely win, and overlooked David and his troops’ capability. There was no one around to save or protect Absalom when his hair was caught in the branches. In fact, Absalom did not call out for help, he was too prideful and he even was not willing to cut off his hair to set himself free. He must have worried about his looks and his image more than anything else!

God is faithful, He did not take away David’s gifts and favors. But David did not recognize this. David lived in fear and in guilt, he was weak to face problems in his family. But God still helped David to the end. God did not make a covenant with Absalom and He did not give any son to Absalom.

Section Three: V16-30 David’s Weaknesses

When Absalom died, Joab called his army to come back because he did not want to continue to fight their fellow brother Israelites. Despite of the victory, David was in distress about Absalom’s death. Absalom sinned against many rules, he did not honor his parents, he committed adultery, and he led the Israelites to destruction, but David still wanted to spare Absalom’s life in front of his own people. Furthermore, David’s weakness also caused disobedient of his followers. Joab also did not follow David’s order and killed Absalom, and even Ahimaaz did not listen to his authority Joab when he wanted to report to David.

David did not recognize the victory of God and of his followers, instead he went up to the roof and mourned for the death of his son. His problem was not caused by his son, his problem was caused by his own unwillingness to stand up from his own mistakes. He chose to focus on his own failures and not to believe God was looking after Him and keeping the promise for him all this time. David was on the winning side but he only focused on the past. We often fall into self-pity and self-accusation because we don’t believe in God’s promises for us.

God’s promises will never leave us, as long as we can face our failures boldly. We need to stand up from where we fall, the devil wants us to be defeated, but the presence of God is with us, we can rely on Him and stand back up on our feet! No matter what problems we are facing in front of us, God is faithful and reliable. The devil will accuse us with lies, there will also be inner vows within ourselves that attack our faith. But God is with us and He loves us, therefore we should pray to God and let go of the things we tightly holding onto. It’s time to rebuke all the devil’s lies and our inner vows, and be set free by God.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we come before You, to face our lives, and to lift up to You all the lies of the enemy and all the accusations from ourselves. We thought we are unworthy to receive the royal identities You have given to us. But Lord, in failures, You still help us and keep Your promise for us. Help us to walk in Your Way and in Your Will. Lord, we want to experience Your true victory. Lord, we proclaim that Your promises for us never fail, through You, we can receive true peace and healing. Thank You, Lord, for this new and victorious day! Amen!

2021年6月16日 星期三








两军“在以法莲树林里交战”,大卫的军队从三面出击,天时地利人和都对大卫有利,“因为在那里四面打仗,死于树林的比死于刀剑的更多”。大卫虽然流亡了,他的恩宠仍然在,因此他的军队以少胜多。反观押沙龙,骑着骡子,自以为胜券在握,虽然自封为王,身边却没有人保护。结果他自己在经过大橡树的时候,头发被缠绕,悬在半空中。他太在乎自己的长发,在生死关头都不愿意用刀割断,以致被约押带领的人发现。神没有将大卫的恩宠拿走,仍然帮助他,使他的仇敌失败。虽然大卫一直活在他的愧疚感中,但神是真实的 – 神没有因为大卫和他儿子的问题而背弃他对大卫家的应许 –  相反,神没有跟押沙龙立约,所以押沙龙没有留下后嗣(V18 )。


V16 约押知道以色列人背叛大卫,是因为押沙龙的缘故,他不愿意与以色列人手足相残,所以在押沙龙死后,他就宣布停战。

V19-23 其实押沙龙犯了很多律法,处以死刑都不为过,然而大卫因着自己的软弱没有好好管教这个儿子。大卫的软弱造成他手下的将领不愿听他的话,以致约押敢公然反抗大卫的军令。约押没有在众人面前守军令,他下面的人也不愿意听从他。大卫的任意妄为造成他手下的人- 他的儿子、将领、甚至祭司的儿子都任意妄为。

V24-33 面对军兵的凯旋,大卫王没有奖赏他们,竟然上到一个众人都看到的地方去为押沙龙哀哭。大卫没有看到问题的根源,就是他没有在过去跌倒的地方站起来。我们有时在跌倒后也会被仇敌控诉,认为自己不好、不行,于是只能认命,不祷告不读经,不尽自己的本分,因为我们没有相信神其实是信实的。