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James 1 – How To Be Perfect 雅各书 1 – 如何能完全

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section V1-12 Be Joyful in Trials

The Book of James is written to the people of the twelve tribes, the Jewish people. At the time, the Jewish people were living in different places, they were persecuted, not only by the Roman Government, but also their own people, the Pharisees, and the Teachers of the Law. What is our attitude when we follow God? Do we want our lives to be smooth after we follow God? We often feel like our lives are being attacked all the time, a lot of people seem to dislike us, and the situation seems to be against us. James was the brother of Jesus, he did not get married and he did not have a lot of money, but what he treasured was the portion from God.

V2-4 ‘My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.’ We must understand, when we decide to follow God, we may face a lot of challenges and our hearts may be discouraged and disappointed. The Book of James is written to encourage the brothers and sisters in times of trouble, to keep their joy and continue walking in faith. When we believe and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, our attitude for life will change. We may be facing the same challenges in life but our attitude towards will be different.

We don’t just want to make friends, but to disciple the nation. We must speak the Word of God into people’s lives, be bold and speak the life problems to those we care, about so we can help them to grow. God has put people around us for us to teach and disciple, but do we really teach them according to God’s Will? We need to first be connected with Jesus, rebuke the devil and its lies, then we will be able to live under the Tree of Life. Open ourselves to welcome the teaching of God, don’t give up and keep the joy even in trials.

Being patient is not just about enduring, but like what Jesus said in Matthew 5:48, ‘Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ If we don’t understand the essence of the Word of God, then we will always just see the surface. We are being patient because we feel like we must, then we force ourselves but not believe from our hearts. V5 ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.’ If we really don’t know the essence of the Word of God and how to act it out, then we must humbly ask for wisdom, only the wisdom from God can help us to see God’s Will and to act it out, not on the surface, but really from the heart.

Ask God to give us this humility, when we know that we cannot humble and obey then we must ask. During our fasting and prayer, can we fully submit in the Tree of Life, under our authority? If we find it hard to submit ourselves then we must ask for wisdom! V6 ‘But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.’ Quiet down our hearts and do not worry. Worrying will not make our lives better, but if we can really focus on God, then we can see what God is doing in our lives. When our attitude towards life changes, the problems we are facing will change. When we are on the right path, then the problems we see will no longer be problems!

V7-8 ‘For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.’ The disciples thought their Messiah can turn their situation around, lead them out of the control of the Roman Government and restore their nation, this was the Messiah they wanted, therefore, when they saw what Jesus was doing was not what they expected, they started to doubt. We must stop doubting, the more we doubt the more we will be frustrated about our current situation and the more we cannot find a way out. V9-10 ‘Let the lowly brother glory in his exaltation, but the rich in his humiliation, because as a flower of the field he will pass away.’ On the other hand, we should stay joyful wherever we are and in whatever we do, seek to satisfy God not to satisfy ourselves, then we will receive the crown promised by God to those He loves!

V12 ‘Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.’ Let us live under the Tree of Life and embrace the life God has given us!

Section Two V13-18 See the Right Thing in Trials

V13-14 ‘Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.’ Temptation is from the things or people of this world. God knows our weakness so He will not tempt us. The temptations are not from God and when we face them, if we are not living in the breath of the Tree of Life, then we will be easily tempted. Because we focus on the needs, power, right and wrong, instead of focusing on God Himself.

V16-17 ‘Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.’ God gives us power and authority, but are we using them to reject the temptation and manage the weakness inside of us? In trials, do not think we are useless or hopeless, but bear fruits in God.

Section Three V19-27 Act in Trials

We have listened to a lot of preaching and we have written down a lot of notes, but have we ever acted them out? Do not use ‘busy life’ as an excuse to not act out God’s truth. Strive to be complete, to be joyful always, even in trials, and to deny ourselves, keep on eyes on Jesus!

雅各书 1 – 如何能完全        

2022年2月22日 星期二



一、v.1-12 在试炼中要喜乐

V1 本书作者雅各是耶稣的兄弟,曾经他不相信耶稣,但耶稣在十字架上受死、复活后,他跟着母亲和其他门徒在马可楼祷告,被圣灵充满,生命就不一样。我们在进入学房前可能很轻松、开心,但进入学房后似乎有很多的事情要做,在许多事上也被提要求。信主不代表我们的生命马上改变,而是我们的身份改变。主耶稣看的不是地上的东西,他没有结婚生子、赚钱发财,他看重的是天父给他的那一份。神所给我们的那一份是什么呢?或许我们的那一份只是一个家庭主妇,让我们成为才德的妇人祝福我们的家。成为“才德的妇人”不是因为我们信主后喊喊口号就可以的,而是要我们愿意被神带领,经历生命,就如利百加当年愿意凭信心跟从亚伯拉罕的仆人的呼召。如今的我们跟从神,我们想要什么?唯有愿意经历生命,才能改变生命。

V2 经历生命 – 就是经历“试炼”。“试炼”在原文与马太福音6:13里说的“试探”是同一个词。耶稣在主祷文中说“免我们遇见试探”,并非说不要有试探,而是在试炼中免去我们的灰心。他知道我们在试炼中很容易放弃,明知道是不对的事情还是随从情欲去做。在这个世界上,试探、试炼是无法避免的,但主祷文告诉我们在试炼中要怀有盼望。在学房中,我们不是私下处理一个人的问题,而是当众提升,这样对付我们生命中的两个问题,一、将我们里面的分辨善恶树治死 – 因这棵树带来的是羞愧和遮掩自己的罪;二、帮助在一旁听的人知道要在生命树下成长 – 就是谦卑顺服、舍己利他,看到一个同学被提升的时候不是觉得他们可怜,而要看到权柄的爱;一个不会提升别人的人只有朋友,而无法带出门徒。当我们听到别人对我们说生命的话,我们会感恩吗?我们无法成长,没有生命,是因为没有在生命树下。我们只有胆量对我们最亲的人讲生命的问题,但对于神分给我们的门徒,我们愿意说关于他们生命的话吗?当我们被提升时,心里是否充满受害者的感觉?让我们不要对分辨善恶树敞开,而是在生命树下,与耶稣连接,成为喜乐的人。我们在试炼、在被提升当中,是冷淡退后、想放弃,还是有“大喜乐”?

V3 我们的信心要经过试验,而不是只是嘴巴上喊口号而已。当我们遇到不想做的事情时,要放下自己里面的小剧场,像耶稣在客西马尼园的祷告那样对父神说愿他的旨意成就。“忍耐”不是外在的,而是经历试验后从我们生命里面活出来。我们愿意被提升,愿意经历眼前的苦,才能生忍耐。

V4 “成功”就是“完全”,出自马太福音5:48里的“所以你们要完全,像你们的天父完全一样”,是耶稣的教导。我们要像天父一样,回到神起初怎样创造我们。神是照着他完全的形象创造我们(创世纪第1章26-31节),我们是否照着他的形象去“生养众多,治理、管理”?我们要向神交账。

V5 如果我们不明白,就要求神的“智慧”。智慧就是传道书里讲的,我们要愿意谦卑寻求神。我们若不能谦卑,就要去求。我们在禁食当中,要愿意降服在神的权柄之下。

V6-8 我们什么都不用担心,在学房当中,只要安静自己,就能明白。当我们的生命被处理,我们就能听到神,看到神,明白神。我们在学房,若只想处理事情,就永远处理不了生命。问题不是自己出来,而是从人出来的,所以当我们这个“人”对的时候,问题就不再是问题。耶稣的门徒当初所盼望的是耶稣能帮助犹太人脱离罗马政府的掌控,让犹太人能够复国、有自由,但当他们看到耶稣所做与他们所想的解决方案不一样时,他们开始怀疑。我们面对生命中出现的更多问题,是否有怀疑?雅各书在这里提醒我们要“一点不疑惑”,因为心怀二意的人“不要想从主那里得什么”。“没有定见”指的是焦躁不安,因为我们又拜神,又拜玛门,没有办法来专心到神面前,而只想解决问题。

V9 这“喜乐”就是回应第2节说的,无论在怎样的光景中,我们都要有大喜乐。

V12 “试验”一词意思是经过测试的“验证”,若能经过试验,就“必得生命的冠冕,这是主应许给那些爱他之人的”。我们要在生命树下拥抱神给我们的提升和生命的高高低低。

二、v.13-18 在试炼中要看对

V13 “试探”出自马太福音4:1 – 原文指的是被人事物“诱惑”。神知道我们的软弱,所以不会试探我们。诱惑是从我们的情欲出来的,不是从神出来。我们会面对这些试探,因为我们没有办法在生命树的气息下,而是在分辨善恶树下,分辨我们里面的需求、权利、对错,当我们这样的时候,外面的诱惑就来试探我们。

V14 我们要保守己心。当诱惑来的时候,我们是否有方言祷告?

V15 我们信主接受耶稣,带给我们的是身份的改变,因为耶稣给我们新的生命。但罪让我们与神隔离,我们就再一次“死”掉,与神分离。

V16-17 神给我们的是能力、权柄,我们是否有运用这能力、权柄来克制里面的软弱。在试炼里面,我们不要看错,不要以为自己无能为力、被情欲牵着走,而要结出果子来。

三、v.19-27 在试炼中要行道

V22 我们听了那么多道,写了很多笔记,是否有记住并行出来?我们要先神后人再大地,不要用“很多事”来当做不能行道的借口。

我们如何能完全,就是在试炼中要喜乐,要看对,要行道。 要完全,就是要放下自己。