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Live by Faith


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rev Daniel Poon

It says in 2 Kings 3:17 that, “For this is what the Lord says: You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water, and you, your cattle and your other animals will drink.” Rev Daniel shared with us that faith means to believe in southing we cannot see, just like it says in the verse, even there is no wind or rain, but God will make the valley filled with water and all the animals can drink! Since Rev Daniel came to New Zealand from Hong Kong over 20 years ago, he experienced greatly to how live by faith.

1. Not by Sight

We practice faith all the time in our lives! When a man ask a woman to marry him, how can he know if they will have a happy marriage? But by faith, even when two people cannot see their future, they get married. When a woman is pregnant, how can she see the child growing healthy and have a good life on the earth? But by faith she still has the child. This is the same with our spiritual life, often we cannot see what future holds, but by faith, we take step by step and follow God, He will show us the blessings.

2. Not by Feeling

Too often we say “this doesn’t feel right”, or “I feel…” A lot of us are controlled by our feelings and emotions, and at the end we did not go where God wants us to go, because we care about our feelings way more than God’s Will. Rev Daniel shared his story about looking for a plumber for his house. As it’s close to Christmas time, he can hardly find any plumber that is willing to take on new job at this time. After failing many attempts. God told him to call this person, who Rev Daniel feels is impossible to be available at this time, but he did anyway. Out of his surprise, this plumber not only agreed to help Rev Daniel during this busiest time of the year, he also helped to find a builder, who is also busy but willing to make time and do the job!

3. Not by Sense

When we hear what God says or sees His guidance, sometimes we may feel it doesn’t make sense at all! Rev Daniel shared that God called him to go the Thailand and join the mission trip in the most impossible week of the year: he has to missed out on many important commitment, and also it’s the time close to his house settlement date. None of it made sense but he still went. After he came back, Rev Daniel realized that God has important things to show him during this trip, and furthermore, all the things he worried about were solved one by one.

We all want to do things according to what we planned, and nobody likes changes. But following God by faith is like going on an adventure, we never know where we are going or what we will do next, but we know we are on a safe boat and God will never let us down. Rev Daniel shared that questioning is not faith; faith is obedience. Let us all learn to listen to that small voice and obey God’s guidance!