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Live in Eternity Part II

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Sunday, 3rd April 2016

Rev Daniel Poon

Moses was the chosen man by God, to show His people how to look at eternity while living on this earth. In Psalm 90:12-17, we learnt how to live in eternity through Moses’ prayer. Many Christians may say, that we believe in eternity, but it is in the afterlife. It would not make sense to say we are living in eternity in the present. But for Moses, through his faith, he knew that God has a better plan for him, not what he saw at the present but in the future. Therefore he left Egypt, stayed with slaves, and fought against the powerful Pharaoh.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and Moses also knew. That is why he chose to look at God’s bigger picture, not his present suffering. Rev. Daniel showed us two points, which Moses did, to live in eternity.

1. To Ask God (Psalm 90: 12, 14-15)

Moses asked God to give him a heart of wisdom, to look further, not just the problems in front of him. To live in eternity, we have two choices – Heaven or Hell. If we want to live in the eternal Heaven, we should think like in Heaven, to stop complaining and be grateful for what God has given us. Then we will see the sings and wonders of God happening in our lives.

2. To Have A Desire (Psalm 90:16-17)

Don’t take God’s blessings for granted, but to know that our desires for God can draw Him closer to us. Rev. Daniel reminded us to have the desire of restoring the identities as the sons and daughters of God. When we recognized our identities, we will no longer worry about the problems we are facing, because our great Heavenly Father will solve everything for us.

So what do you desire? We cannot bring anything into eternity, so desire God, who knows the plans for our lives, and can bring us to places we can never imagined we can go!