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Luke 10 – The Life of a Disciple

Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-16: Need to have a Mission

We need the Angel of God to prepare the way for us. Do not think what we’re doing now is small, even Jesus needed the angels to prepare His way. God is leading us and we must believe God will speak to us through our authority, in the same way, when we are leading others, we must know that it’s God, who is leading, not us or anything else. Our relationship with God must be close and intimate.

We need to know what’s the mission and purpose of our lives as a disciple. We follow not for the sake of following, but we need to know why we are following. Jesus called and appointed 70 disciples, those who followed Him and stayed beside Him. When people are wiling to follow and to listen, Jesus will send them out two by two, not just one person. Because we need fellowship.

However we also cannot stay in the enjoyment of the fellowship, instead, our lives should be equipped and we should also call others to be equipped to be disciples. We need to multiply, help others to be the leaders and the army of God. We are being sent by Jesus, He is giving us direction through our authority.

Jesus told the disciples not to bring money. When Jesus calls then we follow, not to wait until we are ready or when we have enough budget. Because when we are willing to walk out by faith, God will provide for us everything we need. Also Jesus said not to bring bag and knapsack, just like how God told the Israelites not to gather the manna for the next day, because we must believe God is faithful, He will provide all we need for today.

Jesus told the disciples not to greet people on the way, this reminds us not to favor those who like us, but go to those God send us to go to. Not by our feelings, but be humble, be obedient, and be where we are called to be. Also we should not chase the supernatural things, what’s more important is our relationship with God and with others. Those who is humble is blessed, God will give us peace inside our hearts so we will not be afraid to follow. Everything we have is from God, when we are called as disciples of God we have a mission, not by our emotions or desires. We are called, we are sent out, we belong to God not to this world.

Section Two V17-24: Need to have Revelation

When we receive a revelation, we need to discern if this relates to the Bible and our current teaching at church. When we receive, our spirit is opened to many things, therefore we need to be extra careful about what we receive.

Be the good and faithful servant, we must multiply. The power and authority we have from God is to show people that we are from God, let others follow God and also because His disciples. Do not only seek for the supernatural power, but be rooted in God’s Word. Can we still follow God when we are poor and sick, when our marriage is broken and our children are rebellious? God is asking us this question. We follow because God calls us, not by our feelings.

We receive calling from God, our revelations are from God’s calling, not our emotions or desires. Jesus talked to the twelve disciples in private because they were called and chosen. We must see Jesus instead of others, can we see Jesus? Do we know who Jesus is?

Section Three V25-37: Need to Have Compassion

The lawyer came to ask Jesus how to inherit eternal life, and when Jesus asked him back he said to love the Lord and love the neighbors. We can easily answer but do we really know the essence of it? What is to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves? First we need to learn how to love ourselves. We are all orphans of this world, we don’t know how to love ourselves.

We are limiting ourselves, we thought we are good enough as we are and we don’t need love. But only God’s love can fulfil us, even Jesus needs to know God loves Him. Jesus is healthy and He can always feel the love of God. We also need to know God loves us, to humble ourselves and to receive this love. When we are healthy in mind and spirit then we will feel loved, after that then we can love others. On the other hand, if we are not healthy, we will also pass on the disease to others when we try to love them.

Section Four V38-42: Need to be Healthy

Jesus continues to teach His disciples with His Word. Martha had a lot of things to do and she was distracted. We always have a lot to do, we can never finish the work in our hands, but are we distracted? Our heart need to be right. We must have a healthy mind when we follow God. It’s not about doing nothing at all but it’s about doing with a healthy heart.

Stop complaining and comparing ourselves with others. Jesus didn’t complain about the things He had to do, in fact He did much more and harder things than all of us. But He knew what He had to do, He focused in His mission. A life of a disciple has a mission, has revelations from God, has true compassion and has good health. Everyday we must cry out to God, everyday we must seek God! Everyday we must live this life as the disciple of God!

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we know a lot about Your teaching, but our heart is unwell, we have a lot of problems in our lives. Heal us today, Lord, help us to be restored and to receive Your love for us. Your love for us never fails, today You are again talking to us that You love us. It’s not by the environment, not by people’s recognition, but simple by Your love, we can live a life of a disciple. Lord we want to live out the fragrance of the Tree of Life. Amen.