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Luke 11 – May the Kingdome of God Come

Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Pastor Kathy Poon

Section One V1-13: Seek and you will find

Jesus has not taught His disciples how to pray, but when the disciples saw Him praying after His ministry they asked Him how to pray. The focus of praying is building our relationship with God. What is the core focus of our payers? To connect with God and to bring God’s Kingdom to where we are praying right now! When we pray, the most important thing is not whatever we are praying for, but for God’s presence to be with us, then healing and deliverance will follow, and people’s hearts will return to God.

Jesus also taught us the attitude of praying, when we pray with a fervent heart and by faith, the Holy Spirit dwell within us will provide for us all the abundance and love we need.

Section Two V14-26: The kingdom of God has come upon us

There were a group of people around Jesus that don’t accept Him and always finding fault. This is a generation of depression and brokenness, and the spiritual realm is real. When Jesus casted out the demons, then people came to accuse Him for casting out small demons with a bigger demon. Therefore Jesus used parable to teach people how He serve by the Kingdom of God. The ‘strong man’ of the world is trying to overpower this world, but Jesus is bigger and stronger and through Him we can overcome all dark forces of this world.

Do not be afraid of spiritual warfare, it is because when there is spiritual warfare, it means our spirit is alert and we have the influence to change this world that the devil wants to come against it. True Christian life will have warfare, because our spirits are not asleep but awaken. We can also have the assurance that when we seek God’s kingdom, He will lead us through all the challenges and hardship.

Section Three V27-36: When your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light

When Jonah preached in the city of Nineveh, the people of Nineveh repented, but when Jesus was preaching, the Jews did not repent. Because people focused on the miracles, but Jesus focused on the hearts. People no longer have a heart of repentance, but they were only looking at the miracles like bystanders.

Do not hide our light, because our life either has light or has no light. Therefore, Jesus wanted us to open our spiritual eyes, and see God’s work and glory in our lives. Is there light in our lives? This is a generation of confusion, when Jesus carries His light into this generation, we need to return for Jesus to come into our lives.

Section Four V37-54: Woe to the Pharisees

In the Bible, it talks a lot about the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The Sadducees served in the Temple of God, whereas the Pharisees were teachers, who taught all over the Synagogues about the God’s Word. The Pharisees liked to challenge Jesus, His teachings, and His doings. Jesus emphasized here that the cleansing of the heart is more important than the cleansing of hands and body. If we only look at outward appearance, we will become ignorance, because if our inside is brightened, then our whole body will be brightened.

When we preach, we are not just passing on knowledge to others, but we need to live out the life of Jesus ourselves, be genuine from inside out. The Pharisees were able to strictly carry out the law, but they neglected the righteousness and love inside the heart. Jesus also said the Pharisees need to have the cleansing of values. Do we do everything to gain people’s recognition and praises? Or do we seek the intimacy with God behind the closed doors and carry out own cross?

Then Jesus also talked about the cleansing of laws. Laws are important, but when the Pharisees added many burdens to the people by complicating the laws, they lost the love for God and for people. We need to examine our own values and actions, we must always go back to the Great Commandment, are we just obeying the laws for the sake of doing it? Or do we really have the love for God and for people?

In our position, we also need to seek God’s cleansing. The positions God has given to us is important, not for us to hold onto it tightly, but to lead people to God. What is our intention when we interact with people? Out of our own selfish gains or out of love?

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we long to see our environment change, we long to see Your glorious revival coming to our church. But Lord, only You know the true intention of our hearts. We don’t want to be like the Pharisees, and we don’t want to be a bystander to only see Your miracles on the side. We want to be connected to You, to have the light coming into our lives, and brighten the darkness, the false values and attitudes in our hearts. Lord, let everything we do not for people’s recognition but for people’s hearts turning back to You. Lord, may Your light come to us, so we will have no more fear and no more darkness. We want to see Your glory and Your work to come to our families, our church, our surroundings, and our city. Lord, we declare all people will praise Your Name! Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from the evil ones. Lord, You have given us the authority to overcome this world! Amen!