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Luke 12 – Stand in the Right Position, Chose the Right Priority, Enter into God’s Abundance 路加福音 12 – 站对位置 摆对优先次序 进入神的丰盛

Friday, 23rd July 2021

Pastor Kathy Poon

Section One V1-12 Relationship with God

The Pharisees forced people to do what they could not do themselves. The most important thing is our heart. Do we really believe in what we do? Or do we do it for the sake of doing? What are we afraid of? People or God? God watches over us, He even counted all our hairs! God sees us as precious treasure, why should we worry and why do we need to be afraid? On the other hand, when we know how much God treasures us, but do we also treasure God the same way? Can we testify for Jesus when we are among the non-Christians?

When the Holy Spirit lives within us, then we can see Jesus is our Savior. When we first seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness, then everything will be given to us. We must make the relationship with God right, what is our priority? When we have the right priority, then we can enter into the abundance life Jesus prepares for us.

Section Two V13-34 Relationship with the Materials

Our attitude is important, what makes us satisfied? Where is our security base on? A lot of times, we will want to have what others have, the things that don’t belong to us. When we are unsatisfied with what we have, then it is our greed. But on the other hand, we need to have a spiritual appetite, to focus on having an abundant spiritual life and to focus on relationships with God and with others. Who we make relationships with determines how our lives will be. When we focus on building a good relationship with God and godly people, then everything else will be given to us!

Often in our lives, we might feel like we can’t keep going any more, but when we follow closely to God, eventually we will have the way out. So don’t look at our surroundings and current environment that stop us entering into God’s abundance, instead, focus on God and He will lead us through every difficulty and challenge! When we seek God’s kingdom, we no longer need to ask for the things we need or want in this world, we don’t even need to worry about these things because God will give everything we need and desire to us! Have a bigger faith! Gather our treasure in heaven! Where our heart is, there our treasure will also be!

Section Three V35-59 Relationship with the World

What is our relationship with the world? We must be alert and we must be prepared. Jesus is our master and we are the servant. We should always be ready and be faithful in what we do, because everything we do in the world we are managing it for God. As a good servant, we must be alert, be prepared, be faithful and be wise. We can only seek wisdom from God, we can be faithful yet not wise. When we walk the extra mile, be faithful and be wise, then what we do in our hands will multiply. No matter how big or how small our task is, we should really put our best effort into it, ask God for His wisdom and seek excellence. Often we feel we are not good enough or we are lacking, but if we are humble and obey, willing to ask God for wisdom and support, then He will give us everything we need, even more! Be alert, prepared, faithful and wise in our position. Be tested in the fire and we can go through the test, enter into the life of glorious abundance with God!

Fire is used to refine, to cleanse and to purify us, and the Holy Spirit will help us to go through this fire. We cannot only ask for the Holy Spirit but don’t want the fire. It’s impossible to live a perfect life, and we can never make everyone like us. Our love is limited, when we face betrayal, failures, disappointments… Can we still love? This is the refining fire, and only by the Holy Spirit, we can go through this fire. After the refining fire, then we can carry our own cross, walk on the path of Jesus, and be the person God created us to be! In this generation, there are people who come against Jesus, and because of the different values in faith, there will be battles and divisions in our household. But we must know this is a process, a lot of times we might not be able to connect with our family by flesh, but we can be connected with our spiritual family with the same faith. Don’t give up and continue to pray for our family to also receive the same faith as us!

Always ask God to open our spiritual eyes, to see God’s timing and seasons. When we know what God is doing, we will not be afraid of the spiritual warfare, continue to pray and be prepared, follow the waves of the Holy Spirit, don’t stay in the same place, it’s not God’s problem if we don’t follow the wave of the Holy Spirit, but it’s our decision! We are being called to rise up and equipped now!

God gives us different positions and different roles, we need to put our priority right. God first, people next, then the earth. Even our relationship with people has priority. When we are in the right position, be in the right place at the right time, then everything will work out according to God’s way.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, You know what we are afraid of, You know where we are right now, we tend to focus on people more than You. There is so much greed, fear, worries, disbelief… in our lives. Help us Lord, to be in the right position and to be a good and faithful servant. Lord, You have given us so much! Help us don’t take what You give us for granted. Give us all we need in our position, the wisdom, love, and ability we need are all from You. Reveal to us Your timing, Your seasons, so we can work with Your Holy Spirit. This is the time to rise up and be equipped, help us to be willing to be refined by Your fire. Lord, we want to be Your witness of the world, carry our own cross, let Your will be done through us on this earth. On the day You come, we long to receive Your praise, to tell us that we are Your good and faithful servant. You see through us and You know everything we do for You behind closed doors. We cry out to You, Lord, give us faith, give us strength, be with us and be with our church! We declare Your faith, hope, love, healing, and restorations to come upon us! May Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done in us! Amen!

2021年7月23日 星期五

-Kathy 师母-

路加福音 12

站对位置 摆对优先次序 进入神的丰盛


V1 法利赛人表面敬虔,想让人觉得他们好,但是他们里面没有与神建立真实的关系。耶稣提醒门徒说要防备这些人,不被他们影响。我们不是什么都不做,而是我们的心 – 我们做一件事,是因为规定,还是因为我们的心渴求神?

V4-5 只能“杀身体”的是人,“那杀了以后又有权柄丢在地狱里的”是神。我们是怕人还是怕神?我们要敬畏的是神而不是人。

V6-7 哪怕是麻雀都有价值,被神在乎,我们是按着神的形象造的,更是被神看顾。我们不知道到自己有多少头发,但是神都数过,他看我们为至宝。

V8-9 神宝贝我们,我们在人前是否也看耶稣为我们生命的至宝?

V10 圣灵来是要见证耶稣的。我们唯有在圣灵内住后才有主观意识认出耶稣是我们的救主是我们的神。

V11-12 当圣灵内住时,我们有神的同在。当我们里面有神的同在,我们在人的面前就不需要害怕。

腓立比书3:7-8 说:“只是我先前以为于我有益的,我现在因基督都当做有损的。 不但如此,我也将万事当做有损的,因我以认识我主基督耶稣为至宝。”。使徒保罗在这里说他将过去引以为豪的东西都看为粪土,如今只将耶稣基督看为至宝。我们跟随神,看重的是什么呢?当我们把耶稣基督当成至宝,神也将我们看为至宝。我们得着基督就得着一切,当我们灵命兴盛,我们凡事都兴盛。这个过程也需要一个火的炼净。

二、人跟物质界的关系 (v.13-34)

V16-21 在物质上丰盛是没有问题的,问题是我们的心态 – 不要让我们的安全感建立在我们的财富上。贪心就是想要去拥有不属于我们的那一份。“在神面前富足”,看重的是生命、关系,而真正让我们蒙福的关系是与神的关系。

V22-31 若是专心跟随神,很多时候我们会经历一些我们觉得走不下去的关卡,然而关关难过关关过。我们生命里有什么拦阻我们进入到神的丰盛里面?是““安逸”、贪婪”、“忧虑”“小信”吗?我们生命的优先次序要摆对,神就会将我们所需用的加给我们。

V32 唯有我们的财宝在天上,我们的心才会在那里。我们的心态是怎样的呢?我们若追求物质的财富,我们自己反而会被这些东西捆绑。

三、人与世界的关系 (v.35-59)

V35-40 人子来的时候,我们要警醒、预备。“主人”在这里指耶稣,而我们作为“仆人”,要预备、等候。

V41-48 “主人”指耶稣,“仆人”就是我们,我们在这个世界上站的是“管家”的角色。神所要的管家:警醒、预备、忠心、并且有见识。我们要有倍增的能力,就要将我们有的五饼二鱼献上,不仅是“忠心”,也要有“卓越”的心态,谦卑在智慧和见识上学习成长。“多给谁,就向谁多取;多托谁,就向谁多要”- 我们愿意将自己仅有的一点奉献出来的时候,神就加添更多给我们。

V49 “火”代表洁净。当圣灵内住,我们就有能力经历世上的火的炼净,让我们的生命能够被洁净。因为人的生命不可能一帆风顺,也不是所有人都会喜欢我们,唯有靠圣灵才能看到我们原本的不足,帮助我们在生命中经历那些如火般的熬炼。我们是否愿意为主背自己的十字架?

V51-53 “相争”指的是人因着信仰观点的不同而有纷争。我们在主的家里,有同一个价值观,反而比亲人更亲近。

V54-56 我们要求神开启我们属灵的眼睛,看见在现在这个季节我们最要的事是什么。当我们看见现在的季节遇到属灵争战时,不要害怕,只要警醒、忠心,跟着圣灵的浪潮向上走。教会得祝福,我们就得祝福。

V57-59 作为神的好管家,我们要有诚信,在我们的位置上摆对生命的优先次序,先神后人再大地,才有智慧在不同时刻行当行的事。