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Luke 18 – How to Inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? 路加福音 18 – 如何承受天国

Wednesday, 4th August 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-8 To Pray and Never Give Up

2000 years passed, the Kingdom is not yet here and the judgement day has not yet come. In the times of waiting we will feel disappointed, but we should not just wait and do nothing. Jesus taught us to continue to pray and never give up. Where is our faith? To wait upon Jesus and to pray for the lost souls. Only by praying our hearts can stay calm and we can continue to do God’s Work.

If our hearts are not calmed then we will go around and look for many others things, and cannot align with God. Keep our faith, believe God’s promise never change.

Section Two V9-14 To Be Humble and Not Exalting Ourselves

Jesus saw the people who thought themselves as righteous. We can often see people who always say they are doing good and there is nothing they need to pray about. Don’t exalt ourselves, because without God, we won’t be capable and we won’t be spiritual. Be humble in front of God and know we are sinners. We tend to persuade ourselves and think we are ok with our lives but we didn’t see what we are lacking. By our strength we cannot please anyone, only by admitting our lacking in front of God and people.

The Pharisees thought they knew a lot but they could not act out the standards of God. God looks at our hearts, not what we can do for Him . Pharisees followed the laws exactly but what is in their heart? Do we really love God wholeheartedly, and love our neighbors as ourselves?

We can only exalt God, because without God we cannot come to the place we are at right now. God wants and is willing to communicate with us, when we pray we are communicating with God. We don’t just tell God what we want but also listen to God and ask what He wants us to do.

When we promote what we are lacking, God’s power and glory can continue to reveal among us. When we share what we cannot do with God then He can do it through us.

Section Three V15-30 To Be Simple and Not Stubborn

People came with their children and ask Jesus to bless them. The disciples rebuked them, because it was about to be the Passover, when all the Jewish people were going back to Jerusalem. Lots of people were gathered and Jesus was very busy. The disciples thought they were doing Jesus a favor but Jesus rebuked them.

Most people followed Jesus with intention but the people with children were simple they followed Jesus only because they wanted their children to be blessed. Jesus taught them that they needed to give up everything to follow. The disciples thought they already gave up a lot for God but they actually didn’t give up their hearts and old mindsets. They were in the doing mode and were still doing what they wanted to do.

The rich young ruler came to Jesus. First thing Jesus asked was why did him call Jesus a Good Teacher. What is the perspective we use to see Jesus? If he called Jesus ‘Good Teacher’ then it meant he knew who Jesus was, but if he had this faith then did he also know he needed to let go everything and let God provide? This is our weakness, we know but we cannot believe. Jesus asked him to sell everything and give to the poor, then he will receive treasure in heaven. The treasure in heaven is more important than anything in the world, and to follow means to surrender ourselves. The rich young ruler only saw what he had, so Jesus taught him to humble in front of God.

We can follow God today not because of how good we are, we cannot do anything by ourselves, it’s God choosing and our willingness to respond. When we are willing to respond then God will give us the strength to carry on. In this world we are taught to have our own house and our own inheritance, but Jesus said to leave our household and family, what is more important than God for us? What are we holding onto? Are we willing to let go? Jesus asks us to let go, when we let go of things in this life and then in eternal life we will receive

Section Four V31-43 To Believe and Not Afraid

The disciples followed Jesus for two years and six months but still didn’t understand why Jesus say it to them. But this time nobody asked Jesus anything. The books of gospel were written because disciples asked Jesus questions. But this time nobody ask any questions. We like to listen to blessings and messages of encouragements, but we don’t like to listen to the messages of sufferings. They chose not to listen and not to ask about it.

It’s just like when church is doing an alter call then we would think it’s not us, and not what we want to do. But under the fragrance of tree of life it’s humble and obey, deny ourselves and benefit others. Our freedom is for us to accept salvation and when we receive it we must humble ourselves. The disciples didn’t understand because they didn’t want to know.

Don’t let the unbelief mindset overtake our lives. When the blind knew Jesus was there he shouted and pleaded, he didn’t care how others saw him. At the time anyone with disability was seemed as unclean in the society people look down on them. He didn’t care and called out to Jesus. So Jesus responded to him. When we believe, give all our weaknesses and limitations to God, He will let us see and let us follow Him. When the blind was healed he followed Jesus all the way and praised God, other people also saw and praised God.

God gave us gifts to bring people to follow Jesus, build up the army of God. Don’t be influenced by the people around us, don’t focus on the world and the gifts but to focus on bringing people to God equipping them to be Jesus’ disciples.

Let us inherit the kingdom of God and experience God’s heaven on earth!

Prayer & Pursuit

Do we really believe? Can we let go and follow? We’re unwilling and we don’t believe. We thought we can follow God in our own ways, but God’s way is easier, we just need to let go. May God give us strength to follow. Jesus knows it’s not easy for us to let go and let God, but He will give us strength when we’re willing.

2021年8月4日 星期三


路加福音 18



一、要祷告 不灰心(v.1-8)


二、要谦卑 不自高(v.9-14)

“仗着自己是义人” – 指那些被自己说服,以为自己什么都很好的人。我们时常将自己好的一面呈现出来,但不要高举自己多厉害多属灵,而要在神和人面前承认自己是罪人、是需要神的。我们其实并不是真的好,而是被说服了,看不到自己不好、软弱的一面。我们要祷告,因为自己信心不够、我们的心无法专心在神的国。耶稣的比喻里那个法利赛人头脑有很多知识,以为自己做得很好,但耶和华看的是我们的内心,我们是否在遵守律法时真的爱神、也爱人如己?有些人可能很喜欢给予是因为他们对给出去的东西不执着,一旦遇到让他们在乎的事,则一点就爆炸。耶稣在这里告诉我们,祷告是与神沟通。我们将祷告变成命令神做事,却不愿意聆听神。“自高的”就是以为自己什么都能够的人,“自卑的”指的是承认自己不行、需要神加添力量。在小组的时候,自高的人常常无法分享自己感恩的事,或不觉得自己有什么可以祷告的事,他们讲的都是别人的事。我们很容易去教导别人、分享自己能够做的事情,求神帮助我们谦卑,看到我们是需要神的。

三、要单纯 不执着(v.15-30)

V15-17 在犹太人的家族里,如果一个有权柄的人“摸”孩子就意味着在祝福那些孩子。在去耶路撒冷的路上有很多人跟着耶稣同行,耶稣是很繁忙的,当有人突然来请耶稣去祝福他们的小孩时,这些门徒以一个doing的心态论断他们,觉得这些事不重要。那些领来孩子来的人心思单纯,单单相信耶稣能够祝福他们,耶稣也看重他们单纯的心。耶稣教导他的门徒,“凡要承受神国的,若不像小孩子,断不能进去”。那些门徒似乎已经为主放下一切,但他们的心是否真的也放下一切来单纯跟随主?

V18-23 耶稣回答这个官的第一句是“你为什么称我是良善的?除了神一位之外,再没有良善的”。他其实是在问我们在祷告时我们是向谁求问,我们是否相信耶稣就是神?我们若是相信,是否又能做得到呢?我们是否相信我们的牧者有从神而来的能力,是否愿意去听他们的教导呢?V22 财宝在天上才是重要的,而“跟从”意味着完全放下、降服。这个官听到耶稣的话就“就甚忧愁”,因为他不仅有钱,还有权。

V24-30 耶稣接着对他的门徒教导。“有钱财的人”所拥有的可能不止是钱,也包括其他让人执着的东西。我们若手里紧紧抓住我们执着的东西就很难进入神的国。“在人所不能的事,在神却能”- 不是我们很厉害或很属灵,而是神能够给我们力量去行出那些我们靠自己做不出来的事。V29-30 耶稣亲自对我们说,你愿意为神的国放下自己的房子和家人吗?我们是否能做到先神后人再大地?我们手上紧紧抓住的是什么?我们不看重神的国,只看重自己要的东西,但是耶稣说,我们若愿意撇下这些,在“今世”就能得到“百倍”的祝福,在来世得永生。我们要单纯相信神的话。

四、要相信 不害怕(v.31-43)

V31-34 耶稣提醒这十二个门徒,他们踏向耶路撒冷,人子在地上的日子不多了。这些门徒跟着耶稣两年多,听了耶稣预言自己受难的事,仍然“一样也不懂得”,可是这一次没有人去问耶稣。我们在教会喜欢听祝福的话,不喜欢听关于受苦的话,觉得那不是我们想要的东西,所以也不会去问、去学习。我们心里知道自己想要什么,但这不是神要的。神给我们的自由就是选择生命树或分辨善恶树。在生命树的教导下我们要“谦卑顺服、舍己利他”,不要用“我没有感动”来代替“听道而行道”。

V35-43 我们也不要压制我们里面的相信,不要让那不相信的声音压倒我们。在当时的犹太人社会,这些残疾人被看为不洁净、是家族有问题的,所以当一个瞎子呼叫耶稣的时候,周围的人就责备他,不允许他出声。我们是否会将自己的问题封存在我们里面?当我们不怕羞愧,愿意将自己的问题交出来给神处理的时候,耶稣就会对我们说“你可以看见!你的信救了你了”。得医治以后,我们是否会继续“跟随耶稣,一路归荣耀于神”?我们常常沉醉于神迹奇事和医治释放,但是事后有多少被医治的人愿意来跟从我们?我们的生命是否结出生命树的果子,还是只是享受自己的恩赐?我们的恩赐应用来将人带到神的面前,帮助人成长为神国的精兵。我们不要害怕贫穷、丢脸、或因为帮助别人而没有时间,不要活在分辨善恶树上。让我们每一个人都经历神给我们的祝福,让神的国行在地上如同行在天上。