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Luke 3 – Son of God

Thursday, 8th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi AN Poon

Section One V1-20: John

Luke knew exactly where John came from. He didn’t serve in the temple with his father and the other Levites, but was preaching in the wilderness. Jesus also started in the wilderness when He was tempted my devil and served by the angels. Before Jesus, John already went to the wilderness, it was not easy to do God’s Will against the world’s values, but God’s Word came to him and strengthened him.

John called people to repent, because even though we are Abraham‘a descendants and we received God’s eternal promise, we will still receive judgement. It was not an easy message to preach, and it was different to what they were taught at the time. 400 years the Jewish people lived in drought, they didn’t hear from God and their prayers were unanswered.

Our lives are twisted and filled with the worldly things. We don’t know our identity as children of God and we are seeking satisfaction from people’s recognition and encouragement. All of us fell short of God’s glory so we need to return to God and bear fruits. We don’t give the values of the world to people but the values of the kingdom of God. God wants us to preach His life, which is the fragrance of the Tree of Life.

We must return, humble, obey, deny ourselves and benefit others. Only when we return then we can become a fruitful vine, don’t be a consumer in the church, only receive the teaching we want to hear, don’t become a product of the world’s teaching.

John’s teaching is for us to be satisfied in God only, not seek things of the world or from people. God gave us the special identity as His children, and He has given us the ability to live in this world but not relying on the world.

Do we really know who sent us? John knew his identity, he was not afraid to talk to Herod about the truth and did not try to please him. We need to know who we are, even when our situation is difficult, can we still say what God wants us to say and do what God wants us to do?

Section Two V21-22: Jesus – God’s Beloved Son

Jesus knew He’s the Son of God, He knew His identity, at the same time He was willing to accept John’s teaching. Jesus was humble and obedient. His life shows the fragrance of the Tree of Life. Jesus submitted to John so John’s job given by God can be fulfilled.

Why did Jesus wait until He was 30 years old to come out? Because He was secure with His identity, He didn’t have to prove Himself to show this identity. As God’s beloved Son, He was humble and willing to wait as a carpenter for 30 years because it’s God’s best timing. Do we also know that we are God’s beloved children? If we do then we will not worry about how the world sees us, we will not seek to please people, but we can be humble and be faithful in our current position and wait for God’s perfect timing.

Section Three V23-38: Adam

All our roots go back to Adam, we are not only the descendants of Abraham but the descendants of Adam. We are all sinners and we sinned against God, only by the Grace of God we can live. God still sees us as His children despite that we are sinners.

We are, at the same time, children of God just like Adam. Why can we not live out the freedom of God? Because we do not see ourselves as children of God. Let us renew our eyes and see God’s identity for us as His children, let go of all the shame and return to God.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we are Your beloved children, help us to see this precious identity in You, and we will no longer seek the things of the world to fulfil us. Lord, help us to be like Jesus, to wait upon the best timing, be humble under Your teaching and authority. Let us live the fragrance of the Tree of Life. Amen.