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Luke 4 – The Holy Spirit-Filled Ministry

Friday, 9th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-14: the Ministry in the Wilderness

Jesus was tempted during His weakest moment. The ministry in the wilderness helps us to face temptation. No one is there but ourselves and we will face the temptation of our own flesh. Can we overcome our flesh? No one can help us, even our authority. This is wilderness and it’s when the devil talks to us in our alone time.

The devil knows what our physical needs are, it also knows our lustful desires, there are a lot of things we want such as a good job, a good house, lots of money, power… many people already have a lot but they are unsatisfied. Devil would tempt us and tell us we are insufficient and we are lacking, we need more money, we need a better job, we need a bigger house… when we forgot we’re the children of God, we will never feel enough and always live in lacking. How did Jesus respond? Jesus knew His identity as the Son of God, and He knew God will provide Him with everything He needs.

The third temptation is from the Bible verse, even Satan knows the Bible, therefore we must know God’s Word very well, in order to put ourselves in God’s hands. We must believe God will provide what we need not what we think we need. We should not test God.

Jesus overcame all three temptations. Unlike Adam, who failed into Satan’s scheme. Jesus overcame and won over what was lost by Adam. Then Satan left Jesus. Our relationship with God is very important, without a relationship with God then He cannot use us as His vessel to fight back the devil’s schemes.

Section Two V15-37: The Ministry in the Synagogues

Jesus knew being filled with the Holy Spirit and serving in the Synagogues is the Will of God, therefore with authority, Jesus went to teach in the Synagogues. But when Jesus revealed the problems of people’s lives, they became angry and wanted to kill Jesus. When we serve with the Holy Spirit, there will also be spiritual attacks that we must be alert. But when we set our eyes on God, only rely on the Holy Spirit, then God will stand on our side until the end.

We should not let people rely on us or see us more than they see God. When the devil called Jesus as the Holy One, Jesus told them not to make a sound, because He didn’t want people to have the wrong focus and be misled. We must be careful of what we say, the things we say might not benefit others, therefore sometimes it’s better not to say anything.

Section Three V38-44: the Ministry in Disciple’s House

When we are sick we often feel abandoned, we think we are the forgotten ones and no one remembers us. But Jesus went into the Disciple’s house and healed their family.

Jesus not only come to heal and cast out demons but He has mercy on the people. The ministry in the disciples’ house is full of love and truth. Jesus wanted people to know why He come and what’s the purpose of His visit. Do we also reveal to the people following us, why we are leading them and disciple them? Let us see more clearly what God wants us to see. We must be filled with the Holy Spirit in our Ministry, not by our own strength.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, You have given us the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to go into our ministry of life by Your Power instead of our own strength. We need You everyday in everything we do. Amen.