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Luke 5 – Jesus Comes

Tuesday, 13th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-11 Jesus Comes to Gather

We must build up a close relationship with God when we follow Him. Jesus came close to Peter, but stayed away from the crowd. What’s was Jesus’ purposes? To call Peter and gather the disciples. Jesus didn’t stay with the crowd who wanted to listen Him, but He came to Peter because He wanted Peter to experience God.

Jesus called Peter to go to the deep waters. Peter was not only by himself but there were his companions. Then they saw God’s miracles. Peter bowed down before Jesus because he knew Jesus was different. Jesus came to gather us and call us to follow Him. People come and go, they experienced miracles then left, but Jesus wants us to let go of everything and follow Him. We are being set apart from this world and gathered together by Jesus to follow Him.

Section Two V12-16 Jesus Comes to Give Mercy

We will easily lose focus, we tend to focus on people and things, and we fail to see what Jesus did. Jesus touched the Leper. At the time, people ran away from Lepers, but Jesus gave him mercy and grace. Not only Jesus healed the Leper, He also told the Leper to go to the High Priest to be examined. Jesus healed us not only for us to know but also others to know. Jesus wanted us to be healed physically and emotionally, He wanted us to be a renewed person.

Don’t focus on the ministry, but remember what’s the most important thing Jesus want us to do, which to preach the gospel, to call people to become disciple, and to teach what we learn from Jesus. We must pass on Jesus’ calling to others, not just stay where we are, our own comfort zone.

Section Three V17-38 Jesus Comes to Heal

Jesus taught people the salvation of repentance. When we heal people in Jesus’ Name, we also need to teach them, to give them the Word of Life then Jesus’ healing will come through. If we don’t have the Word of God inside us then we will easily to feel sorry for ourselves, will remember how others hurt us and our healing will not be completed. Jesus heal our body and the emptiness inside our heart. May God’s Word come inside us.

Jesus wants us to receiving the teaching of life, not just to be healed, not just having the devil castes out, but to have the Word of God in our lives. We must follow God and follow our church authority. Let our heart and mouth be the same. When people saw Jesus healed and proclaimed sins forgiven, they were amazed but at the same time afraid. They never knew that sins being forgiven can bring true healing.

Section Four V27-39 Jesus Comes to Give New Life

The debt collector looked at money more than anything but when Jesus called him to follow, he put down everything and follow Jesus. He also called the other debt collectors to come follow Jesus. Jesus wants to give us a new life, our focus used to be on this earth, money, family, fame, recognition… we thought if we put down everything then we will have nothing.

Many people from the Bible already showed us good examples. The Book of Job encourages us to follow God, Job lost everything but God gave him more than what he had before. May God use us, let us follow Jesus, follow the Tree of Life, be humble, be obedient, deny ourselves and benefit others. Have the fragrance of Jesus in our lives and follow Him wholeheartedly.

What stops us following Jesus? What are we afraid of that we cannot let go? Let us cry out to God and ask Him to help us to do what’s impossible so we can have a new life.

Prayer & Pursuit

Thank You, Lord, You have shown us the fear inside us. We are afraid of losing this world but You have shown us today, not to stay in the material blessings but to seek Your eternal blessings. Give us strength, Lord, let You become the center of our life, so we will follow You and never turn back. Amen.