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Luke 6 – The Revival of the Kingdom of God

Wednesday, 14th July 2022

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-11: Bring the Truth

Jesus came to reconnect people and God. 400 years God was silent to the Israelites. Jesus came to break the religious spirit. The Sabbath Day belongs to God, not for us to have nothing to do. What is the truth of God in the Sabbath? Jesus fed the hungry and healed the sick on the Sabbath. Jesus didn’t touch the person with a withered hand, but called him to ‘arise and stand’. God called us to come to leadership institute and to morning devotions, He didn’t touch us with His hands but called us.

Then Jesus asked the man to stretch out his hand. He couldn’t do it because his hand was withered. But this man was willing to take the step of faith and stretch out his hands. A lot of time we don’t think it’s possible to listen and follow Jesus, but when we take the step of faith, God will do the rest for us.

Section Two V12-16: Appoint the Disciples

When we don’t want to respond to God, we chose not to do anything and nothing will happen. But when we are willing to respond, we must deny ourselves, put down what do we think is important in our hands and do what God wants us to do.

Jesus went on the mountain and prayed throughout the night, it was cold at night on the mountain, but He was willing to pray and the next day He chose the disciples straight away. These 12 people were all very different, they had different jobs, different values, different upbringings… 

But being called and responding are two different things. Jesus calls us, but what are we doing to respond? When we take the action and step of faith, lives will be changed and hearts will be touched. Do not be afraid, know that we are being set apart and chosen by God.

Section Three V17-49: Bear the Fruits

The revival of the Kingdom of God is not just by saying but bearing fruits that other can see. When Jesus chose the disciples, He came into the crowd to heal and to teach, please saw His power and wanted to come near to Him. Jesus healed and taught them, then He turned to the disciples. Jesus wanted the disciples to learn from Him. Jesus wanted to see the hearts of the disciples, what do they really want to learn? Do we only want the power of Jesus or can we really learn the truth from Him?

We want to please people, we don’t want people to be upset and we don’t speak out the truth. But by doing this we commit the sin of false prophets. Jesus taught us to love our enemy, to deny ourselves and benefit others. He saw what’s inside our hearts, He chose us because of His love, not how capable we are. God wants us to wake up in His truth, be chosen and bear fruits. Let us be truthful to Him.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we don’t have enough faith but we are coming before You and ask You to strengthen us, we want to experience You, and bear fruits for You. Help us not to use our own flesh desires to live but to be set apart by You. Amen.