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Luke 7 – How do we See Jesus?

Thursday, 15th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon 

Section One V1-10 The Centurion

How do we lead disciples and pass on the Way of Life? We must receive it ourselves first! Our faith must build upon Jesus, believe everything Jesus said can happen. Upon this foundation, the Centurion showed his faith. Not only that, he also had life, he saw every life is precious. The Centurion heard about Jesus, as a busy leader, he was still willing to beg Jesus to come and heal his servant.

When we seek Jesus, we often want Him to come solve our own problems, but this Centurion wanted to seek Jesus to heal his servant. Not only he cares for his servant, we can see from here that the Jewish elders also were willing to help him, a Gentile, to beg Jesus. The life of the Centurion showed humility and also faith. Even Jesus was amazed at his faith. What does our lives show? Our own gains and desires? Or denying ourselves to benefit others?

Section Two V11-17 The Widow who lost her Son

Jesus saw the lack of the widow and had mercy on her. Jesus told her not to cry. Don’t let our emotions drive our decisions, when we cry and feel sorry for ourselves then we cannot see miracle. Jesus told us to stop following our emotions and start to see what God is doing. Be true to ourselves, do not be afraid and don’t use our emotions to control others.

Are we willing to arise and listen to Jesus? Even the dead person listened to Jesus! When we feel our heart is dead Jesus is still talking to us, telling us to arise from our death, from our fear, from our emotions… only the Word of God can make us alive and live under the Tree of Life. Don’t judge others and don’t judge this world. Arise, speak out the words of authority in Jesus’ Name!

Section Three V18-35 John the Baptist 

What was John’s expectations for Jesus? He sent his disciples to ask Jesus if He’s the One. Even John the Baptist had his own expectations for Jesus. What’s our expectations for Jesus? To give us a perfect marriage, good children, prosperous business, etc? But Jesus didn’t do what John expected the Messiah would do.
Jesus knew what He was doing, He didn’t change Himself because of people’s expectations. He lived under the Tree of Life so He replied to John with the Word of God. We must pass on the truth, not to fulfil their physical or emotions desires. People can never be satisfied, people followed Jesus, Jesus didn’t follow the people. So what about us?

Stop chasing after people, and let God almighty power be revealed in us so people will follow us. The world is in darkness so we need to live in the light and when people see light they will follow!

Section Four V36-50 The Sinful Woman

Why would the people see the woman as a sinful person? Because they lived in the religious spirit, they lived in judgement and their own old mindset. The Pharisees were religious, they judged the woman even before she said anything. But this woman knew who Jesus was and what she wanted to do, to follow Jesus. She cried because she received love.

Do we receive the love from Jesus? How do we see Jesus? He is not our idol, He is living and loving. We need to come close to Jesus and feel His love for us that He died for us. How much do we really love Jesus back?

How do we see Jesus? He is love, let us see His love for us and be willing to love for Him.