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Luke 8 – How to Live a Heavenly Life?

Friday, 16th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-3 Must Have Teamwork

Life can be seen, God created us for us to be seen. He knows everything and He sees everything. To live a heavenly life pleasing to God, we must first have a team. When God prepared David, He gave David the people of the cave of Adullam. Today we also have a team and do not look down on the team we have.

Jesus established a team and gospel started from there. As a team, we are to support each other, especially to support our authority, not necessarily financially but more importantly, mentally and physically supporting every decision our authority make. By faith to accept what God has revealed to our authority, do not see what’s impossible but have an eyesight of faith, support our authority.

Section Two V4-21 Must Have Teaching

The gospel is not cheap. We must teach the truth, not pleasing people. Jesus is the Son of God, but He gave up on His power and authority, came to this world to fulfil God’s plan. Do not let people’s words influence us.

Jesus often uses parables to teach, because it’s easier for people to listen and accept. The devil tries everything to talk away the Word in us. When we listen to the Word we must use our heart because if we use our head, the devil will ration with us and take the Word from us. When the Word enters our hearts it needs to be rooted in our lives, to be carried out by faith. When we think it’s impossible to happen then the Word cannot be rooted and cannot stay in our lives.

We must listen and carry it out, then the root of the Word will grown in our hearts. May the Lord help us to endure, let the Word be rooted in our hearts, carry out the truth and shine like Jesus shine.

Section Three V22-56 The Ability to Use Miracles

A lot of people were demon possessed but Jesus wanted to set people free. Satan cannot do anything in Jesus but people can be influenced. Some people ran away when they saw Jesus’ miracles. But Jesus continued to walk forward and performed miracles. It’s easy to give up and run away but Jesus was not affected by people.

Faith is so important, and we need to live out the life of faith, do not be afraid, but just believe. When we believe then we will receive. Jesus has done so many miracles, He is not here to do a magic show but to show us how to live a heavenly life.

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, help us not to see the environment but to respond by faith. Lord we want to experience You, and live out a heavenly life. Not only us, but also those following us. Bless us and rise us up to be the team of the Heavenly Kingdom. Bless our team to be fruitful and prosperous. Let each one of us be humble to receive teaching, to have faith and a pure heart. Thank You Lord, bless us today because it’s going to be better than yesterday. Amen!