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Luke 9 – Disciples of the Lord

Tuesday, 20th July 2021

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-9: To Be Sent Out

This chapter is especially written for the Gentiles and teach them how to follow Jesus. Disciple means to follow and to learn, when we follow Jesus, what do we want to learn from Jesus? We should not just stay in one place, enjoy and experience, but more importantly we need to be sent out by Jesus.

Jesus gave the disciples authority and power, not only for us to heal, pray and prophesy, but more importantly to preach the Word of God. We’re calling people to listen to the gospel of heaven, and to receive the true salvation.

Section Two: V19-17 To Experience Miracles

Disciples are those who are called, and apostles are those who are sent out. They came back and told Jesus what they did when they were sent out. They practiced the power and authority from God, then they reported to Jesus.

Jesus took the disciples away from the crowd after they performed the signs and wonders, because He didn’t want them to become prideful. We need to know everything we do is from God, not from us, we should not be prideful in what we can do, and we cannot let people see us more than they see Jesus!

Everyone who listens to us and follows us are from God, not because of how good we are! Therefore it’s important to preach to them the Word of God, not our own words with our own ways. Even the five loaves and two fish were from God! We always have excuses not to follow God’s way, but Jesus didn’t listen to all the negative response. He did what God wanted Him to do.

Section Three: V18-27 To Deny Ourselves & To Benefit Others

We care about how we feel more than other people’s feeling. We care about how much people recognize and understand us, but denying ourselves is to stop focusing on ourselves. See Jesus bigger than everything else, then Jesus will show us to those in need. We follow God, not to please ourselves or for others to make us happy. Learn from Jesus, to be more humble and gentle, then we can bear the fruits of the Tree of Life.

Section Four: V28-36 To Know Christ

The disciples were weak, they fell asleep while praying. When they woke up, they saw the glorious image of Jesus, Moses and Elijah and wanted to worship them. We must worship God only, not those who are very capable, or anointed. In the same way, when we lead people, we must lead people to God, don’t let them just see ourselves.

Section Five: V37-62 To Really Follow

Following God is not looking at what we want but what is the need of the Kingdom of God. When we receive teaching, we are chosen and will ne sent out to preach the gospel. Jesus is calling us, can we hear Him?

Prayer & Pursuit

Lord, we want to follow You, but we also have ‘what if’ inside our hearts, Lord we want to really follow You, help us to get rid of all the ‘what if’; we only want to surrender  to You, not just focus on the two fish and five loaves, but to look up and see You. Lord we are willing, but it’s not what we can do but what You can do through us. Amen.