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Obey God’s Word and You Shall See Miracles 信靠神的话必见应许

Sunday, 15th November 2020

Pastor Deborah & Rev. Daniel Poon

Introduction: When Moses died, God asked Joshua to get up because now was the time to cross. Do you remember what I said to Moses? You will lead the people across the Jordan River to the Promised Land.

In Joshua 1:6-9, God told Joshua three times that you must be strong and courageous. Joshua was scared, but this should not be the reason of not going. Forty years ago, he spied the land and knew the people there were huge and powerful. Moreover, the Israelites given to him by God were like a “mob”, and he did not stop going because of his fear. He went anyway. He decided to follow God’s promise and sent two spies secretly to spy. In fact, there was no need to send them, because God had told him that as long as he went, he would get the promised land. The promise given from God had not changed for 40 years. Joshua only needed to take the people across the river. But he still sent spies.

1. Follow God in every step and miracles followed (Joshua 2:1-14)

V1: Though there were many prostitutes in the city of Jericho, the two spies chose to stay in Rahab’s house. That was the first miracle.

V2: The two spies were recognized as soon as they arrived at Jericho, because their clothes were damp and their appearance was quite different from the local people. What’s more, they even wore the old-fashioned clothes of 40 years ago.

V4-5: Rahab hid them. This was the second miracle. As a gentile woman, she knew that the Israelites would occupy Jericho when they arrived. However, for the sake of the God she just had heard of, she was willing to risk her and her family’s lives.

V6: The third miracle was that Rahab was very alert and immediately recognized that the spies were Israelites.

V7: The fourth miracle was the fact that as soon as the two men went out, the city gate was closed. God set the timing precisely so that the spies had time to escape.

V8-11: The fifth miracle was Rahab’s confession: “God has given you all the land.” Because of the Israelites, the Jericho people lived in terror and fear. They believed that God would give the land of Canaan to the Israelites. It was said from a foreign woman that the Lord your God was the God who created the heavens and the earth, and there was no other God besides the Lord. God used Rahab to enable the spies to gain the confidence they needed. When they obeyed God’s words, even if they didn’t need to spy, there were miracles at every step. When we obey God’s words, even if we have many difficulties in life, we will experience miracles step by step.

V12-14: When the spies follow the word of God, they delivered Rahab’s family.

2. The one being saved turned into saviour (Joshua 2:15-21)

V16: Rahab designed a very good escape route for them. This was God’s preparation.

V17-21: the rescued spies told Rahab and her family how to be safe: if they stayed in this house, they would be safe. God is telling us that the scarlet rope represents God’s salvation. God wants us to save and bring souls to God.

3. Safely returned with the good news (Joshua 2:22-24)

V22: Even the excellent troop of King Jericho’s did not find any spies.

V24: “God has indeed given us the city of Jericho even before we set out. The king and people of Jericho were afraid of us, and their hearts melted because they knew that our God is the mighty one who created the world. ” Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho that God intended to destroy, but with her faith in God, the two spies made a covenant with her. Rahab saw a miracle in her life. Her life, her family, and her destiny was changed since then. The whole family was saved. She later married Salmon and gave birth to Boaz.

A prostitute, who was from the bottom of society, when she chose to follow God, she married a noble family, and she entered the family tree of Jesus. In Chapter 11 of Hebrews, she was listed among the faithful heroes. Regardless of our origin, education, or past, the willingness to follow God is the most important thing and He will bring peace into our lives.

We follow our Pastors and experience miracles step by step. As long as you don’t give up but continue to follow God’s words, you will surely see miracles happen in your life.


The first chapter of Joshua is about Israel’s new leader. God told him, my servant Moses was dead, now you were going to get up and cross the Jordan River, you and all the people were heading to the land I want to give you. Joshua heard God telling him to get up and enter the promised land. Why did Joshua send spies to spy? Why is there Chapter? The prostitute Rahab appears in Chapter 2. We know God’s plan for us. The question is do we really believe it? Our past experience prevents us from entering the Promised Land. The prostitute Rahab was very inferior in the eyes of the Hebrews, but God used her to tell Joshua about God’s promise.

2: 9 Rahab told the spies two pieces of information. The first was that she knew what happened 40 years ago and she still remembered and she was still afraid. Although Joshua was once a witness and experiencer of these miracles, these things did not strengthen his faith. Rahab, who had only heard these stories but told the spies that the whole city was terrified.

The second message was that Rahab told them that the Jericho people were still afraid of the Israelites.

2:11 The story happened 40 years ago still made their hearts melted. Today’s message tells us that God’s promise to us, confirmed and released by prophet, will never be changed. Do we believe it?

“Because of you”, no one had the courage. This phrase means “before you” in the original text. What God had said to Joshua in Chapter 1 (v5-9) was the same as what Rahab said to the spies in chapter 2.

God encouraged Joshua with Rahab’s words, and His words will never change. We are all chosen by God. Maybe we have experienced many things in our lives, maybe you are encountering many difficulties now. But from the book of Joshua, God tells us that His promises and His words will never change. Don’t shift our attention on what happens in life, but focus on what God has promised us, and magnify God’s words. What happens is true, but our God is bigger than what has happened, and God is possible.

Rahab and the people in Jericho believed that even when the Israelites had not crossed the Jordan River. They already knew that this city belongs to the Israelites. What about God’s promise to us? What about God’s promise to our church? Do you believe that our church can influence the entire Oceania? Can the husband and wife relationship of many families be restored? Do you believe that we can equip all saints? Now is a new year, a new season, and the right time for us. The heart that God carries for us is to bless us, not to harm us.



约书亚记1:6-9, 神三次跟约书亚说,你要刚强,大大壮胆。约书亚实际上很害怕,但是不要因为害怕而不敢去了。四十年前他曾经去窥探过,知道那里的百姓很凶猛,而且神给他的以色列百姓是乌合之众。他没有因为自己的惧怕而不去,他还是去了,他决定跟随神的应许,派了两个探子去窥探。其实没有必要窥探,因为神早跟他说只要起来去,就可以得到。这是我给你们的应许,四十年来这个应许没有改变。约书亚只要带着百姓过河就对了。但是他仍然派了探子去。

一、每一步都跟随 (书 2:1-14)


V2 ,这两个探子刚到耶利哥就被人出来了。因为他们的衣服潮湿,长相迥异,甚至穿着四十年前的衣服。






二、从被拯救者变成拯救者 (书 2:15-21)




三、平安传报好消息的神迹 (书 2:22-27)

V22, 耶利哥王的精良部队都没有找到探子。




约书亚记第二章. 故事讲的是喇合。约书亚记第一章讲的是以色列的新领袖。神跟他说, 我的仆人摩西死了,现在你要起来过约旦河,你和全部的人要过去,往我所要赐给你们的地去。约书亚听到神跟他说你要起来,进入应许之地。为什么约书亚又派探子去窥探呢?为什么有第二章?喇合妓女出现在第二章,我们知道神对我们的计划,问题是我们真的相信吗?过去的经历阻挡了你进去应许之地。喇合妓女,在希伯人眼中是非常低等的,神却使用她来告诉约书亚。

V2:9  喇合给探子说了两个信息,第一是她知道四十年前发生的事情,她仍然能够记得,仍然害怕。虽然约书亚曾经是这些神迹见证者和经历者,但是这些事情没有坚固他的信心。喇合他们虽然只是听到这些故事,整个城市就很害怕了。第二个信息,喇合跟他们说,因你们的缘故,你们以色列所有的剩下人,我们仍然很害怕你们。