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Presence and Power of God

Sunday, 24th of January, 2016.

Pastor Bruce McDonald

This morning, Pastor Bruce shared with us about the “Presence of God” and “Power of God” as two different phases.

Pastor Bruce mentioned that, it’s possible to have the presence of God but not the power of God. In Act 14: 6-10, it tells us about Paul, being in the presence of God, armoured with the power of God, commanded the crippled man to stand on his feet. We as Christians need to experience the power of God because only the power of God can do amazing things. For example; when we come to worship, we already have His presence but that doesn’t mean we have His power.

In addition to that, the Power of God comes for a reason and for a season. Pastor Bruce preached about “the nature of God to leave” based on the following scriptures. Saul lost his dignity and lose the power of God upon him because he took it for granted (Judges 16:20). Sometimes we become careless and took advantage of God’s presence in our lives.

Genesis 32 tells the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel. He wasn’t willing to let him go until the angel blessed him. We as Christians need to constrain and beg Jesus to stay and He will bless us. We need to have the desire to cry out to Jesus to come in the boat with us and the storm will stop (Mark 6: 49-50).

We need to have that hunger for God and invite Him to stay with us forever and He will take care of our situations and bless us continuously (Luke 24:27).

The question is: Do we only come to church to seek the presence of God and not the power of God? Are we the kind of people with a burning heart and longing to see the power of God works upon our lives? When the power of God comes, there will be healing and restorations. Jesus didn’t come to be worshipped but He came to change people.