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Psalm 108 – The Song of Victory 诗篇108 – 胜利的凯歌   

Psalm 108 – The Song of Victory

Thursday, 2nd February 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-3 To Praise Jehovah

V1 ‘O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.’ We all want to be on the winning side, and we long to sing the song of victory. But here the psalmist told us not to do anything, but to let go of what we are holding onto and let our heart be steadfast. David was defeated when he wrote this psalm, his enemy was pursuing him, but first thing he did was to praise God. He chose to use his hands to worship God and his mouth to sing praises, instead of taking a revenge on his enemy.

Section Two V4-5 Jehovah Saves

V4 ‘For Your mercy is great above the heavens, and Your truth reaches to the clouds.’ Do we believe that God loves us? When we do, then we will not so easily become fear and worried. In trouble times, we can have peace inside our hearts. God wants us to arise and shine, not when we are ready. This year will be full of darkness and challenges, but God is love, He is faithful, and He will not allow us to live in the troubles and hardship, He will give us a way out and the song of victory will belong to us!

Section Three V6-13 Proclaim the Salvation of Jehovah

V6 ‘That Your beloved may be delivered, save with Your right hand, and hear me.’ In front of the enemy, we must proclaim the salvation of Jehovah, we must believe that our God will save us and deliver us. Stop listening to out inner vows and the lies of the devil, stop doubting but start believing. David knew he was God’s beloved and he knew God would save him. What do we choose, to live in the depression or live in joy? When we choose to live in depression, then we cannot see God’s Great Works. God is already working, we must open our eyes, lift up our head to see it!

V12-13 ‘Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.’ We thought God has left us, the environment stops us seeing the future, but when we have faith, God will not put us down. People will fail, we cannot rely on ourselves or other people, but we can rely on God. God will tread down our enemies, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Let us praise Him with all our heart and all our mind, and we will receive strength and sing the song of victory.

诗篇108 胜利的凯歌                                                      

2023年2月2日 星期四


一、v.1-3 要称颂耶和华

V1 我们可能会有很多的计划来帮助我们能“胜利”,但是我们要学习放下,先让“心坚定”。当时大卫面对四围敌人的攻击,他没有抱怨,而是告诉神他要“心坚定”,且要“唱诗歌颂”。我们若想胜过自己的问题,我们的眼目就不要专注在问题上,也不要用我们的口来抱怨,反要更加来称颂神。

V2 我们的手和神所给我们的一切工具、资源等,不是让我们靠自己去解决问题。当困难、攻击临到的时候,我们要“极早醒起”,来称颂赞美神!我们若想有胜利的凯歌,是否愿意放下问题,单单来称颂耶和华?

二、v.4-5 耶和华拯救


三、v.6-13 要宣告神拯救

V6-9 神会用他的右手拯救我们。当我们面对患难或情绪上的高低起伏时,我们还相信我们是神所“亲爱的人”吗?我们可能会因为逆境、攻击而怀疑神的爱,但我们要坚信,我们是属神的,蒙他所爱,必能得胜!

V10-13 虽然环境让我们看不到神与我们同在,但我们说我们相信神。我们不倚靠人,单单倚靠神。他为我们践踏敌人!