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Psalm 114 – Enter Revival 诗篇 114 – 进入复兴

Psalm 114 – Enter Revival 詩篇114 – 進入復興

Wednesday, 22nd February 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Section One V1-2 Submit Completely 全然順服

V1-2 ‘When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became His sanctuary, and Israel His dominion.’ We need to get out of Egypt, and enter the Promised Land, the land flowing with milk and honey. We long for revival, because we know we are in the land of slavery, we know we are still in Egypt. We must stay out of this world, stay away from the worldly people, our lives must enter the revival.

God did not talk to the Israelites, He only talked to Moses and He only revealed to Moses. But the Israelites were willing to follow Moses, they did not see confirmation, they did not hear God, they did not experience miracle, they only had the faith, the faith to submit completely. They were in Egypt for 400 years, it was a place of people of strange language, they knew they had no turning back, and they submit completely. When we enter revival, are we willing to let go of everything and follow God? All we need is our faith to step out, to get rid of the things of this world.

When we say we are leaving the way of the world, it means that we must live a renewed life. What is the life we are living right now? Do we show hope to those around us? Do we live out good testimony and Gospel for those who don’t know God? Furthermore, we must be willing to be disciplined by the Word of God. Freedom is not doing everything we want to do, but to reject everything that does not belong to God. When we are entering His revival, we must submit completely, simply follow, and obey. We need God, that’s why we need to submit, to obey, to humble, to follow, and to let God sit enthroned in our lives.

Section Two V3-7 Shake the Heaven and Earth 震動大地

V3-4 ‘The sea saw it and fled; Jordan turned back. The mountains skipped like rams, the little hills like lambs.’ Revival is not a slogan, but a life we must live out. We cannot stay in the same place but to walk out, to let the world see the land is shaking. When revival comes, the world will see God’s power, His wonder and signs. This is not what people planned but only from our submission and obedience. Are we willing to live out a life shaking the Heaven and Earth?

Section Three V8 God’s Interference 神的介入

V8 ‘Who turned the rock into a pool of water, the flint into a fountain of waters.’ The God of Jacob turned the rock into a pool of water and the flint into a fountain of waters. The Holy Spirit is reminding us today, are we the rock and the flint? Are we so hard that we don’t allow God to move us? God can turn rock into water, if we are willing, then nothing is impossible for Him. For the people we are sharing the Gospel with, if we are willing, God can turn rock into water. All we need is obedience, living out the life or revival given by God.

The revival in Asbury is not planned, all they have is obedience. These young people submit themselves to God, they long for the presence of God, and God allows revival to come. Do we have the same longing for our church, for our city, and for our land? We must have this godly dissatisfaction, God calls us to arise and shine, because His Light has come.  

诗篇 114 – 进入复兴                                                         

2023年2月22日 星期三


一、v.1-2 全然顺服


V1 在埃及的以色列人之前不认识摩西,神也没有亲自向他们显现或跟他们讲话,但他们愿意跟从摩西的带领,放下一切,离开居住400年的埃及,不再回头,这是一个全然顺服的信心。当我们要进入复兴的时候,就要愿意放下,用信心跟从神。

V2 当以色列人离开埃及的时候,他们整个民族就成了被世界所看的一场戏。我们的人生好像一出戏,在人前呈现出的什么样的光景呢?是冷淡退后、怨天尤人,还是活出“神的军队”的生命?离开埃及之后,以色列人也不是仗着有“自由”就为所欲为,而是成为神“所治理的国度”,原文指的是被神“管辖”。


二、v.3-7 震动大地


三、v.8 神的介入


耶和华 雅各的神能够“叫磐石变为水池,叫坚石变为泉源”。我们是否在传福音的时候遇到那些很硬的磐石、坚石?若我们愿意,神能够使他们水池、泉源。我们自己是否也是磐石、坚石, 只体贴自己的感受,却没有体贴神的心意?只要我们顺服、渴慕神,神的复兴就会来到。我们不要满足于现在安逸的山洞,神要我们兴起发光,因为耶和华的光已经来到。