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Renewal and Breakthrough Part II

Sunday, 17th January 2016

Rev Daniel Poon

2016 for the Bread of Life Christian Church in South Auckland will be the year of Renewal and Breakthrough. Rev Daniel encouraged us to let the heart of renewal and breakthrough becoming our desires this year. But first of all we should understand the true meanings behind them, to know that having the renewal and breakthrough is not only about outward appearance, but also deep inside our heart.

We all want to be the influence of others, but are we bringing good influences or bad influences around us? Influences should bear the fruits of the Spirit, not just showing other we are different then we have been before. Many people smoke, do drugs, or commit crimes to tell us they are bold and mature. But true maturity should be coming from the inside, not about what we do on the outside.

In Psalm 103:1-5 and Isaiah 40:27-31, we see that for our youth to renew like the eagles’, we will go through renewal and breakthrough. The world puts us down but we should choose God’s will. When we decide to follow God, problems will still come, but God wants to remind us the first calling and the experiences of partnering with Him.

God wants to bring us closer to Him, and to know that He is always with us. We will fall but He will never let us go. Sometimes God lets troubles come to us, because He knows that if we want to learn to fall, we first need to learn to fall. In the Gospel Books, Jesus kept on reminding us to repent, because we have forgotten how much we actually need God!

God knows all of our problems, and He can give us strength and power to overcome them. So today let us experience the renewal and breakthrough in our lives by seeking God!