20 Norman Spencer Dr
Auckland 2104, NZ

The Royal Priest

Sunday, 2nd January 2022

We must see each other as the royal priests and a holy nation. Because Isaiah 61 says that God has chosen us to be anointed and to preach the Good News to the poor, to those who live in the world and do not receive the Word of God. We often feel it’s hard to preach the gospel, we think that others don’t lack anything. But they need gospel. Do not be afraid without the Word of God no one is rich.

God will also send us to heal the broken-hearted. A lot of people seem like they are worry free. But in fact their hearts are filled will worries and insecurity. The Bible tells us to proclaim liberty and set them free. People in the world have no joy because they become the slaves of the world; if we know all our lives are in God’s hands then we won’t need to be afraid when we don’t have enough.

To proclaim the year of the Lord! The will of God is good, the new year is not another year of hardship but a year of blessings, as long as we walk in the plan of God. It doesn’t mean that we don’t need to do anything, because God already gave us ability to build the family of God. We can work and serve God and have a joyful life, when people see us they will envy us and want to be like us. We will cut off the curse of the slavery, we have the authority to act and to build up the kingdom of God, the people need God, this nation needs God, there is nothing impossible in God!

God send us here to wake up the sleeping spirit of the nation. At the central point of Auckland, God is calling us to remember the first love. God has anointed us with the oil change f joy and clothes us with the garment of praise. God loves us, He will never forsake us, trust in God, let Him plant and rebuild us.