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The Secret of Victory

Sunday, 26th March 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

I Samuel 17 tells us the story of David fighting the giant Goliath. How did David receive victory? David was a normal person, just like us, and he was facing a great problem. We also face problems everyday, no matter who we are, and how old we are. So the question is not how to not have any problem, but how to receive victory.

1. Submit to Authority 

If David didn’t submit to his father, if David didn’t listened to his father to go to the army camp, then he would never come across the giant Goliath and received the victory. David humble himself and submit to his authority. As a shepherd, what is the most important thing for him? It’s his sheep, but when his father told him to leave, he was willing to leave his sheet to another shepherd and go to where his father asked him to be.

We always have excuses not to submit to our authority and we also have excuses not to follow God. A lot of times we think that submitting to the authority does not make sense, we prefer to do things according to our own ways, or the worldly ways. But when we are willing then we can experience God more and receive victory. 

The knowledge of people is very limited, even the science has been proving itself wrong all the time. There are so many things we don’t know only God knows everything. He is the Creator God and He has prepared everything we need for us. He has the plan for all of us, He wants to bless us, and all we need to do is to give ourselves to Him.

2 To Experience God in Our Daily Life

It’s easy to complain about the things that have gone wrong and we are not used to give thanks for the things we have been blessed. Do we know that we can wake up in the morning is a miracle? David gave thanks for the lions and bears, don’t think that everything happens to us is natural. We are in New Zealand, we can start anew because of the blessings of God. Do we see this as a blessing? 

Don’t take everything happens to us for granted, but remember how God led us through the times when we come across bears and lions. God is real and we can truely experience Him. David knew God protected him in the past and God can also protect him today. Start experience God today, and rely on Him to go through all problems in life.

3 Proclaim the Name of God

Psalm 124:8 tells us that our help is from God. He creates the Heaven and earth, no one can compare with Him. David told Goliath that he came to fight in the Name of God. David proclaimed the Name of God. God wants to help us but are we willing to proclaim His Name? When we proclaim His Name then He will help us.