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The Way Out of Suffering

Sunday, 21st May 2023

Pastor Cheng

Job 19:25-26 

Job was losing hope, he was in complete suffering and no one on the world was able to prove his innocence. His friends believed that he had sinned for him to experience such suffering, even his wife told Job to reject God. God stayed silence throughout all his suffering but Job still believed that even when no one could prove his heart, he would still put his faith in the One and only God, even after he died he continued to trust in God.

Romans 8:1-2

There are times we have done things wrong or said the wrong things, we regret what we did and we ask God for forgiveness. We must be determined to stop the accusations from Satan and come to God with a humble attitude. We must know that we have weaknesses but in the first instance, if we can come to God and come to people, then God’s mercy will come upon us.

Job 42:5

When God revealed to Job at the end, He healed Job, He restored Job, and He blessed Job more abundantly. Maybe we are also disappointed to this world, we look around and see others doing better than us, we don’t know why, but what we know is that God still rules and reigns. We must stop the enemy’s accusations to us, accusations will only discourage us, but repent before God and come before God can make us closer to Him. When we stop accusing us, we also stop accusing others and stop accusing God.

We cannot find the right answer in this world about our suffering, all the encouragements, all the suggestions, all the theories, and all the comments are only knowledge. Only our God is real, we must see Him face to face, we must feel the love of God, His healing and deliverance are unforeseen and beyond our imaginations. He knows our suffering, He understands our situations, He is alive, and He comes to save us.

People will teach us many things, but no one can carry the suffering for us except for God. He loves us, He sends Jesus to carry out burdens. Jesus went on the cross to carry all our sins and transgressions, He didn’t come to give us big theory or knowledge, He only wanted to tell the world that God is love. He loves us and the only thing we need to do is to believe.