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Turn Defeat into Victory

Sunday, 29th July 2018

Rev Daniel Poon

Everyone wants a victorious life.

“Who, then, are those who fear the Lord? He will instruct them in the ways they should choose. They will spend their days in prosperity, and their descendants will inherit the land. The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.” (Psalm 25:12-14)

At the time of writing this Psalm, Kind David was facing a shameful situation. He killed Bathsheba’s husband and forced her to marry him. Because of this incident, the Spirit of the Lord left David and as a result his son died. Psalm 24 only has twenty-two verses, and King David mentioned the word ‘shame’ four times! ‘Shame’ kills our faith, because when we feel ashamed, we try to get away from it by out own means.

The famous story of Kind David is when he took down the giant Goliath. He said that he die not rely on sward or spear, but by the Spirit of the Lord. Even though David’s brothers were not supporting him to fight the giant, and King Saul didn’t think he would succeed, but David had a simple faith in God.

We often try to use our own methods or ways to tackle ‘shame’, but David chose to trust in God, he relied on God to take away his shame in distress, and to turn his defeat into victory.


When we face to a situation, which makes us we feel ashamed, we should not stay in our shamefulness, but to keep up with God. We should believe that everything comes from God, He’s the One, who puts us where we are, and no on can stop Him to do what He wants to do. If God is with us, then who can be against us? We need to always remember what God has done for us in the past, because humans are forgetful, there were so many signs and wonders in the past yet we can only see the miserable present time. So today, choose to come out from our shamefulness and to keep up with God!


Secondly we need to uphold God’s promises. Rev Daniel shared that when his father was in surgery, him and his family held hands and proclaimed God’s promises to bring healing and salvation to his family, and the surgery went smoothly. When we face to a situation, which is shaking our faith, we need to remember and proclaim God’s promises. When God makes a promise, He will keep it and will not forsake it. Circumstances and people might put us down, and we might lose faith in Him, but He will never put us to shame.

Therefore we must hold onto God’s promises, people may challenge us or put us down; when we uphold God’s promises, others may think we are crazy… but never give up, never turn back, keep God’s promise, and He will never let us down.


We need to keep up with God, to uphold His promise, and we need to uphold His path. God is righteous, and there is no grey area in God. When we are called from the darkness into the light, God never tell us there is a grey area. Rev Daniel reminded us to always live in the light. We must draw a line with the darkness. In Psalm 1:1 it says, Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.

When we say we are in the light, we must take actions by leaving the dark place, don’t challenge ourselves and don’t let others challenge us. We need to know that we are weak, and without God we cannot do anything, so don’t put ourselves in the temptation, so always choose God’s way.

When we are defeated we must be humble to come to God always. We might feel humble in church, in prayer meeting or in cell group, but when we go back to our workplace, we become the boss of ourselves and we try to deal with problems in our own ways.

Today, choose God’s way, because it’s the most secure, furthermore, we need to have fellowship, because God said to never stop having fellowship with one another. We need to be with people, who have the same vision, same values, same goals, so that we can encourage each other. Treasure the fellowship God has given to us, if we don’t give up then we can turn defeat into victory!