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Walk Out of the Vicious Circle in Life

Walk Out of the Vicious Circle in Life

Sunday, 7th May 2023

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

Often in life we are feeling we’re walking in circles. We thought we can overcome our problems but when we did soon we fail again. Somehow our lives don’t see to improve, but do we really believe that Jesus us risen and we have hope? Our God can bring us victory, He can help us to walk out of the vicious circle in life.

We become Christians but do we let God be the King in our lives? We must pray always and let God rule and reign in our lives. If we don’t have the King in our lives then we will always be in a vicious circle and we cannot go out. Jeremiah 18:5-6 says that for those who don’t rely on the Lord they will fall away and stay in the wilderness.

When the Israelites relied on the Egyptians, they would never received true help, they couldn’t find the source of their salvations and the root of their problems, and they ended up going in circles. Israel is a place of dry land, they hardly have rain. We don’t know how lucky we are to have rain in our land. The Israelites could not see hope, they only saw desert, and if they continued to focus on their dryness, they will always feel thirsty. Jeremiah 17:7-8 reminds us to rely on the world and be blessed, then we will be nourished, we will be filled, and we will be satisfied. 

The trees planted by the stream of water will never die, because their root is watered and fed all the time, where as a tree planted in the desert will surely die. Are we willing to be planted in the Holy Spirit? Let Him be our Bread of life, then we don’t need to try so hard because the water and the nutrition can easily come in through our roots. 

Our prayer life is so important, we must pray everyday, have a time set apart as holy for God, but an altar of prayers, and be committed in a life of prayer.